Best Lice Treatment in 2023 – Lice Treatment Reviews and Ratings

Best Lice Treatment in 2023 – Lice Treatment Reviews and Ratings

We spent a week researching and testing over 12 different types of lice treatment products and found that effectiveness, performance, and ease of use were the most important factors to consumers who were shopping for lice treatments. Licefreee Spray Head Lice Treatment scored high above the rest in all categories and is our top pick.  This lice treatment kit comes with a convenient metal comb that is patented and helps dislodge the nits and dead lice from the head. The non-toxic formula is environmentally friendly and made to be a homeopathic treatment for lice that works.

Lice Treatment Reviews

1. Licefreee

Best Overall Lice Treatment

5/5 Product Rating

Licefreee instant head lice treatment spray contains an effective formula that is non-toxic, homeopathic and eco-friendly too. The included metal comb helps you dislodge the nits and dead lice so you get rid of anything that can cause ongoing problems.

You do not need to rinse out the spray after applying it.  Licefreee contains no pyrethrum or permethrin which are two very popular but toxic lice treatments. With Licefreee you can effectively get rid of lice without subjecting anyone to toxic chemicals.

The easy to use spray can be applied to all hair types but can leave a residue on the hair that is gel-like in nature.  You may have to use Licefreee more than once to get rid of all the lice and nits.  The comb is very helpful but does not always work well for hair that is very thick.

Due to the eco-friendly formula you can use Licefreee on children as young as 6 months old and is 100% guaranteed.

Linda Krantz

2. Lice Clinics

Best Overall Lice Treatment – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating

When you are dealing with lice you don’t only have to worry about the lice that are on the head you need to worry about getting rid of the lice on stuffed animals, hats, furniture, bedding, beds, clothing and much more.  For this reason, you will want to get Lice Clinics lice treatment to use along with other lice treatments that you use on the hair.

This product is not for using on the body of head at all but it is for getting rid of lice on all of the belongings that can and usually do become contaminated with lice once you or your children have it.

This non-toxic, organic formula kills on contact and eliminates lice in all stages of their life cycle including eggs, Nymphs, and adult lice.  This product will not stains clothing, bedding, or furniture and can be applied directing to the sheets, mattresses, furniture and any other place that needs treating.

Lice Clinics is the perfect product to use in conjunction with head lice treatment products that are applied to the head itself.  You won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals or pesticides around your children or pets.  This product comes with a money back guarantee that it will work. If it does not get rid of them as promised you will get a 100% refund.

Linda Krantz

3. Fairy Tales

4.8/5 Product Rating

Rosemary Repel products are great for getting rid of lice on the head and are 96% effective in reducing the chances of a lice outbreak from overtaking your home.  The proprietary blend of Tea Tree, Rosemary, Geranium, and Citronella oils prevent lice outbreaks from occurring.

This shampoo and conditioning spray protect the hair and can be used every day to prevent lice. Lice are attracted to clean hair because it is easy to hold onto.  Using the Rosemary Repel shampoo and conditioning gel will add protection to your hair that will deter lice while moisturizing and cleansing the hair as well.

This all-natural shampoo and conditioning spray is free of toxins, sulfates, and harsh chemicals so you can feel great about using it. Use it after doing your lice treatment to prevent re-infestation and to soothe and hydrate your scalp after treatment.

Linda Krantz


Lice Treatment Buying Guide

Lice Treatment Buying Guide

There are many different types of lice treatment products on the market and they are not all created equally. There are really good, high quality products that deliver what they promise and there are others that are not worth your time. Some of the high quality products use tough chemicals to get the job done while others concentrate more on using all-natural, non-toxic products to take care of lice.

Below we have listed many of the active ingredients that are used in lice treatment products. We have also listed things that you should take into consideration when you are shopping around for the best lice treatment you can find.


It is always wise to pay attention to the different ingredients that are used in the lice treatments you are interested in using. Some of the products use chemicals that are pretty harsh that can eliminate lice after just one treatment.

These pesticides are toxic when swallowed and should be kept out of reach of pets and children. The two main ingredients used are: Permethrins and Pyrethrins. These two ingredients can be extremely hazardous but they get the job done and are highly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics as the first solution that should be utilized to get rid of lice.

Lice Treatment Buying Guide

The bad news is that some strains of lice are becoming resistant to pyrethrins and permethrins. These harsh chemicals can be really tough on the skin if you do not use them properly. This can cause additional scalp irritation. If the idea of using these chemicals worries you there are some natural alternatives that work very well also including rosemary and mint. You may need more product when using all natural items. Many people find it much more reassuring to use something that is all-natural and organic.

Additional Products

Many of the lice treatment sprays come with add-ons to increase the effectiveness of the lice treatment and to get the best results possible. One example of an add on product would be a lice comb.

Lice combs are designed to remove the nits and dead lice that are attached to the hair strands. If you are dealing with a moderate to severe lice infestation you will want to use a good quality lice comb to help get rid of all the lice.

Some products include the lice comb like our overall pick, Licefreee. Others you will need to purchase the nit comb separately. If you want to save a little bit of money, look for a combination product that included the lice treatment and the comb as well.

Types of Lice Products

There are several types of lice treatments on the market that you can use to get rid of lice. We have listed them below along with some information about each so you can determine which ones will work the best for your personal situation.

Lice Spray – Lice will die without a proper host. Lice sprays have a repellant effect that will kill the lice as well as keep them from coming back. If more than one person in the house has lice, these sprays can make a big difference in preventing re-infestation. Lice sprays are also very useful in preventing a lice problem from developing in the first place. If your children attend a school where lice have become a problem, lice repellent sprays can prevent them from getting them. For lice sprays to be effective in killing existing lice it must have more than just repellent properties so be sure to read the description to see if it is just a repellent spray that will prevent lice or if it is a spray that can be used to treat the live lice.

Lice Treatment Buying Guide

Lice Shampoo – Lice shampoos are common ways to get rid of existing lice. Washing the head with a lice shampoo that contains ingredients that kill lice is one of the most effective ways to kill existing lice. Many of these shampoos kill lice at all their life cycle stages from egg to adult. You can choose from shampoos that have chemicals in them or go for the natural ones that have non-toxic ingredients.  


Lice are a huge problem that occurs regularly in public elementary schools. Once your child comes home with lice, the faster you move to take care of the problem the faster it will be gone. The three top rated products we have reviewed in this guide can be used alone but all three attack different aspects of a lice problem from killing the existing lice and getting rid of them to treating all your belongings and the house to preventing them from coming back.

All three of these products are high quality lice treatments that work and that are not hard to use. Two of the three are all-natural and contain essential oils that are known for killing lice and getting rid of a problem. It is important that you take care of the whole problem and take the time to ensure that you have treated the live lice on the head as well as dealt with everything the infected person comes in contact with.

If the three top rated products are not quite what you were looking for you can use the information we have provided in the buying guide to sort through the different products and put together your own lice treatment product pack. Proper elimination and preventative will keep lice from being a yearly issue. If the places your child goes seems to have a recurrent lice problem you may want to use some preventative sprays that will prevent the lice from attaching to your child’s clean hair.

There are things that you can do to not be caught off guard by a lice problem. For the fastest line of defense it is a good idea to keep lice treatment and preventive in your medicine cabinet in the event your child comes home from school with these awful pests. Having it on hand will allow you to immediately deal with it rather than having to wait until you go to the store. The faster you act, the faster lice will be a distant memory.

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