Best Lipstick in 2023 – Lipstick Reviews and Ratings

Best Lipstick in 2023 – Lipstick Reviews and Ratings
Lipstick is used by millions to create numerous different looks from casual, running errand lipstick to super fancy, evening lipstick. It is a fast and simple way to transform your look into many different moods. We looked at the 20 most popular lipsticks on the market and considered their color selection, formula, special features (24 hour, gloss, long lasting, moisturizing, etc) customer feedback and other considerations. The three lipstick choices reviewed below topped the list in every category. Any one of them would be an excellent addition to your makeup case.
Best Lipstick Reviews

1. Golden Rose

Best Overall Lipstick

5/5 Product Rating
If you are looking for high quality lipstick that will enhance your look every day, you will want to try Golden Rose Velvet Matte Lipstick.

You get 6 gorgeous colors, in this set that is rich and deep in color.

These high quality lipsticks won’t clump or stick but glide on smoothly for a beautiful finish to your makeup routine.

Purple, brown and black are three of the deep, beautiful colors that are included in this set. Each stick contains Vitamin E that is responsible for conditioning the lips.

The matte color will look great for work, casual activities and nighttime elegance as well.

This product comes in an attractive gift box and makes a great gift for any beauty lover. These lipsticks will not wear off or fade away after 30 minutes like cheap lipsticks do.

The long wearing formula reduces the amount of times you have to reapply your lipstick. There are no parabens in this product.

Linda Krantz

2. Aesthetica

Best Overall Lipstick – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
With the right product and know-how your lips will always look fantastic and feel great too. This unique kit has everything you need to enhance your lips.

It works for almost every skin tone imaginable and has the hottest colors and lip liners available. It is possible to mix and match the colors that are in the kit so it is truly customized.

When you purchase this contouring lipstick kit from Aesthetica, you will be able to balance uneven lips, fix when your lip color is uneven, and make thin lips appear much fuller. You can even create a more natural and desirable shape for your lips with this kit. You’ll have everything you need to entertain friends and family.

When you purchase the Aesthetica Lip Contour Kit, you will get several great items that will make contouring your lips and creating whatever look you want much easier. First there are five beautiful lip colors that include Celfie, It Girl, Glam Squad, Jet Setter and Media Darling.

Next you have a unique highlighter in Pop Princess, a pro-approved lip brush for easy and precise application, two lip contouring pencils that are double-ended with great colors on each end. (Swag, Party girl, Stalker and Bomb Shell)

The kit also has a full set of instructions that include a shade guide and a lip shape design. This is suitable for all skin tone and skin types as well. All the products in this lip contouring kits are gluten-free, talc-free, paraben free, animal cruelty free and are 100% vegan as well.

Linda Krantz

3. Lotus

Best Budget Lipstick

4.5/5 Product Rating
Lotus Organics has grouped together three gorgeous lipsticks that are made without any chemicals or harsh ingredients that can be harmful. It is gluten, cruelty and lead free.

They offer a large selection of beautiful colors from peach to wine so there are plenty of choices for both during the day and at night.

The super shiny formula that is used in Lotus Organics lipstick has plenty of antioxidants in the botanical extracts it uses in production of the lipstick.

In addition it has essential oils and pigments that hydrate and moisturize your lips so they feel soft for hours. They are made in the USA and are nearly 100% natural.

There is no animal testing on these lipsticks and they are enriched with plenty of nutrients including vitamin E, essential oils and plenty of shea butter that will condition your lips and provide plenty of anti-aging benefits. One thing you don’t have to worry about with Lotus Organics lipsticks is any harsh or dangerous chemicals.

These lipsticks have no sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, lead, petro chemicals, phthalates or parabens. You can rest assured that if you choose Lotus Organics lipsticks you will have beautiful color that lasts and a lot of benefits from the healthy ingredients that are used in the creation of this fine product.

Linda Krantz

Lipstick Buying Guide

Lipstick Buying Guide

Types of Lipstick

Lipstick1There are many different types of lipstick on the market. Each one has specific attributes that it offers. Learning the difference between each type and understanding the benefits it brings can make your selections much easier. You’ll be certain to get exactly what you’re looking for.

Cream Lipstick – Cream lipsticks contain a lot of wax that will protect the lips and provide wearers with a longer wear time. The look that cream lipsticks produce is one that has flat color that is color rich.

Satin/Sheer Lipstick – This type of lipstick is made with oil so the lipstick applies easier and much more smoothly. It produces a glossy look that is transparent.

Moisturizing Lipstick – There are moisturizing ingredients added to this type of lipstick including vitamins, glycerin and aloe that add softness and hydration to the lips when it is worn. The look you will achieve with moisturizing lipstick is moist looking and shiny.

Pearl Lipstick – Pearl lipsticks have a shiny, iridescent quality to them that produces a glowing look that is super soft and feminine.

Metallic Lipstick – There is a lot more iridescence and color pigment added to metallic lipsticks. They are great for teens and college students and add a sense of new age style to your look. They produce a color-rich, metallic look.

Long-Wearing Lipstick – this two application style of lipstick contains lip color and lip gloss in two separate ends of the makeup. Apply the lipstick first and allow it to dry and then apply the gloss. You will end up with a glossy look that has a lot of intense color.

Mineral Lipstick – There are a lot of natural ingredients used in mineral lipstick. These are very good for people that have highly sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. These are very natural looking and sheer and very soft. Great for work or casual wear.

Anti-Aging Lipstick – The serums present in this lipstick help to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is hydrating and will not settle into creases and line, which can make them look more prominent. You will have a very soft look that will reduce the signs of aging and make your lips look youthful and fresh.

Matte Lipstick – There are no conditioners and emollients in matte lipstick it has a high color pigment that provides intense color without shine or gloss.

Lip Liquid – There is a high level of alcohol in lip liquid that allows the lip liquid to dry much faster and last longer without fading. You will have a beautiful glossy, color rich look that is great for evenings.

Lipstick2As the list above shows, there are endless amounts of choices available when it comes to lipstick types and what they can provide the wearer. When you know these things, you are better able to look at all those choices and know which ones you want for your own makeup kit.

Additional Lip Tools and Lipstick Enhancers

Many wearers will use lipstick along with other products that enhance the look of the lipstick. These additional enhancers can make the lipstick last longer and wear longer too. We’ve listed some of the most common lip enhancers as well as tools that are often used with lipstick.

  • Lip Gloss – You can apply gloss all by itself or apply it over any lipstick color for beautiful shine. If you want the color of the lipstick to stay unaffected, use a clear gloss over the lipstick color. The only time to use a colored gloss is if you are not going to wear lipstick at all.
  • Lip Liner – Liners are used to define the shape of your lips. It is applied before the lipstick. You want to get a lip liner that is as close to the color of the lipstick you will be wearing as possible. This will prevent an obvious lip line that will look unnatural.
  • Lip Conditioner – The skin on your lips can be very fragile and susceptible to sunburn and other harmful conditions. Using a lip conditioner that has almond oil, vitamin E or Shea Butter can help keep your lips soft, smooth and in perfect condition to be a great canvas for your lipstick.
  • Lip Primer – The purpose of a lip primer is to get the lips ready for the application of lipstick. It prevents the lipstick from feathering outside the lip line and prevents fading also. They will also keep the lips from drying out.
  • Lip Brushes – These handy tools are used to apply lipstick to the lips for a flawless, smooth finish. These brushes are usually tapered to a point for increased precision. They are made with either synthetic or natural bristles. The better lip brushes are either retractable or they have a cap that protects the bristles from getting mashed or dirty.

Choosing the Right Lipstick Color

There are three different tones that lipstick colors are classified as: warm, neutral and cool. The best way to find the right lipstick color is to determine whether you look better in warm tones, cool tones or neutral tones.

What is Your Natural Skin Tone

All you need to determine your natural skin tone is a sheet of white paper and an area that has plenty of light. If you’re testing yourself you will also need a mirror. You will want to test your skin when you are not wearing any makeup at all. Take the sheet of paper, hold it under your chin and look at your reflection in the mirror.

If the reflection you see in the mirror looks blue, purple, red or pink you have a cool undertone to your skin and should choose cool colors. If your reflection looks yellow, golden or being you have a warm undertone to your skin and will look the best in warm colors. Below is a chart that lists which colors look better with which skin tone.


  • Warm Skin Tones – If you look better in warm tones, look for lipsticks that are beige, spice, peach, orange, brown/red, warm red, copper, apricot, bronze, mocha, taupe, brown, honey, golden and tawny.
  • Cool Skin Tones – Violet, cherry, berry, lilac, cranberry, pink, wine, mauve, plum, pink, rose, lavender, burgundy, grape.


Lipstick has been used as part of a beauty routine for decades. It can make someone feel better about their appearance and take you from casual activities to evening dinner with the simple application of some color. There are tons of different types and styles of lipstick on the market as well as a large selection of colors.

Choosing the right lipstick is not difficult when you understand what choices exist and what skin tone you have. Selecting the right lipstick can be a lot of fun and with all of the choices available you will easily be able to find several that are the perfect color for your skin tone and the perfect type for your needs whether it is to combat dry lips or to find a lipstick that will last for hours without wearing off.


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