Best Mop Bucket in 2023 – Mop Bucket Reviews and Ratings

Best Mop Bucket in 2023 – Mop Bucket Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 28 hours researching and testing 10 different kinds of mop buckets and found that ease of use, construction, and durability were the most important factors that consumers looked for when shopping for mop buckets.  The Rubbermaid Commercial Mopping Bucket and Side-Press Wringer scored high above the others in all categories and is our overall top pick. The Wavebrake mopping system handles any mopping job with ease. The design of the bucket reduces water splashing by as much as 40%. The handles are constructed from strong, web-molded plastic for the ultimate in durability.

Mop Bucket Reviews

1. Rubbermaid

Best Overall Mop Bucket

5/5 Product Rating

Rubbermaid has done it again with this mop bucket with the side-press ringer that features Rubbermaid’s WaveBrake technology that will reduce all splashing as much as 40% more.  This reduction in splashing provides a safer mopping environment, more efficient mopping, and cleaner floors too!

The mop bucket handle are made from long-lasting, durable web-molded plastic with tubular steel.  The mop bucket is marked with graduated marks for measuring and features down-press and side-press wringers that have comfortable, contoured grips.

 The casters on the bottom of the bucket are durable, quiet, and non-marking on a variety of floors so you can safely pull it around without worry.

These convenient and functional mop buckets are available in several different sizes including 26, 35, and 44 quart and come with the down-press or side-press wringer.  The side-press wringer style is very efficient and durable and has a life of 40,000 wring cycles or more compared to the meager 860 cycles on traditional style wringers.  The durable design of the bucket and wringer system is strong enough to handle heavy-duty use.

If you choose the 44 quart design you can purchase the dirty water bucket to fit inside it and collects the dirty water so it is kept separate from the clean water. This dirty water bucket is sold separately.

Sarah Lytle

2. Carlisle

Best Overall Mop Bucket – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

This mop bucket from Carlisle with a side-press wringer will reduce the manual stress of mopping and is long lasting and easy to push.

This compact design and variety of colors works for any type of mopping jobs you have.  The efficient side-press wringing system eliminates you having to get your hands wet by having to hand-wring it.

The non-marking casters swivel for easy movement over any type of flooring.  The Carlisle mop bucket and the included side press wringer are made from polyethylene that is corrosion resistant and durable.  The mop bucket features a 26 quart capacity for all types of mopping tasks; large and small.

Sarah Lytle

3. Genuine Joe

4.4/5 Product Rating

Genuine Joe’s commercial grade, rolling mop bucket with side-press wringer comes in 26 to 35 quart capacities.

The lower front takes the strain off your back when replacing the mop back into the bucket.  The higher back of the bucket allows for more comfortable wringing of the mop.

Other features include the large capacity wringer that is side-press and can handle mops from 12 to 32 ounces.

This bucket will need some assembly when you get it but it is not overly complicated.  The smooth surface of the bucket makes it super easy to keep clean as well.

Sarah Lytle


Mop Bucket Buying Guide

Mop Bucket Buying Guide

There are two pieces to most mop bucket assemblies: the bucket and the wringer. The wringer sits on top of the bucket securely and is used to wring the excess water out of the mop before you use it on the floor. It is a lot better than having to struggle with wringing it out by hand and having to touch dirty water or a dirty mop.

The most common type of wringer is the side press which describes how you press the handle to squeeze the water out. The other type of wringer is the down press wringer. Mop buckets come in a variety of capacities from 26 to 44 quarts. The most common size is the 35 quart size.

Mop buckets have a variety of options and features that you can choose. We have listed several of them below.

WaveBrake Design – Many mop buckets feature a wavebrake design that reduces the amount of splashing you encounter as the mop bucket is moved from room to room. This is a great feature for avoiding spills and reducing the chance of accidents occurring.

Dirty Water Bucket Insert – This is another great feature that you may want to consider. A dirty water bucket insert fits inside the mop bucket and collects the dirty water that your wring from the mop as you are mopping the floor. This keeps your clean mop water clean and enables you to continue mopping the floor without re-contaminating it with dirt and debris you are mopping up. The larger capacity mop buckets are able to accommodate the addition of a dirty water bucket and some models come with it.

Casters – Not all mop buckets have casters but the larger, rolling buckets do. This feature allows you to easily move the bucket where you need to without having to strain your back by lifting and lugging it from place to place. Look for casters that are heavy duty and secure so you don’t have to worry about them falling off or breaking.

Mop Bucket Buying Guide

Supply Caddies – Some mop bucket models come with supply caddies that can hold small trash bags, extra cleaner, sponges or even scrapers. It is a convenient way to carry all your supplies without having to carry around something extra.

Foot Pedal Drain – This convenient feature allows you to drain the mop bucket without having to lift and dump it which can be very hard on your back. A foot pedal drain feature allows you to position the mop bucket over a floor drain or even outside and then use the foot pedal to release the drain so it can empty out. Much more convenient than fighting with the bucket to lift and dump it.

Bucket/Wringer Combination – A combo bucket has the wringer and the bucket molded together as one piece. These pieces are easy to handle and work well for spot mopping and lighter mopping tasks.

Choosing the Right Mop Bucket

Below we have listed the common options and considerations that you should examine before you purchase a mop bucket. These things will help you sort through the many models available and find the perfect mop bucket for your needs.

Before you make your purchase you will want to check the different features your potential mop bucket has. Also think about the amount of mopping you will do and how often you will do it. Think about the wringing style it offers, how the bucket will be emptied and other features as well. You want to choose the best mop bucket you can afford that will give you all the features you want.

Your Space – One of the first things you should think about is how big the space is that you will be mopping. If you only have a small kitchen floor and a bathroom floor or two, getting a large capacity rolling mop bucket could be overkill. On the other hand, if you have a home that has large rooms with tile or hardwood floors throughout, a rolling mop bucket is perfect and will make keeping those floors clean much easier.

Materials – Take a look at the materials that are used to make the mop bucket. You want to choose one that is made to last with durable materials that can withstand lots of use. Some of the mop buckets on the market are made from heavy molded plastic which is very durable and will typically last years with proper care. Lightweight plastic is prone to cracking so be wary of mop buckets that are made with cheap plastic or you could be replacing it frequently.

Mop Bucket Buying Guide

Design – Most of the commercial grade mop buckets are made with a similar design which is very efficient and gets the job done. It is more important to look at the brand of the product than to look for a fancy design. Most mop buckets are designed for efficiency and ease of use which will make mopping much less cumbersome and complicated.

Capacity – Capacity is also an important factor to consider and goes back to the size of the space you are cleaning. Mop buckets are typically available from 26 to 44 quarts. If you don’t have a lot of floor space to mop, the smaller quart size will work just fine. If you’re mopping a large space regularly or a commercial space, go for the largest capacity you can afford. You will appreciate having the higher capacity.

Cost – It is a good idea to set a budget for your mop bucket purchase. Mop buckets are not unusually expensive but the higher quality models will be more expensive than the cheaper models and they are well worth the extra cost when you factor in what they offer such as longevity, durability, ease of use, and features. If you have any kind of back pain or problems or physical limitations such as shoulder problems, a roiling mop bucket is well worth the extra cost because it will be a lot less strain on your body while still enabling you to get the kind of cleaning results you want.

Metal vs. Plastic Wringers

There are two different materials that wringers are made from: plastic and metal. Although they differ in the type of construction each has both will allow you to remove excess water from your mop while you are cleaning the floors.

Metal Wringers – there are many different kinds of metal mop wringers on the market. They are most often made from stainless steel as well as zinc. Metal wringers are more expensive than plastic but they last a lot longer and they are more sanitary as well. Another benefit to metal mop wringers is that they are resistant to corrosion. Be mindful when using some corrosive chemicals if you choose a metal wringer. Some metals can react to corrosive chemicals.

Mop Bucket Buying Guide

Plastic Wringers – Mop buckets with plastic wringers are a lot less expensive than those with metal wringers. They are also a lot lighter which makes pushing them around much easier on your back and arms. Plastic mop buckets are resistant to rusting and corrosion although with improper care the metal screw heads, etc. could become rusted if the mop bucket is left outside, for example. Plastic wringers won’t last as long as metal wringers but it will still last a long time and could be a cost effective way to get started with a mop bucket with a wringer.

Mop Bucket Parts

When you are looking around at different mop buckets for the one that will meet your needs, it helps to know the different parts of a mop bucket so you understand what the description is stating about that bucket. We have listed the basic parts of a mop bucket below so you can familiarize yourself with them before you start shopping around.

Wringer – A mop wringer is the part of the mop bucket that removes excess water from the mop. Excess water on the floor can cause accidents, damage to certain surfaces and can cause a lot more work to be done. The wringer is a great part that makes removing the water from the mop much easier without you having to get your hands dirty or wet. Wringers can be made from plastic or metal and both have their advantages and disadvantages as we explained above.

Bucket – The most efficient mop bucket is a rolling bucket that has a wringer and casters on the bottom so it can be moved around easily without having to lug it around. Mop buckets come in a variety of colors and capacities that range from 26 quarts to 44 quarts. The wringer part of the bucket fits on the side. Match the size of the mop bucket to the size of the mopping jobs you have.

Mop Bucket Buying Guide

Dirty Water Bucket – Some mop buckets that feature wringers also include a separate dirty water bucket to keep dirty water away from your clean water. You will have a lot less water changes with a mop bucket that offers a dirty water bucket addition. This makes it a great choice for large rooms with a lot of moppable flooring.


Mopping is one of those chores that can be really back-breaking and difficult or it can be a lot easier with better tools. The right mop bucket can make a huge difference in the results you get as well as how hard or easy it is to do the actual mopping itself.

The three to-rated mop buckets we have featured above are all commercial grade mop buckets that come with side-press wringers. Just because they are commercial grade does not mean they can’t be used for mopping tasks around your home. It will make any mopping job easier and take away the back straining work of lifting and lugging mop buckets from place to place, dirtying your hands by having to hand wring your mops and other nuisances that can be commonplace when you have mopping tasks.

Any one of the three top rated mop buckets are a great choice for your mopping needs unless you have a tiny space to mop and nothing else. In those cases you will want to choose one of the other types of mop buckets available that we listed under the summary section of our guide.

The buying guide has provided you with the parts of a mop, explained about the different kinds of wringers available and have given you the features to look for when you are ready to purchase a mop bucket. Following the information in this guide will help you find the perfect mop bucket for your specific mopping needs.

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