Best Laptop Bag in 2023 – Laptop Bag Reviews and Ratings

Best Laptop Bag in 2023 – Laptop Bag Reviews and Ratings
More people are purchasing laptops than desktops due to the mobility that a laptop affords. For this reason, a good laptop bag is a necessity for safely carrying your laptop around. A great laptop bag should have plenty of pockets, ample amounts of padding, and be comfortable to carry. Our top pick, the AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops, exemplifies these great traits in an attractive, yet simple, design that can take care of all your laptop carrying needs.

1. AmazonBasics

Best Overall Laptop Bag

Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack - Fits Up to 17-Inch Laptops

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This great-looking and functional laptop backpack has been designed to hold your laptop and protect it from damage while you are on the go.There are many different storage compartments in this easy-to-carry backpack which you can use to carry additional accessories and valuables. This backpack will hold a laptop up to 17” and you won’t need to worry about carrying an additional bag or sleeve.

The interior of the bag is padded and there is a small pouch that can fit your tablet or cell phone. The shoulder straps have been heavily padded to ensure comfort even when the pack has all your gear and laptop loaded into it.

There is a mesh compartment, conveniently located on the left shoulder strap that allows quick access to keys or other small items. The mesh pockets on the sides are perfect for carrying your water bottle.

– Darius Spieth

2. Mobile Edge

Best Overall Laptop Bag – Runner Up

Mobile Edge Eco Laptop Messenger Bag 17.3" - Eco-Friendly, Cotton Canvas (17.3 Inch; MECME9) - Olive Green

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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly bag to carry your laptop and accessories, this attractive, canvas bag may perfectly fit the bill.It features a swiveling shoulder strap and fits laptops up to 16”. It is made of a breathable, all-natural, cotton canvas that is durable and long lasting. It is also easy to keep clean.

Other features include a compartment dedicated to holding a laptop that has plenty of padding for protection. There are three colors to choose from: black, green, and blue.

There is also a Velcro-backed ID holder that can be mounted to one of several locations inside or outside the bag so you can show your ID easily and conveniently, without digging around in the bag to find it.

The neutral color goes with everything and has a laid-back style that looks great no matter what you’re wearing. This is the perfect laptop bag for those who are looking for one that is sustainable and good for the environment. There is a top handle and a shoulder strap for two easy options by which to carry the bag. It also has two buckles on the front that keep the bag securely closed.

– Darius Spieth

3. Case Logic

Best Budget Laptop Bag

Case Logic VNA-216 16-Inch Laptop Attache (Black)

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as of September 12, 2023 12:45 am

The simple and stylish design of this laptop bag is perfect for the laptop user who wants to be mobile with their technology, whether it’s to the nearest coffee shop or on a business trip.The bag measures 16” and has plenty of space for your mouse, power cords and other accessories that you may need while traveling around.

The padded case will also keep your laptop from getting damaged when you are carrying it from place to place.

The bag is top loading for ease of use; just slide your 14” to 16.4” laptop into the compartment and you’re ready to go. The bag can hold a 15” Mac Book Pro as well.

The top handles are just one way you can carry this bag. There is also a shoulder strap and luggage strap for alternate carrying options. Case Logic’s laptop case is the perfect case for bringing your laptop along with you without worrying about excess bulk. Other pockets provide space for cell phones, pens, pencils, and other valuables. Case Logic offers customers a terrific 25-year warranty on this laptop bag.

– Darius Spieth

Summary of Our Top Picks

A laptop bag is one of the most important accessories you can purchase for your laptop. The purpose of the bag is to protect your laptop from getting tossed around and damaged when you are transporting it from one place to another. Since laptops are mobile and can be used anywhere there is a power source, a good-quality laptop bag is good to have, ensuring that nothing will happen to your laptop while on the go.

There are many kinds of laptop bags on the market so finding one that suits your preferences will not be too difficult if you know what to look for during your search. The three bags we reviewed above are good examples of typical styles available. This guide will help you sort through laptop bags and choose one that will have plenty of room for your laptop and all the gear that you want to carry.

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Laptop Bag Buying Guide

Choosing the best bag for your laptop is an important decision. This bag has a big job which is to protect your laptop from getting damaged when you are moving it from one place to another. There are many features and designs available that a bag can have. We listed the most common types of laptop bags below so you can learn about the different styles and determine which will match your preferences, carrying, and storage needs.

  • Rolling Laptop Bag – These laptop bags are similar to rolling suitcases. They have wheels that are fully attached so the bag can be pulled rather than carried around on your shoulder or back. If you have a larger, heavier laptop and you need to carry a large number of accessories with you, this is a very good choice. Rolling laptop bags typically have room for additional items so you can carry all you need without having to strain your back or shoulder.
  • Laptop Sleeve – A laptop sleeve is designed to carry just the laptop. They usually don’t have handles or pockets for any other amenities and are strictly for carrying and cushioning the laptop. This is a good choice for additional protection for your laptop since laptop sleeves can usually fit into another, larger, laptop bag. This is also a good choice if you already have a large bag that you like to carry, such as a purse.
  • Messenger Style Laptop Bag – Hard-sided briefcases were popular for awhile but now one of the most popular styles of laptop bags is the messenger bag. Messenger laptop bags have soft sides and a messenger strap that allows the bag to be carried cross body or over the shoulder. This design is good for lighter laptops and works well for bike riders and those who don’t plan to carry the laptop long distances. They usually have a large selection of stylish options and can be chosen more for the look of the bag than the function although they still work well to protect the bag from harm during transport.
  • Backpack Laptop Bag – Another very popular laptop bag is the backpack design. These are especially popular on college campuses. They look just like a regular backpack but offer the wearer a special pocket inside that will hold their laptop. They are popular among users who ride bikes or do a lot of walking, skateboarding, etc., to get around. They stabilize and secure the laptop so it is protected. A backpack-style laptop bag distributes the weight of the bag and its accessories evenly and doesn’t cause shoulder or neck strain.

Laptop Bag Features

When shopping for laptop bags, make sure you pay attention to the different features offered. The right features help the bag fit your lifestyle while still protecting your computer and accessories.

    • Protective Outer Layer – Regardless of the design of the laptop bag you choose, you want it to have a protective outer layer that is sturdy and long lasting. This bag is your laptop’s only defense against damage when you are carrying it around so you want to be sure that it protects your computer from outside elements and accidental bumps. Look for bags that have plenty of padding and are waterproof or weather resistant. There also needs to be a dedicated, protected pocket for the laptop which will protect it further.
    • Strong, Sturdy Straps – Having a bag with strong straps is extremely important. Weak straps can break, causing the whole bag to fall which can potentially damage the laptop. Make sure that you periodically check the straps to ensure they are not ripping or wearing out in any way.

  • Laptop Packet – Regardless of the bag you choose, you want to look for one that has a dedicated laptop pocket. The pocket should be made of soft material that won’t damage or mar the surface or your laptop. Another feature to look for is secure and sturdy closures that keep the laptop securely inside the pocket.
  • Storage Space – Storage space is very important in a laptop bag. Ample storage space offers room for any additional items you want to carry including power cords, a mouse, a tablet, cell phone, wallet, keys, and water bottle. If you travel a lot, a great idea is to look for a bag that has storage space to accommodate a change of clothes in the event you ever lose your checked luggage.
  • Warranty – A laptop is a major investment so it would make sense that you would want to purchase a high-quality laptop bag that will protect that investment. Make sure that the bags you are considering have warranties that will cover any issues that may arise with the construction of the bag. Warranties on the laptop bag will cover the bag itself but you will need to have separate warranties in place to cover the laptop and other important contents of the bag.
  • Lock – A locking laptop bag is a good idea for many reasons. If for any reason the bag gets picked up by the wrong person, the bag is locked which can keep them out and offer another layer of protection. It can also keep the computer safely inside the bag during transport.

Considerations Important in a Laptop Bag

There are several things that are important to look at when it comes to the laptop bag you are considering. The quality of the construction materials and the components are extremely important since these will determine how well the bag meets your needs and protects your laptop.

    • Stitch quality and seams – Make sure that the laptop bag you are looking at has double stitching with good quality thread, and that it is sturdy. Also, check the strength of the seams. If ordering your bag online, you will be able to get more information about stitching and seam quality from the reviews.
    • Materials – Laptop bags come in a large variety of materials to choose from. The style you decide on will dictate the kind of material that will work the best for you. Laptop bags are made from polyester to high-end, 100% leather. Make sure the bag material is strong, long lasting, durable, and stylish too. A beautiful bag is one thing, but if it is made from materials that are weak or easily messed up, your bag will be a mess in a short amount of time.

  • Zippers – The sturdiness of the zipper is very important. If the zipper breaks on your bag, the protection it provides will be drastically reduced since the bag can no longer protect you from theft or the laptop falling out during transport. Read reviews to find out what customers are saying about zippers and read the product description for more information on the strength and construction of the zipper. The best and strongest zippers will be made of metal, including the slider. Plastic zippers can break easily. One thing to make look into when looking at zippers whether they are waterproof or not. A metal zipper can rust, so if it is not protected you could encounter problems.


Safely carrying your laptop around with you is very important if you want to have your laptop for a nice long time. With all the styles, choices, sizes, and designs on the market, you have a lot to choose from. This can be challenging if you are not sure what to look for.

The information in this buyer’s guide is designed to help you understand the many types of laptop bags that are available and the features they have. This information will help you sort through the hundreds of choices out there so you can make an informed decision on a laptop bag that will meet your needs while still appealing to your design preferences.


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