Best Knee Sleeves for Deadlifting

Best Knee Sleeves for Deadlifting


best knee sleeves for deadlifting

The best knee sleeves for deadlifting are the ones that provide the most support and comfort when it comes to heavy lifting. Some people like extra thick knee sleeves (usually worn tight) made of neoprene (most likely Isomers brand) while others prefer slightly thinner neoprene sleeves but with more wraps or stitched channels which provides more support, usually preferred by powerlifters. There are also other types of knee sleeve materials such as polyester, breathable/wicking material, cotton blends, and compression pants in general. Depending on your personal preference you should go with whatever is most comfortable in terms of fit and feel without sacrificing safety or proper form.

The best knee sleeves for deadlifting should fit well and be flexible enough to allow squats and lunges while still providing support. As a general rule, the thickest and most supportive knee sleeve you can find will also be the hardest to get on and off. But if you buy them too thin/stretchy they may bunch up during your sets or even fall down if they don’t stay tight enough. Also make sure that the stitching along the top of your knee doesn’t dig into your skin which is very important especially when it comes to how often you wear them while training. The “sweet spot” for most people in terms of quality and price is about $25 to $50 (or more depending on brand and especially if made out of 100% leather).

Our Pick for the Best Knee Sleeves for Deadlifting

We really like the 7mm Knee Sleeves for Deadlifting by RiptGear. They have more support and thickness than most knee sleeves for deadlifting at 7mm thick and have enough wraps/stitching to provide more support. They also come in black which we prefer. The most important thing is that they fit really well right out of the box with no “break-in” period needed. They do not bunch up during squats or lunges and feel very comfortable when lying down for both warm ups and working sets, especially when using a belt as this gives them a better grip against your body.

Why Knee Sleeves are Important for Lifting Heavy Weights

Knee sleeves are important if you plan on lifting heavy weights. They are helpful when it comes to protecting your knees in general which allows you to lift more weight without worrying about the durability of your joints/ligaments, especially in terms of how they hold up when training for years without taking enough time off. We all have different bodies and our ligaments can take a lot or very little pressure depending on genetics, past injuries, etc… Knee sleeves not only provide more support but they also help warm up your knee area by trapping body heat so that both muscles and tendons stay loose even during intense deadlifts or squats. This is why some people prefer to use them when warming up while others peel them off right before their working sets.

If you do decide to get knee sleeves for deadlifting we highly recommend getting two pairs (so one will always be dry and ready to go while the other is in the wash). We also suggest keeping them on hand for squats, lunges, and other heavy lifts. Having them rolled up in your gym bag or laying around can lead to unnecessary wear and tear that may end up causing you problems down the road (especially if they are not kept clean such as wearing them for too many workouts in a row without washing). Just keep in mind that knee sleeves should only be worn sparingly when it comes to bicep curls or shoulder presses where weight isn’t an issue.

Using 7mm Thick Knee Sleeves vs 5mm Thick Knee Sleeves

You may see people recommending 5mm knee sleeves for deadlifting which is perfectly fine if you plan on staying around the same weight or want a lighter/more flexible sleeve. However, we prefer 7 mm knee sleeves for deadlifts as they provide more support and make your lower body feel noticeably tighter when lifting heavy weights. This may come at a cost of being too tight in some cases but this usually isn’t an issue if you get them in small enough sizes and take your time putting them on (i.e., don’t just roll them up and start pulling). On the other hand, we suggest going with 5 mm knee sleeves for squats or other lifts where weight isn’t an issue such as leg curls, leg extensions, calf raises, etc…

What to Look for in the Best Knee Sleeves for Deadlifting

When looking for knee sleeves that are right for deadlifting there are basically just two things you need to pay attention to: fit and thickness. You should consider how thick they are because 7mm knee sleeves provide more support than 5 mm which also has an impact on your warmups. They should not be so tight that they limit your range of motion but rather snug enough so that they stay in place during regular squats or stiff legged deadlifts (or any other lift where weight is not an issue). As far as fit goes it’s best if they can fit perfectly right out of the box with little to no adjustments needed. You should also make sure they are not too short or else you might end up tearing the stitching which is what happened to one of our test units (see below).

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