Best Leaf Blower in 2023 – Leaf Blower Reviews and Ratings

Best Leaf Blower in 2023 – Leaf Blower Reviews and Ratings
Leaf blowers make quick work of getting the leaves grouped together so they can be bagged up. They can be gas powered or electric and come in many different sizes, power levels and styles. There are many different styles and brands of leaf blowers on the market. The top rated leaf blowers featured in this review are some of the top customer picks available. We’ve provided you with the features and benefits of these top rated models so you can see if they fit what you are looking for to get the leaves out of your yard.
Best Leaf Blower

1. Hitachi

Best Overall Leaf Blower

5/5 Product Rating
The Hitachi Handheld Leaf Blower was built tough to make fast work of big leaf clean up jobs. It has commercial grade 23.9cc engine that features PureFire low emission engine technology.

The two stroke engine has a two finger throttle lever and a convenient auto return stop switch. The air volume that it produces is 441 cubic feet per minute.

You’ll be blowing leaves and debris from your yard quickly and efficiently with the 170 miles per hour air speed it has.

The blower on the Hitachi Handheld Leaf Blower is CARB Tier III compliant which means it can be used safely and legally in California. The fewer fumes makes this leaf blower safer to use and better for the environment. Whether it’s removing autumn leaves or just blowing away grass clippings after mowing, this leaf blower will get the job done quickly.

The lightweight design is easy to maneuver and makes it a good choice for older teens who have been taught, women and men to use easily. It only weighs 8.6 pounds which means you won’t become exhausted holding it. The two finger throttle is much simpler to use and doesn’t cause finger or hand fatigue.

This product is covered by Hitachi’s 7 year consumer warranty which provides consumers with even more confidence and assurance that Hitachi stands behind the quality of their products. There is also a 2 year non rental warranty that covers the blower and if it is used in rental type situations, there is a one year warranty.

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2. Black and Decker

Best Overall Leaf Blower – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating
You’ll be cleaning your yard in no time with the cordless Black and Decker Cordless Sweeper. This model gets rid of the traditional issues that gas powered leaf blowers have. It’s lighter in weight, quieter and much easier to deal with overall than its gas powered counterparts.

The 40v Lithium battery provides the user with plenty of power and an excellent runtime off of each full charge.

You can also share the battery of this product with other Black and Decker tools in the same category with their popular battery share program.

Lithium batteries overall are more powerful and provide the user plenty of benefits over regular batteries. They offer a longer lifecycle than other types of batteries and are definitely the better type of battery to purchase. The charger is a fast working, Energy Star rated model and will fully recharge the leaf blower’s battery in one hour.

This leaf blower is perfect for hard surfaces to clear them of leaves and debris thanks to the efficient design and 120 mph air speed. The speed can be adjusted to either run on maximum power or maximum runtime so if you have a job that isn’t that long, you may choose to run on maximum power to get it done even quicker.

Black and Decker’s Cordless Sweeper is also good for blowing grass clippings of sidewalks and leaves off of the yard, but you may find that if you are dealing with heavy piles of leaves, you will need a more powerful engine.

Lightweight is definitely the case with this blower weighing in at only 4.7 pounds. It can be used for extended periods of time easily and has a comfortable, soft grip handle that is able to be used even if the user is wearing gloves. The built in scraper is perfect for loosening matted leaves and any stuck on debris.

Because the leaf blower is cordless, it does not have the loud motor that some models are known to have. It has a decibel rating of 66 dBA so while you may be more comfortable with ear protection, it won’t be as glaringly loud as others.

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3. Makita

Best Budget Leaf Blower

4.7/5 Product Rating
Makita is a very well known and loved brand name in tools and this Commercial grade handheld leaf blower is no exception to the quality of tools they produce.

This leaf blower is rated the lowest weight in its class and provides an efficient means of clearing leaves from your yard and debris and grass from your walkways and driveways.

Makita is both EPA Phase II and CARB III compliant which means it can be purchased in California. It is a step above the older technology that is still good but not quite as powerful or good as this leaf blower.

The maximum air speed of this blower is a whopping 145 mph. Start your leaf blower easily with the low compression engine that has been designed for easy starting. It’s been configured for easier maintenance as well so upkeep is easy and minimal.

It only weighs 3.90 pounds and is very compact. It is very easy to control and maneuver thanks to this lower weight. It is the perfect leaf blower for those who may have their own lawn maintenance or landscaping business.

Consumers who purchase this product will receive a 2 year warranty on emissions related parts and all the other components will be covered by a 1 year warranty. All needed nozzles, a round end and a long nozzle, and a tool kit are included with the leaf blower. The dual stage air filter is very easy to access and replaceable.

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Leaf Blower Buying Guide

Leaf Blower Reviews

What is a Leaf Blower?

Leaf Blower1A leaf blower is a popular gardening tool that can either be gas powered or electric/battery powered. It uses air to move leaves, grass shavings, debris and other things off of your yard, sidewalk, garage, driveway and porch or deck.

Sometimes they are handheld and other times they are strapped on like a backpack. They are commonly used in commercial lawn businesses to make quick work of leaf cleanup or to neaten things up after mowing is complete.

Leaf Blower History

Back in the 50s there were tools that were used to dispense chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Landscapers discovered in the early 70s that they could use these same blowers to move yard debris and leaves around once they removed the container that the chemicals were held in. Manufacturers jumped on this idea and the first leaf blowers came out soon after.

Leaf blowers are used for many outdoor cleanup jobs because they are much faster than using traditional hand tools like rakes and brooms. Even though the tool is called a leaf blower, it can be used for:

  • Re moving grass clippings
  • Blowing dirt off of large equipment such as tractors or construction equipment, etc
  • Removing garbage and debris from sidewalks and driveways
  • Removing light fluffy snow in calm conditions.

The noise and emissions problems they used to have been improved upon drastically with modern design improvements and that makes them even more desirable. When they are used properly, it’s a great way to make fast work of driveway, yard or garage cleanup without disturbing the neighbors.

Considerations before you purchase

There are several things that you will need to take into consideration before you go purchase a leaf blower. These things will help you narrow down the choices and choose the leaf blower that will be the perfect one for your specific lawn needs.

  • How much property do you have? – If you have a large yard or a lot of property that you will be using your leaf blower on, you may want to consider a gas powered model since they are much more powerful and are easy to use. Electric or battery powered leaf blowers are not practical choices for large pieces of properties because they are too limited. If your yard is smaller, a battery operated or electric leaf blower will be a good match.
  • What kind of chores will you be doing? – There are models of leaf blowers that can be used to blow debris from around delicate plants and flowers as well as heavier duty blowers that can be used to clear debris and leaves from entire driveways. There are different hoses and nozzles that some models can come with that will do a variety of jobs. There are some that will even convert to a vacuum.
  • Leaf Blower2

  • Have the Proper Safety Gear…or Buy it – Even if you have a quieter leaf blower it can still generate around 65 decibels of noise. Gas powered models can generate as much as 90-100 decibels. With prolonged or repeated exposure this can damage to the ear. In addition, it is important to have protection for the eyes as well so small stick, leaves and other dirt doesn’t get blown into your eyes.
  • Have the proper Extension cord if you buy an electric blower – If you decide to get an electric leaf blower you will need to make sure that you have, or purchase a heavy gauge extension cord that is rated for outdoor use. If you use a cord that is too small, it can be very dangerous and can short out and cause electrical shock. Be sure that the extension cord your get or have is rated for the leaf blower you are purchasing.
  • Cordless Leaf Blowers with Interchangeable Batteries – There are many models of leaf blowers that have interchangeable batteries with other garden tools. What this means is that you can use the same battery for your leaf blower that you use for your weed eater, for example. This is a great way to save on the cost of batteries.
  • Know How the Leaf Blower will be Serviced – Your leaf blower will come with a warranty. Be certain that you know where to take it if something goes wrong. Your warranty will tell you exactly what you have to do within the guidelines that will keep the warranty intact.

Features of a Leaf Blower

There are many different features that you will want your leaf blower to have. When you start researching and shopping around, be sure to look for these features.

  • Loosens Trapped Leaves Efficiently – You want your leaf blower to have enough power to not only blow the leaves off your grass, driveway or sidewalk, but it is very helpful if it can also unstick trapped foliage and matted leaves that may be stuck to the sidewalk.
  • Variable Speed Trigger – It is very beneficial to you to have a leaf blower that has many adjustable speeds. This will allow you to choose a custom setting that is dependent on the job that you are doing. It is definitely more efficient and convenient to choose a leaf blower that has these speed choices rather than just one, unchanging, constant speed.
  • Comfort in Handling – Look for leaf blowers that have ergonomic handles or handles that are easy to hold for extended times in case you are doing a lot of yard work. You want them to hang naturally at a downward sloping angle and be lightweight as well.
  • Watch that Noise Level – No one wants to hear blaring yard tools or other kinds of tools. The quietest leaf blowers are going to measure less than 65 decibels when you are 50 feet away. You should also be mindful to use the leaf blower during daylight hours, neither starting too early nor going beyond when it gets dark out.
  • Leaf Blower3

  • The Brand Matters – Who manufacturers your leaf blower matters significantly when it comes to determining whether you have a good product or not. Brand names like Makita, Hitachi, Black and Decker and others are well known for their quality and reliability, so if you look for leaf blowers that have these manufacturers, you can be confident that you are getting a good product.


Leaf blowers will make the process of keeping your yard neat and free of leaves, debris and grass clippings much simpler and efficient. With all of the models available on the market, it is not always easy to find one that will match the size yard you have, the type of jobs you need to use it for and the budget you have to spend on one.

With the right information, such as what we have provided for you in the buyer’s guide and the reviews of the top rated leaf blowers here, you can choose a leaf blower that will last and that will make yard work much more enjoyable for you. Most people love using leaf blowers because it is much easier to use them to get out a rake and rake all the leaves up by hand.

Now that you have read this guide, you are armed with the tools and information you need to narrow down your choices from all of the models available and choose a leaf blower that you will truly be happy with for a long time to come.

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