Best Meat Slicer in 2023 – Meat Slicer Reviews and Ratings

Best Meat Slicer in 2023 – Meat Slicer Reviews and Ratings
The meat slicer was once a luxury item for
those who simply hadn’t the time to cut meat
by hand. For today’s health conscience cooks;
however,the right meat slicer can allow you
to recreate much of the processed foods you’ve
come to love while skipping on all of the health
Best Meat Slicer

1. Chef’s Choice

Best Overall Meat Slicer

5/5 Product Rating
While some slicers are built specifically in a way that makes them great at cutting meat and nothing else, many slicers have been made for all different types of food. This particular unit belongs to the latter category, allowing you to cut anything from turkey to onions. The first thing you’ll likely notice about the slicer in question is that it comes in a very sleek, high-end, futuristic design. Although such a factor may not be the very most important thing to consider when buying a meat slicer, it certainly can’t hurt that this model will leave your kitchen looking good all the while. It offers a wide range of customization in terms of how thick it actually slices food, ranging anywhere from three quarters of an inch to paper thin. This makes it great for if you’d like to recreate some of your favorite deli meats at home where you can actually see what goes in them. This factor, as well as the fact that the slicer can effectively cut through anything, makes it very versatile in nature, thus keeping your options open as to what you’ll be able to whip up in the kitchen.

It also comes with a safety feature which prevents any blade-to-skin-related mishaps from occurring when the unit isn’t actively in use. It comes in the form of a button which has the unit’s food carriage stay firmly planted in front of the portion of the blade that would normally be exposed. If you’ve never bought a slicer before, this safety feature may sound as standard as a safety on a gun. However, this is not always the case. If it’s a high level of safety you’re after, the button in question will ensure you can leave the slicer lying about without fear of pets or children stumbling upon it and injuring themselves (not that it should exactly be left lying on the floor). Of course, you’ll still need to be rather careful while the slicer is in use, though this shouldn’t pose too much of an issue.

Sarah Lytle

2. EdgeCraft

Best Overall Meat Slicer – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating
In most ways, the EdgeCraft Chef’s Choice 610 is largely similar to the above meat slicer we just covered. Once again, you’ll find it that it does a great job at slicing all types of food, no matter their density or firmness. It also has roughly the same range of slicing thickness options, allowing you to choose whether your food comes out the size of a bologna slice or the size of a piece of paper. Once again, this makes it great for all types of occasions, whether you’re looking to streamline the process of cutting onions or looking to replicate your favorite deli meats.

However, despite the EdgeCraft Chef’s Choice 610’s similarities to the Chef’s Choice 615, it does actually carry a few differences which may prove to be large deciding factors in which of the two models you decide to go with. For example, the EdgeCraft Chef’s Choice 610 has less in the way of safety features. While it has a safety fuse, this is more for the slicer’s safety rather than your own. It also comes with less in the way of a sleek look. So, why buy it? Because it’s cheaper.

However, despite being lower in price, you’ll find it doesn’t sacrifice on functionality or quality in the slightest to lower said price. If you live alone and know nobody will potentially get hurt by your slicer while you’re not actively using it, and if you’re unwilling to pay a premium for the luxury of having appliances which compliment the look of your kitchen, the EdgeCraft Chef’s Choice 610 is likely just what you need. It functions at the same optimal level, though comes at a slightly lower price.

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3. Arksen

Best Budget Meat Slicer

4.7/5 Product Rating
While both of the meat slicers we’ve covered so far are great in nearly every way, they may pose one single issue – their price. While we’d all love to get the very best slicer in the business, you may find it hard to justify spending over one hundred dollars for a kitchen appliance. If this is the case, look no further than the Arksen. Like the above two models we’ve already covered, you’ll find this slicer is able to cut food down to an extremely thin size. However, you’ll find its thickest setting to be slightly less thick than that of the other two slicers. It also comes in a rather basic, industrial-looking package. Something you might expect to find in the back of a pub.

However, the Arksen trumps every other unit on the market in one area – its price-to-quality ratio. If you’re the type to appreciate a product’s value above all else, you simply cannot go wrong with the Arksen. Despite clocking in at roughly half the price of the first slicer we covered, you’ll find it functions just as well as any other product. Just be prepared to make some sacrifices by way of the product’s aesthetic appeal and maximum level of thickness.

Sarah Lytle

Meat Slicer Buying Guide

Meat Slicer Reviews

What is a Meat Slicer?

Meat Slicer1I can’t praise the above three products enough. Of all meat slicers available on the market, these three are, without question, of the highest quality. However, you may wish to do some searching on your own for whatever reason. If this is the case, try keeping the following considerations in mind to ensure you come out with the best possible product for you.

How thick do you plan on cutting your meats?

Believe it or not, every slicer is different in this regard. While most (though certainly not all) models can cut meats as thin as you’d like, the maximum level of thickness will vary from model to model. Any meat slicer worth your while will always display its maximum slicing thickness. If you can’t find this number on the box or with a quick search online, you’re likely better off taking your money elsewhere.

Do you need safety features?

There is no one best safety feature. There are a multitude of means through which a manufacturer can ensure your slicer’s blade will remain tucked away when not in use. One thing that does stay consistent among slicers’ safety features; however, is that they all mark up the price. Consider who else lives in your home and whether or not you’ll need to go the extra mile for added safety features. If you have children in the home, such features are a must.

What will you be cutting?

The difference between cutting a fresh sausage and a frozen log of ground beef is rather large. Check to see how powerful your slicer is before finalizing your purchase. More often than not, manufacturers will give you some indication as to what their slicers can be used for. By only getting the power you need, you may be able to save a significant amount of money on your next purchase.

Types of Meat Slicers

Meat Slicer2For the most part, meat slicers can be placed into three main (unofficial) categories. Let’s take a look at said categories and see which one is best suited toward use in your kitchen.

  • Small-Scale Slicers – These slicers are marked by their small blades and their food carriages which may be shorter in height. These are best if you simply need something to slice pepperoni, jerky and other small cuts of meat.
  • Mid-Scale Slicers – These are a step above small-scale slicers and are great for cutting traditional deli meats. Simply put, if it can fit within two slices of bread, it can fit in one of these slicers. You’ll also be able to cut standard-sized blocks of cheese without issue.
  • Large-Scale Slicers – These are best for large meats (turkey, pork shoulders, etc.) and can likely handle anything you can throw at them. These are also able to tackle fruit, vegetables and giant blocks or even wheels of cheese. If you plan on cutting more than just meat, a large-scale slicer should be considered essential. For reference, the three slicers we covered earlier in this review belong to this category. In fact, anything labeled as a food slicer (as opposed to a meet slicer) likely fits into this category.

Common Meat Slicer Features

There is no best slicer when it comes to choosing from the above types. There are; however, certainly features you should always look out for in any meat slicer you may happen to have your sights set on. Keep an eye out for slicers exhibiting the below features when you’re shopping.

  • Lots of Removable Parts – Normally, when a product has many pieces which need to be assembled and disassembled, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that it will be more of a pain to work with than anything. In the case of meat slicers; however, a higher number of removable parts translates to less Because this is an appliance which needs to be cleaned, being able to take the time to take your slicer apart will likely shorten the amount of time you spend cleaning.
  • Meat Slicer3

  • A Blade Shield – While perhaps not an official term, I refer to the metal or plastic portion of a slicer’s frame that covers the top of its blade. While some safety features can be considered as being optional, this is not one of those features. If a slicer’s blade doesn’t have a shield, your fingers might thank you later on down the road if you keep shopping around for a better model.


Outside of the two above features (which should be considered as being downright essential), what you look for in a blade all comes down to you. If one of the three models we covered earlier seems to offer what you’re looking for, I’d highly suggest going with that one. Otherwise, by keeping all of the above tips in mind, you’ll be able to recreate your favorite deli meats and more in no time at all.


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