Best Leather Cleaner in 2023 – Leather Cleaner Reviews and Ratings

Best Leather Cleaner in 2023 – Leather Cleaner Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 25 hours researching and testing 12 different brands of leather cleaner and found that performance, results, and ease of use were the most important factors to the consumers shopping for leather cleaners.  Leather Nova Cleaner by Trinova scored high marks when compared to the numerous others we tested against and is our overall top pick. Leather Nova is easy to use and comes in a spray form so you can get an even coverage. This premium formula is safe for many different types of leather and it can work on other surfaces too.

Leather Cleaner Reviews

1. Trinova

Best Overall Leather Cleaner

5/5 Product Rating

This is one of the best leather cleaning products on the market which is why it is our overall top pick. Trinova’s Leather Nova Cleaner is safe for many different surfaces along with all kinds of leather whether it is faux leather, vinyl that looks like leather and saffiano as well.

The spray bottle makes using Trinova very easy to work with. All you have to do is spray it on and then wipe it off.

This cleaner will remove grime and dirt that collects on the surface of your leather belongings.  Removing the grime and dirt from your leather will keep the leather in good shape and conditioned as well.

Leather Nova Cleaner is made by leather experts and is made from a premium formula. The creators of the product know what is needed to clean leather properly.  Using this product is an excellent way to preserve the life of your leather belongings and get high quality results you will love. Keep in mind that you will need to use plenty of the product to get the desired results. Read the directions on the spray bottle before beginning and follow them precisely.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Leather Honey

Best Overall Leather Cleaner – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating

This USA-made leather cleaner is good on all types of leather, providing you with an excellent quality cleaner that will give new life to all of your leather goods. 

Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey is a cleaner and a conditioner in one so not only will you be able to clean your leather belongings you will condition them as well so they will remain in good shape for years to come.

One of the great things about Leather Cleaner by Leather Honey is that it is very concentrated so you will only need a small amount, diluted with water to get the job done right. 

It works fast and is gentle; removing oil, grime, and dirt from the surface of your leather goods including leather car upholstery.

This special formula gets quick results that you will love.  It is very important that you read the instructions on the bottle carefully and follow them precisely so you do not ruin your leather belongings.  This product is also affordable so you can keep all of your leather goods looking clean and conditioned for years to come without breaking your wallet.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Chemical Guys

4.5/5 Product Rating

Another great product in our top three list is Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner and Conditioner.  This complete kit gives you everything you need to clean AND condition all of your leather belongings.  This affordable kit saves you time and money since you will not need to order anything else. 

Using Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner will not harm your leather when used properly according to the instructions on the bottle.

Using this product will remove the dirt, grime, and stains from your leather then you condition it to keep it looking its best.

The balanced pH levels on this product allow you to use a smaller amount to get the items clean so you save product and money and still get all the stains and dirt off of your leather goods. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner will not leave residue on your leather items nor will it cause the leather fibers to deteriorate.

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Leather Cleaner Buying Guide

Leather Cleaner Buying Guide

If you have leather furniture, have horses and own leather saddles and bridles, have leather jackets or shoes, or leather car upholstery you’ll want to find a way to take good care of them so they stay beautiful and in good shape. To accomplish safe cleaning and conditioning of all of your leather belongings you will need a high quality leather cleaner.

Quality leather cleaners will restore you leather goods by removing stains, dirt, and grime and make them good brand new again. Many of the leather cleaners on the market have conditioners in them as well so you can protect the leather in the future as well as keep it clean.

Take a look at this buying guide below to learn about the best leather cleaners and how to choose the right one for cleaning your leather items safely while conditioning them as well. The majority of cleaners are not well-suited to clean suede or nubuck leather safely so unless it lists this type of leather specifically, it is best not to use any of them on your suede items.

Types of Leather

There are two main types of leather that you will encounter in the different products that you own or may purchase. We have listed them below.

Finished Leather – Finished leather has a veneer of coating that makes the leather waterproof and protect is from damage. During the manufacturing process, finished leather is infused with dye and then treated with a clear coat of resin for added protection. Finished leather will not stain and is typically cool to the touch. It will not become stiff over time and will not lose its color over time either.

Leather Cleaner Buying Guide

Unfinished Leather – Unfinished leather is not treated with any kind of waterproof coating, it does contain a dye with nothing else applied after that. Unfinished leather can stain easily due to the fact that it has no waterproofing protection. Unfinished leather can also fade over time. It is warm to the touch and remains soft, never hardening up, even over time.

Choosing the Best Leather Cleaner

There are several things that you will need to consider when looking for the perfect leather cleaner for your needs. We’ve listed these considerations below.

Type of Leather – It is very important to know what types of leather you are working with. Is it finished or unfinished? Use the definitions of each type of leather above to determine which type you are working with. Not knowing the answer to this question before you start cleaning it can cause you to damage the leather accidently by using the wrong leather cleaner.

Concentrated – Choose a leather cleaning product that is concentrated. This means that you will dilute it with water each time you use it. Concentrated leather cleaners last a lot longer than those that are not.

Cost – High quality leather cleaners may cost more than lesser quality products. Never choose one product over another simply because it is cheap. More often than not a cheap product will perform in a cheap manner and either damage your leather items or just not clean them at all. Some companies offer kits that include a cleaner and a separate conditioner. These kits can be very cost effective and save you some money since they are sold in a kit rather than separately. Make sure that you check out the product even if it is in a kit so you can be assured that it is a good product that will clean and condition your leather and not damage it.

Leather Cleaner Buying Guide

Ease of use – Make sure that you look for leather cleaner that is not complicated to use. The three top rated products we have featured above are easy to use, such as the Trinova Leather Nova Cleaner that is spray on-wipe off. If the product is easy to use, you will continue to use it to keep your leather clean and conditioned. A difficult to use product is one that eventually stops getting used.

Customer comments and reviews – One great way to get some inside information on leather cleaner is to check out the products comments and reviews from customers that have purchased it and used it. This is a way to get some information about how easy it really is to use, how well it works, and what it does for the leather after use. This information from other customers that have actually had their hands on the product is invaluable when it comes to checking out a leather cleaner’s performance.


Leather items are beautiful whether they are saddles, furniture, car upholstery or boots. With the right care and high quality products used for cleaning and conditioning, those leather items will continue to remain beautiful for years to come.

There are tons of leather cleaners on the market but unfortunately, a lot of them are low quality cleaners that don’t work very well or that can actually damage your leather. For this reason it is extremely important to do your homework and find the best quality leather cleaner you can find.

We’ve made the process of sorting through all the leather cleaner products available much easier by doing research and testing many of the brands available. Our top three selections are popular with consumers because they work well, protect and condition your leather items as well as clean them, and they are easy to use and affordable as well.

If none of the top rated selections are what you’re looking for, the information in the buying guide will help educate you on the things to look for when you are searching for a leather cleaner, describes the two main types of leather: unfinished and finished, and helps guide you down the road to find the product you will have an easy time using and that will get the job done right.

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