Best Mandoline Slicer in 2023 – Mandoline Slicer Reviews and Ratings

Best Mandoline Slicer in 2023 – Mandoline Slicer Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 30 hours researching and testing 12 different types of mandolin slicers and found that slicing options, slice settings, and warranty were most important. PL8 Professional Mandolin scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This extra wide, stainless steel slicing deck makes it easy to slice and cut a variety of foods. The non-skid feet make this mandolin safer to use since it will not slide around during slicing. You can julienne, waffle cut, or slice your foods. Cleanup is easy as well. This is the perfect mandolin slicer for home or professional use.

1. Progressive

Best Overall Mandoline Slicer

5/5 Product Rating
There’s nothing more important to a kitchen aficionado than well-cut fruits and vegetables. This julienne mandoline from PL8 is the perfect solution for getting the well-cut foods that you crave. This device allows you to slice, julienne, and waffle cut all your favorite foods with four different slicing thicknesses to choose from.

Because this mandoline is extra wide, you get a stainless steel slicing deck that makes food glide easily over it when you secure the safety hand guard. Also, the safety hand guard is going to secure food in a stable position for slicing. The integrated blades of this mandoline help to eliminate any loose parts. There are also non-skid feet which fold for a more compact storage option.

All in all, this is a top rated mandoline for good reason. It cuts food to perfection, giving you excellent presentation of your meals. It also does this safely, so there’s no threat of getting fingers caught in the appliance. Give your meals the wonderful style and aesthetics that you crave with this great cutting tool from PL8.

Sarah Lytle

2. Fullstar

Best Overall Mandoline Slicer – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This deluxe mandoline set comes with a number of different attachments and accessories that make cutting fruits and vegetables easier and more efficient than ever before. You get the detachable slicer in a fine orange color, the interchangeable blades, food container base, safety hat, and handy instruction manual all in one package.

You can also receive bonuses with your purchase such as recipe book, eBook, video tutorials, and so much more. Fullstar is a company that consumers have come to trust because they provide expert kitchen tools that make the job easier for the chef. This slicer is just what you need to not only chop and julienne to perfection, but also to do it in the safest way possible. It’s constructed from durable materials, so that you can be guaranteed that it’s going to stand the test of time and chop for years to come.

The colorful orange design looks fun and fanciful on any kitchen counter, while the easy to use blades and handle help you to chop everything in a snap. This is the perfect device for those who love to enjoy crisp salads or colorful vegetable dishes with julienned carrots and summer squash.

Sarah Lytle

3. Mueller

Best Budget Mandoline Slicer

4.7/5 Product Rating
This Mandoline slicer comes in a simple white color that can fit into any home decor, and it’s perfect for slicing vegetables, cutting fruits, slicing cheese, and so much more. The slicer comes with a surgical grade stainless steel blade that is guaranteed to stand the test of time and help you to chop vegetables for years to come.

If you’re seriously committed to healthy eating, then your kitchen should not be without a Mandoline of this quality. In fact, once you purchase one you’re going to wonder what you ever did without it. It makes your job in the kitchen so much easier, and with an appliance of this quality you’re going to see that chopping vegetables is finally fun again. This handy tool helps you to chop vegetables in half the time, and with way more precision than you get by chopping with a knife.

There are various cutting styles that you can choose from, and you can also select the thickness of the cut as well. See why it is that consumers love this chopping device from Mueller. You’re going to be making recipes that you never thought possible, and everything is going to be cut like the pros do it.

Sarah Lytle

Mandoline Slicer Buying Guide

Mandoline Slicer Reviews

What is a Mandoline Slicer?

Mandoline Slicer1When you have decided to purchase a mandoline, then you’ve made the right choice. The trouble is that there are many kinds out there and it’s hard to decide which is the right one for you. There are many types on the market and there is also a wide range of prices that you’re going to encounter.

Before you decide to make a purchase, it’s important to see what options you have available to you, and this means taking a look at the various features that you will find among different mandolines.


Style is the biggest difference that you’ll find among various mandolines. There are three basic types that you will encounter, and these include the adjustable platform mandoline, the platform insert mandoline, and the flat board mandoline. The difference between these three is related to how the device operates and in what way the blade is attached to the mechanism. With an adjustable platform type, you get a platform with the blade attached, and this configuration remains stationary.

The second type features a platform that is adjustable and this will help you to guide the food that is to be cut across the surface of the blade. The mandoline is going to determine the thickness of the cut on this model. This style also allows you to vary the cutting thickness.

On the other hand, the platform insert model operates by inserting a platform that has a cutting blade which will vary dependent upon the thickness of the cut that you desire or the type of cut you’re making. There are specific blades that can create thin cuts, crinkle cuts, thick cuts, waffle cuts, and so much more. This kind of mandolin will not provide the ease of adjustability that you get from other models but it does give you a wider variety of blades and attachments that you can use to perform a wider variety of cutting styles.

Also consider the flat board mandoline which doesn’t offer a varied selection of cuts but is mostly used when there is one specific kind of cut that you’re going for, such as julienne cut.


You will find a wide variety of mandolines that are made from various different materials such as ceramic, wood, stainless steel, plastic, and fiberglass. Most of the models that you’ll find on the market are made from either plastic or stainless steel. Whatever material that it is made from is going to effect the price, ease of cleaning, and longevity of the device. The majority of lower priced models are going to be made from plastic. The plastic ones are easy to wash in the dishwasher and they can withstand a great deal of use.

Mandoline Slicer2When you have one that is made from stainless steel, which is more expensive, you’ll find that it can handle a heavier workload and is the best material when you’re doing a high volume of cutting. This means that stainless steel is favored in restaurants and commercial food service establishments. You can only hand wash a stainless steel version, but some are going to be dishwasher safe as well. With some materials you’ll also need to apply oil every once in a while to be rubbed on the mandoline to keep it working at peak performance.

Blades and Attachments

You need to take into account before you purchase a Mandoline how many different kinds of cuts you’d like to perform. Some will offer a wide variety of cuts and attachment blades, and these are going to give you the most variety. You can choose between straight cuts, crinkle, julienne, waffle, and so much more.

You can not interchange blades between various different Mandolines so make sure the model that you buy has many attachments sold separately. Also, consider that no matter what type you purchase you should feel confident that it’s going to ease food preparation in your kitchen and will add a nice presentational quality to your dishes.


Invented in the late 18th century, the Mandoline was the brain child of Doctor Joseph Ignace Guillotin. And yes, that is the same man that invented the even more famous guillotine. It was Marie Antoinette herself who was enamored of the Mandoline, ironically, and ordered one to be placed in every room of the Petit Trianon, and these were then used for doll executions. After she died in 1793, her nephew took her remaining Mandolines. He kept these proudly on display for the rest of his life, and he was even buried with six of the remaining ones. It was an odd obsession to say the least.

A full century later, these items were discovered by a young page at the Hofburg Palace. He attempted to clean rust from one of the ones that remained and managed to remove his index finger in the process. The imperial chef was not deterred by this catastrophe, and quickly picked up on the nice, smooth and delicate slices that the device could make. He washed the blood from the blade and then recreated the same effect but used a carrot instead of his own finger. News of the chopping success of the device quickly spread across Europe, and it was within a matter of months that the Mandoline became a popular staple in most stately kitchens and private homes.

Mandoline Slicer3‘Julienning’ was then a popular term, named after Julien, the unfortunate page who lost his finger. This continues to be the knife cut of choice among the highest ranking chefs in the world. With very little effort, the device makes it possible to cut very thin and uniform portions of vegetable, and can also be used for meat and fish. These vegetables are then incorporated into salads and gratins. Who would have thought that what started as a mere toy would go on to sweep the culinary world by storm?


The mandolin slicer has a wonderful history, and it’s popular in important kitchens across the globe for good reason. Just because you’re not a famous chef doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from owning one in your home as well. When you’re ready to make slicing vegetables easier than ever before, and you want to enhance the presentation of your meals, then it’s time to purchase a mandoline slicer to be used in the comfort of your own home. We highlighted the top rated slicers, and these are the models that are made from durable materials, are affordable, and also easy to use.

Customers across the country swear by these slicers because they get the job done in a safe and timely manner that they’ve come to trust. It’s recommended that you invest in one of these mandolins to be used in your kitchen, but if you want to continue your search, then you can refer to the buyer’s guide to help you find the slicer that is just right for your unique needs. Making the right purchase comes down to knowing exactly how you’re going to be using the slicer on most occasions, and the benefits that you seek to experience from it.



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