Best Meat Thermometer in 2023 – Meat Thermometer Reviews and Ratings

Best Meat Thermometer in 2023 – Meat Thermometer Reviews and Ratings
Food thermometers are used by professionals and non-professionals to test the doneness of many different food items such as meat of all sizes and cuts, chicken and turkey, egg dishes, candy mixtures, and more. It is very important to ensure the doneness of these foods to avoid food borne illnesses. There are literally dozens of meat thermometers on the market today. From digital models to dial styles, all of them have one goal and that is to check the temperature of meat properly and display it. We have the top rated meat thermometers right here for you to take a look at. One of them might be exactly what you’re looking for, for your own kitchen.
Best Meat Thermometer

1. Grill Beast

Best Overall Meat Thermometer

5/5 Product Rating
The Grill Beast meat thermometer is the perfect meat thermometer for home or commercial use. It has a sharp stainless steel probe that can easily pierce meats regardless of the thickness to tell you the internal temperature.

You will have a reading in 4-6 seconds so there is no worry of having undercooked or burnt food when using this thermometer.

The Grill Beast meat thermometer is both waterproof and shatterproof with a protective sleeve that protects the stem of the thermometer from getting damaged.
The temperature range is -40 to 450 degree F (or -40 to 230 degrees C) the large digital display makes reading the temperatures super easy.

The battery life is extended with the 10 minute automatic shut off feature that will shut the thermometer off after 10 minutes of no use. This particular meat thermometer has a battery that can be changed which is just like a watch battery. The recalibration feature guarantees the user accurate results. Carry it around easily with a pocket clip so you have fast access to it during the cooking process.

The company offers a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty that allows you to try this terrific meat thermometer with no risk. Users will also receive a free Beastometer ebook that includes valuable information about things like food safety, getting rid of food borne illness and directions on how to take care of the Grill Beast meat thermometer. There are also recipes, a helpful temperature chart and application techniques so you get the most out of your meat thermometer.

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2. Supreme

Best Overall Meat Thermometer – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
The Supreme Home Cook meat thermometer is designed to do one job and that is tell the internal temperature of the foods you are cooking.

You will never have to worry about overcooking your food again. There are two stainless steel cooking probes and the thermometer works through touch screen operation.

It comes equipped with preset temperatures that will cook chic ken, turkey, ham, pork and fish perfectly every time.

There are also preset temperatures for settings such as rare, medium rare, medium, and well done for meats such as beef, lamb and veal.

The thermometer and timer have a programmable mode so you can set specific temperatures. The alarm is easy to hear so you don’t miss the timer going off and end up ruining your food. The thermometer also has an on/off switch on the back that can be used to turn the thermometer off when it is not in use.

Temperature readings are in Fahrenheit or Celsius and users can switch from one to the other by using the touch screen. The stainless steel probe and the braided wire connection measures 48” in overall length. The stainless steel probe can handle temperatures as hot as 500 degrees Fahrenheit and it can be used to measure food temps at home in your kitchen or outside on the BBQ grill.

Storage is easy with the clip out stand or the magnets which allow it to be stuck to the side of the oven. Users will need 2 AAA batteries to operate the meat thermometer and timer. These will need to be purchased separately. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and if there is ever a problem, the company will refund your money.

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3. Chef Rimer

4.5/5 Product Rating
This Chef Rimer instant Read Meat Thermometer helps you check the food before it is overcooked. It is inexpensive, accurate and fast, providing easy to read temperatures exactly when you need them.

This thermometer doesn’t just work on meats, you can use it on any kind of food and it can be used for candle making and testing liquids’ temperatures as well.

This is not the kind of thermometer that should be left in the oven to continuously monitor temperatures and it is not dishwasher safe either.

The best way to clean it is to wipe it off with a wet cloth. There is a battery included so you can use the meat thermometer right away. The probe is made of stainless steel and the rest of it is ASB plastic.

Some of the many foods that the Chef Rimer meat thermometer can be used to test include:

Anything that you need to know the internal temperature for, the Chef Rimer meat thermometer will work well on. The sensor button allows users to choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature readings. The LCD display screen is easy to read and the storage container is protected against damage. It is recommended that the meat thermometer never be used on raw meat or the danger of cross contamination or contaminating cooked food is very large.

The Chef Rimer meat thermometer is perfect for any kitchen whether it is a home kitchen or restaurant kitchen. You will get the accurate temperature results and performance that you expect and need to cook your food to the right temperature every time.

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Meat Thermometer Buying Guide

Meat Thermometer Reviews

What is a Meat Thermometer?

Meat Thermometer1A meat thermometer is a thermometer that is used to read the internal temperatures of meats and other kinds of foods and soups. It can be in digital form or display dials and takes just seconds to use. Digital thermometers are considered more accurate than the dial models. It is a small piece of kitchen equipment with huge abilities that will keep your meals tasting great and your health from being in jeopardy.

Types of Meat thermometers

There are many different types of meat thermometers. Each one has its benefits and drawbacks. Which one you choose to get is mostly personal preference but there are some styles that are better suited to certain tasks than others.

  • Instant Read Digital – These are simple to use. Just turn them on, stick into the meat or food you are checking and that’s it. They have very fast response times and are good for thin cuts of meat. These are good choices to check the final temperatures of your dishes. Digital instant read thermometers have features that include auto shutoff, temperature hold and others to make taking temperatures, easy and reliable.
  • Leave in Digital – With these kinds of thermometers, the probes are left in the meat during the cooking process. You can monitor the temperature without even opening the oven door. A long cord will attach the probe to a unit that has an easy to read digital screen. The unit can be placed right on the counter next to the oven or can be attached to the oven door via a magnet.

    These types of meat thermometers typically have the most features including alerts that you can hear in other rooms, timers, programmable temperatures and much more. Some of these are even wireless and can monitor temperatures from up to 100 feet away from the oven. The wireless aspect will use a smartphone or a wireless device.

  • Instant Read Analog (Dial) – With this type of meat thermometer you stick the probe into the meat get the reading and remove the probe. It is to be used towards the end of the cooking process. Analog thermometers are more difficult to read than digital and they don’t have much in the way of extra features. They are very simple and perform just the job of taking the temperature of the meats at the end of the cooking process.
  • Leave in Analog (Dial) – These oven safe, simple thermometers can be used during the cooking process. They are oven safe and get stuck into the meat while it is cooking. They can also be used as instant read thermometer.

Meat Thermometer Features

Meat Thermometer2There are several features that you want to look for when you start shopping for meat thermometers.

  • Accuracy in Readings – You want to be sure that your meat thermometer provides you with accurate readings. Checking the reviews that other customers have left could give you some information on this point.
  • Quick Results – You want to get fast readings from your meat thermometer so you do not need to leave the oven or grill doors open for any longer than necessary. You will find that for leave in meat thermometers, fast readings are not necessarily as important although you do want to ensure that the number you are looking at is what the temperature currently is. The faster the thermometer provides the readings the more accurate your finished product will be with little room for error.
  • Large temperature range capability – You want your meat thermometer to be able to handle reading a wide range of temperatures. Ones that can withstand higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit will be able to be used in an oven and grill where temperatures routinely get that hot. If that same thermometer can read temperatures below freezing, you will have a very versatile thermometer that can be used for both hot and cold foods.
  • Auto Shut Off – The auto shut off feature helps preserve your battery life. Most meat thermometers take AA or AAA batteries so any measure in place to help preserve the battery life is a savings.
  • Backlit Display Screen – This is not a feature that all digital thermometers have but it comes in handy, especially in lower light conditions. The backlit feature makes reading the temperatures much simpler and faster.
  • Easy to Red/Use Controls – Some meat thermometers have a lot of features and capabilities. It is beneficial to you that the controls for these features are easy to read and understand. This will include larger buttons that are easy to see and read. If your meat thermometer is wireless and intended to sync to your smartphone, look for easy to use apps that go along with them.
  • Strong Probes – the probe on the end of the meat thermometer is the part that will see the most action. You want it to be able to withstand high temperatures and be sturdy in design. The probes and probe cables need to be durable but in some models can be a real weak point in many meat thermometers. Another good feature to look for is splash resistant cables that can handle exposure to water since they are used in kitchens where getting wet is a definite possibility.
  • Audible Alarm – If you have a leave in thermometer you want to be certain that you know when the meat reaches the desired temperature. Having an alarm that you can easily hear is beneficial so it doesn’t get drowned out with the day to day sounds around the home.
  • Programmable Temperature – This feature allows you to set the temperatures you want and then you can monitor the cooking until it reaches the temperature that you have set.
  • Temperature Hold – This feature allows the meat thermometer to hold the temperature on the display for at least 5 minutes, sometimes longer.
  • Meat Thermometer3

  • Timers- A timer feature is very beneficial to keep track of the cooking process and allow the cook to not forget about the foods that are in the oven or on the grill. You can set the timer for however long you want to cook the meat and the timer will sound when it is ready.


Meat thermometers are very important kitchen accessories that help prevent undercooking and overcooking meats and other foods. They are also beneficial for checking the temperature of food that is out on a counter or in a buffet type setting. Food that goes below a certain temperature if it starts off as hot food, or that warms up above a certain temperature can make people sick. It is important to be able to monitor the temperatures of these foods and make sure that they remain in the safe levels.

Meat thermometers come in a variety of sizes, styles and types. Most cooks prefer the digital models but the analog ones can be just as valuable if digital is not available. The top rated choices here are all great additions to your kitchen tools and will help you cook your meals to the perfect temperature without over or under cooking them.

The capability to check the temperature of your meats reduces the chance of food borne illnesses as well, which can happen if meats like pork and chicken are not fully cooked. Professional chefs use meat thermometers all the time and they are used by health department officials and regular home cooks too.

The information in this guide and the three top rated meat thermometers that have been reviewed are provided to give you the information you need to make an informed decision and choose the meat thermometer that will be the best fit for the amount of cooking you do, the kind of cooking you do and the information you need to know.

With the right tools, you will be able to sort through the choices easily, look for the features that are important to you and choose a meat thermometer that you will enjoy using for a long time.

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