Best Laptop Cooling Pad in 2023 – Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews and Ratings

Best Laptop Cooling Pad in 2023 – Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 25 hours researching and testing 15 different kinds of laptop cooling pads and found that performance, number of fans, and durability were most important. The Cooler Master Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. It has a metal base that is durable, easy to clean, and long lasting as well. The fans can be adjusted easily with the dial speed wheel controller and can be used to cool laptops up to 17” in size. The breeze from the fans also cools your hands. The blue LED fan gives the cooling pad flair as well.

1. Cooler Master

Best Overall Laptop Cooling Pad

5/5 Product Rating
The 200mm fan that the Cooler Master NotePal X3 features takes care of the typical overheating issues that many laptops commonly have.

The metal mesh base is easy to clean and durable and will last a long time with proper care and use.

The dial speed wheel controller adjusts the speed of the fans easily. This fan can cool laptops up to 17 inches in size.

There is a light breeze that reaches your hands as well, keeping them cool and comfortable while you work or play games.

The integrated USB hub allows the user to add peripherals and additional drives if needed. The fancy looking blue LED fan adds flair to the cooling pad and gives an appealing blue glow underneath your laptop. The power of high performance fan will dissipate the extreme heat that gaming laptops can put off.

There are two different height settings that will provide the level of comfort and the angle you are most comfortable with. The metal mesh construction provides a sturdy base for your laptops measuring 15-17” and it can support other sizes as well.

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2. Targus

Best Overall Laptop Cooling Pad – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
If you have a gaming computer, you’ll love the performance of the Targus HD3 Gaming Chill Mat. It is a cooling pad that will cool up to 18” high performance gaming laptops with ease.

It has 3 super quiet fans that are made with bearings so their durability is much better than other models of laptop cooling pads.

Thanks to the bearings, they are rated as lasting twice as long as standard cooling devices. Adjust the speed to what you need with the fan speed dial that gives you control over the cooling level without even having to look at the control.

The base of the laptop cooling pad is made of durable aluminum alloy. This alloy is lightweight and stays cool to the touch during use. The perforated design improves the dissipation of heat while you are using your laptop, whether for hardcore gaming or hours of surfing. With the advanced straighteners that direct the airflow where it is needed the most, you will get the performance and effects that the cooling pad should have and that is a laptop that stays cool and doesn’t overheat.

Your laptop won’t be sliding around thanks to the non-skid gripping feet. There is also an LED on the corner of the laptop cooling pad that indicates whether it is on or off. The portability of this unit is high; it can be slipped into your suitcase, overnight bag or backpack for use whenever you need it.

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Best Budget Laptop Cooling Pad

4.5/5 Product Rating
The AVANTEK laptop cooling pad is the perfect accessory for your laptop and will help prevent your computer from overheating and getting ruined.

The way this product is designed, the heat buildup is minimized which will extend the life of your laptop.

It doesn’t matter whether your gaming or surfing the internet, this AVANTEK laptop cooling pad will keep your laptop cool and in great working condition.

There are 5 different cooling fans that are situated on the cooling pad. One large one in the center that measures 140mm and spins are 1200 RPMS and then 4 smaller ones that measure 70mm that spin at 1800 RPMs. The blue LEDs add aesthetic appeal as they shine through the mesh if the cooling pad.

The metal mesh that goes all the way across the laptop cooling pad enhances the overall cooling performance by as much as 25%. Your laptop will have continuous, even air flow that will get rid of the excessive heat that the CPU and GPU that are trapped inside the housing of the computer generate.

The AVANTEK laptop cooling pad holds computers up to 16”. A 17” will fit but will have a bit of hangover and 14-15” fit with room to spare. The sturdy construction provides a solid base that you will feel secure in. The cooling pad by AVANTEK is powered by a USB port located on your computer. Just plug it in and go. The cooling pad has an additional USB port for plugging in other devices if needed.
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Laptop Cooling Pad Buying Guide

Laptop Cooling Pad Reviews

What is a Laptop Cooling Pad?

Laptop Cooling Pad1A laptop cooling pad is a commonly purchased computer accessory for those who have laptops. Its job is to cool down the operating temperature of your laptop and keep it running at the proper and safe temperature. When a laptop gets too hot, in most cases, it will simply shut down but damage can occur, causing poor performance and in some cases, a complete system shut down if it occurs too often.

When you purchase a laptop cooling pad, you will be preventing the computer from overheating and will avoid any damage to your laptop. This will extend the life of your computer significantly. There are many different models and styles of laptop cooling pads on the market. The objective is to purchase one that will work with your computer and that will fit your budget, preferences and particular needs.

Know Which Cooling System Your Laptop Has

There are two basic ways that laptops deal with the temperature increases their systems have. One way is to exhaust air out from the bottom and the second way is to pull air in from the bottom. The laptop cooling pad that you get needs to correlate with the type of cooling system that the laptop already has. Not all laptop cooling pads work for all laptops.

There are laptop cooler pads that pull the air away from the bottom of the laptop and those that push air towards the bottom. Both are designed to keep the laptops cool but if you get the wrong type of laptop cooling pad for your particular laptop it will not accomplish the intended job.

Every laptop has what are called hot spots. These are areas around the base of the laptop that may be hotter than other areas. The most common hot spots that your laptop will have will be around the CPU of the laptop.

Most often the CPU is located on the bottom of the computer. Before you purchase your cooling pad, be sure to identify where the hot spots are on your own system so you purchase a laptop cooling pad that addresses those hot spots and works to lower the temperature in those areas.

Points to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop Cooling Pad

There are several factors that you will need to consider when it comes to choosing the right laptop cooling pad for your needs. Take these things into consideration when you start your research.

  • If you are a frequent traveler, it will be important to purchase a laptop cooling pad that is easily portable and that will fit in your suitcase or bag. If the laptop cooling pad is made from hard plastic, it will be lighter to carry than the ones made of metal, but it may not feel as sturdy as the metal models do.
  • Make sure that the laptop cooling pad that you purchase fits the laptop that you have. You want to make sure that it is not too big or small so the cooling properties are correct for your computer. If it overhangs just a half inch or so it can usually be worked with but you also have to look at the comfort factor as well. Since most laptop cooling pads have size ranges they fit, you should be able to easily find one that matches your own computer.
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  • Do you actually use your laptop on your lap? Be certain to find a cooling pad that fit comfortably across your lap without poking into your legs or toppling off.
  • There are all different kinds of price points available when it comes to a laptop cooling pad. If you want one that is going to last and be durable, you will want to focus on the metal models that are more durably made. Plastic models will be cheaper but they will also not last as long.
  • Choose a model that allows plenty of airflow since that is the whole reason you are purchasing a laptop cooling pad to begin with. One that is designed with a slight curve and lifts the bottom of the laptop up slightly will allow for the most airflow.
  • Choose the model with the right fans that you want. Some models have one large fan in the center or three fans across the middle of the pad. Some of the top rated models that we have reviewed here have a center fan that is larger and then smaller fans around it. Whatever fan layout you think will be the best for your particular model of laptop is the one you should purchase as long as it meets the other criteria that you are looking for.
  • LED lighting is not a requirement for a laptop cooling fan but they sure look cool, especially when you are using your computer in low light conditions. Sometimes these LED lights flash and other times they are just on when the cooling pad is in use. They typically don’t have anything to do with how the laptop cooling pad works or cools.
  • Noise Level is an issue if you will use your laptop in a quiet area such as a library or office. The number of fans and construction and fan speed will all be determining factors in the noise level of your laptop cooling fan.
  • Some laptop cooling fans are operated by USB and others by a headphone plug or just plug into the wall. Others may be battery operated. If you move around a lot with your laptop, you will want to consider the units that are either battery operated or that are powered through USB. This will make them much easier to transport.
  • Things like non-skid feet, adjustable speed dials and other features can be present as well. Some models of laptop cooling pads will have different height settings and different fan speeds that the user can choose from. These speeds are typically accessed by a dial that is located on the cooling pad somewhere. Decide what other features are important to you and look for models that have additional features.

Benefits to Using a Laptop Cooling Pad

There are many benefits to using a good quality laptop cooling pad. It is all of these benefits that make them such popular accessories for consumers that have laptops.

  • Faster CPU and GPU performance. It is not that the fans themselves that make the performance better but by preventing the CPU and GPU from heating up so much that they damage themselves, this will allow them to run at their optimal performance range.
  • Keep the Temperature in the Room Down – The temperature in the room will have some impact on the laptop’s temperature. The cooling pad will help keep the computer’s temperature down despite the temperature in the room. You will find that a cooler room will probably require less cooling help than if the room is excessively hot.
  • A good place to sit the computer – The position that a laptop cooling pad places a computer will help improve the airflow around it. Sometimes people also just like the angled position that a laptop cooling fan will place the computer. Be careful when using the cooling pad and laptop on a fabric surface. One potential problem is that the cooling pad will force dust into the fans on the laptop a lot more than they will if they are on a solid surface such as a desk or table.
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  • Much more comfortable for lap use – Some laptops get uncomfortably hot on the bottom making using them on your lap very uncomfortable. The laptop cooling pads enable users to place the laptop on their legs without being uncomfortable or even painful.


There is definitely a need for laptop cooling pads since the cooling systems in most laptops are unable to keep the CPU and GPU cool enough to avoid overheating. These top rated laptop cooling pads that we have reviewed here have everything a laptop user needs to ensure that their systems don’t overheat and shut down.

With so many on the market, it can be really confusing to choose the right one for your needs and particular preferences. The objective of this guide is to provide the tools you will need to understand the fan speeds, capabilities, height levels and other features that each model you are considering offers. Be sure to read customer reviews as well because they can give you a lot of insight into what the laptop cooling pad is like in actual consumer use.

This knowledge will enable you to make an informed and confident choice that will meet your needs and not cost you wasted time or money.

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