Best Miter Saw Stand in 2023 – Miter Saw Stand Reviews and Ratings

Best Miter Saw Stand in 2023 – Miter Saw Stand Reviews and Ratings
In this review, we’ll find out just what makes miter saw stands tick and go on to figure out which model is best suited toward your needs. Nothing ruins a fun weekend of working on the cabin like spending the next three days in bed due to a sore back. When thinking of health, the saw stand is perhaps more important than the saw itself. As such, getting the right one is essential.
Best Miter Saw Stand

1. Bosch

Best Overall Miter Saw Stand

5/5 Product Rating
When it comes to picking out a miter saw stand, things can sometimes get a bit tricky due to the fact that your saw and stand are often made by two different brands, thus introducing the potential for a host of compatibility issues. This is especially the case if you’re trying to get the best miter saw stand possible, as you may want to expand your horizons out of simply getting the first thing you find to be compatible with your saw. Luckily, Bosch seems to understand the plight of their customers quite well, which is assumingly why they made a miter saw stand which isn’t only great as a standalone saw stand, but comes compatible with a wide variety of different saws you may happen to have. This makes it one of the safer purchases you could make regarding products of its type, being that you needn’t worry as much about whether or not you’ll be able to use it in the first place.

Outside of wide-ranged compatibility, Bosch’s second priority when making this stand seems to revolve around offering you a large degree of maneuverability. If course, if you’re an on-the-go type of laborer, this makes a lot of sense and is sure to make your life much easier. Said maneuverability is instantly apparent when you see the legs. Through the use of wheels and curved bars, the untrained eye may take this product for a trolley rather than a miter saw stand. Despite its large degree of mobility, you’ll likely still find it to be rather stable, although this may not seem the case upon first looking at it. It can also work with sixteen feet of material, which is the biggest number you’ll see in stands of its type.

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2. Dewalt DWX726

Best Overall Miter Saw Stand – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Perhaps you love everything the above stand has to offer but just can’t justify spending three hundred dollars on a stand. While the Bosch stand is easily the best in its price range, this just isn’t a price range a lot of folks’ budgets fit in. If you find yourself rather led off by the price, the Dewalt DWX726 might be just what you need. Much like the Bosch, the Dewalt is the best in its price range. Despite being nearly as mobile as the Bosch, you’ll save one hundred dollars through opting for this stand instead.

Much like the Bosch, you’ll notice right from the start that this stand has a whole lot of mobility about it. However, you’ll find this mobility to be present to a lesser degree. This is, of course, what is majorly responsible for bringing the price down. You’ll find the Dewalt miter saw stand to be pretty heavy-duty, despite its lower price. I can hold up to three hundred pounds at a time and can extend to eight feet long, giving you a great deal of material support. Simply put, it offers enough mobility and support to make it one of the most practical saws, not only within its price range, but on the market as a whole. If you want every single dollar you put into your next saw to go toward practicality, this miter saw stand is for you.

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3. Dewalt DWX725B

Best Budget Miter Saw Stand

4.6/5 Product Rating
If the above stand is still too expensive, no problem; we can go lower. This particular Dewalt model comes at roughly one hundred and fifty dollars, which is the best price you’re going to find on today’s market for a stand of such quality. More or less, this particular stand in the Dewalt line does away with any features which could even remotely be considered as being high-tech or fancy in favor of not only covering all of the basics, but covering them well. As such, you’ll find it to be of an extremely high level of quality relative to just how simple and basic it may at first seem.

For example, this Dewalt stand can hold up to one thousand pounds. This isn’t only high compared to other stands with its price range, but compared to all stands. As such, the Dewalt DWX725B is a great choice even if you aren’t actively trying to save money on your purchase. In such a case, the large amount of savings will come merely as an added bonus. Despite being able to take on such large jobs at any one time, you’ll actually find the stand to be extremely lightweight in stature. This should come as a real shock if you’ve ever dealt with other stands which can carry a similar amount of weight. Even when excluding the stand’s price from the equation, it’s hard not to appreciate what it can offer in terms of practicality alone. Of course, its extremely low cost is also a nice thing to see.

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Miter Saw Stand Buying Guide

Miter Saw Stand Reviews

What is a Miter Saw Stand?

Miter Saw Stand1In terms of the price ranges in which they sit, the above three saws are easily the most high-quality units you can expect to come across. However, everyone is different and has their own list of needs. If you find the above saws just don’t meet those needs, you may be tempted to go out and so some shopping on your own. If you keep the following considerations in mind while doing so, you can be sure you’ll walk away with the perfect product for you.

Will your saw be compatible with your stand?

This may sound like an obvious question to ask, but it’s worth keeping in mind. While it can be easy to come to the conclusion that all miter saw stands will be complete compatible with your current saw, this is not always the case. While I can’t tell you if the stand you have your eyes set on will be compatible with your current saw, the manufacturer of said stand certainly can. You can also simply take some measurements and find out what’s going to work. When in doubt; however, it never hurts to check with the manufacturer or, if you’re shopping in person, a store representative.

Will the terrain be compatible with your stand?

The Bosch we covered above is more of an all-terrain stand, for lack of a better term. If you looked at the price, you’ll know that, while perhaps fair given the stand’s quality, it was rather high. As such, if you’re looking for something to put in your backyard workshop, choosing an all-terrain stand purely for this feature will prove to be nothing more than a money pit. Believe it or not, when it comes to placing the stand on a hard, flat surface, all-terrain stands are no better than their fussier counterparts. Don’t confuse “all-terrain” with “excellent stability,” as these characteristics may be exclusive at times. When looking for a stand, only buy what you need to ensure it’s stable on the specific surface you plan to work on. Anything more will mark up the price and anything less may be downright dangerous.

Will you be moving around?

Once again, if you need a miter saw stand for your backyard workshop, you’ll likely get to save a bit of money or get more useful features by going with the right unit. Because it’s not always clear just from reading the name (or even looking at a picture) of a product, take a moment to do a bit of research to see if your preferred stand as wheels. Miter Saw Stand2While wheels themselves aren’t exactly expensive, giving a stand extra features to be portable might be, at least if you expect it to have all of the features of a stationary stand. As such, opting for a stand without wheels will ensure every dollar you put into your stand is spent well. Of course, getting wheels is essential if you plan on moving around for long periods of time.

Types of Miter Saw Stands

While you could place different stands into a variety of different categories all day, when referring purely to a stand’s intended purpose, there are two main types of stands available at your disposal.

  • Portable Stands – I don’t need to tell you what these are used for. However, if giving a stand the ability to move around seamlessly had no downsides, all stands would be portable. While this rule isn’t exactly written in stone, portable stands will often offer less material support. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as a couple of the saw stands we covered above. If it has wheels, you can bet the unit is portable.
  • Stationary Stands – These stands, while not always as convenient as their portable counterparts, can often take on bigger workloads. Typically, a stationary stand will have a larger weight capacity and size than a similarly-priced portable stand.

Common Miter Saw Stand Features

Which of the above types of stands is best for you will largely come down to where it is you plan on getting work done in the first place. The below two features; however, break away from this trend by offering everyone some degree of value. As such, it can’t hurt to keep an eye out for them.

  • A Lightweight Design – Lightweight designs are not necessarily portable. In fact, if portable stands were so light, they wouldn’t need wheels in the first place. One of the stands we covered earlier in the review is very lightweight. Despite this, it is able to support up to one thousand pounds.
  • Miter Saw Stand3

  • Long Arms – “Arms,” in this sense, refers to the points on the stand that extend outward to give you more space to work with. Longer arms cost next to nothing to implement, giving you a higher degree of quality without racking up the price too severely.


As previously stated, the number one factor to consider when shopping for a miter saw stand is where you’re going to be using it. Otherwise, whether or not any given unit is good largely depends on your own personal preference. Knowing these preferences before you settle on your miter saw stand of choice is sure to have you walk away with just the product you need with little in the way of hassle. Simply keep all of these considerations in mind and you’re all set.



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