Best Kitchen Shears in 2023 – Kitchen Shears Reviews and Ratings

Best Kitchen Shears in 2023 – Kitchen Shears Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 20 hours researching and testing 15 different kinds of kitchen shears and found that performance, blade length, and blade type were most important. The OXO Good Grips Kitchen Shears scored high ratings in every category and is our top pick. They are made from corrosion resistant, high quality stainless steel that is durable and long lasting. The micro-serrated blade edges provided non-slip cutting for any kitchen task we tried. There is also a bottle opener integrated into the handle that was very convenient. These shears come with a lifetime warranty and are dishwasher safe.
Kitchen Shear Reviews

1. OXO

Best Overall Kitchen Shear

5/5 Product Rating
The hardened stainless steel blades of these OXO Good Grips shears can easily cut through twine, cardboard, meat, vegetables, you name it. You also get cushioning pads on the grips which absorb pressure while you’re cutting. There is a handy herb stripper on these shears that helps you to effectively take fresh herbs off of even the toughest stems.

You will also find that the blades separate and this makes them incredibly easy to clean. With the micro serrated grips you can be sure that there will be no slipping, and you can always hold the shears securely. Although these shears don’t have quite as many features as the other top rated ones, they are great for those who have an herb garden and are cutting fresh herbs frequently.

They are also charming in design, and look sophisticated on any kitchen countertop. All in all, these are a wonderful choice for professional chefs and beginners alike.

Sarah Lytle

2. Wusthof

Best Overall Kitchen Shear – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
These high-performance shears from Wusthof are just what you need to perform a number of cutting tasks in the kitchen. They stand apart from the rest thanks to the blades which come apart for easy cleaning, and they can be used by either a right handed or left handed person with ease. The handle is also a handy jar opener.

Another reason why it’s great that you can take these shears apart is because then you can have them sharpened, to ensure that they’re performing at peak level all the time. You also get steel-tooth insets in the handles that allow you to twist open bottles and jar caps. Basically, these shears are of superior quality, as customers have come to expect from Wusthof products.

If you purchase these shears for your kitchen then you can be confident that you’re getting a product that is going to stand the test of time and last you for years to come. We all know that there’s nothing that stops your flow in the kitchen more than cheap knives, but what most people don’t realize is that the same goes for kitchen shears. Invest in the best.

Sarah Lytle

3. J.A. Henckels

Best Budget Kitchen Shear

4.5/5 Product Rating
This top rated set of kitchen shears is made from high quality corrosion resistant stainless steel, ensuring that they’re going to last you for years to come. They feature micro-serrated blade edges that provide non-slip cutting for various different kitchen tasks. You also have a convenient area in the center between the handle and the blade that opens bottle caps with ease.

There’s also a serrated area in the handle that you can use to crack nuts. The great thing about these shears is the versatility. They allow you to do so much in the kitchen that regular scissors would never allow you to do, and that’s what sets them apart from having to steal your child’s craft scissors. These shears are backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and they’re completely dishwasher safe.

The blades are never going to stain, and you’ll find that the high-performance materials are going to last you for years to come. All in all, these are some of the best shears on the market and customers have really come to stand by them.

Sarah Lytle

Kitchen Shear Buying Guide

Kitchen Shear Reviews

What is a Kitchen Shear?

Kitchen Shear1Scissors have been around for a long time. There are even records and artifacts that date back to more than 1500 years ago that show us that cooks have been using them for centuries to great effect. With modern manufacturing techniques and innovative materials, today’s scissors are much more durable and effective and this is what makes them essential for the kitchen.

This buyer’s guide is intended to show you what features you need to look out for when purchasing the right kitchen shears for you.


Scissors were actually first invented by the Egyptians, and with advancements in technology in the 16th century, these ancient spring mechanisms were replaced by a central pivot that allowed for two blades to pivot around a point in the middle, while making them comfortable to hold in hand.

What we consider to be modern scissors were manufactured in Britain, where rapid industrialization brought about the cast steel scissors that look like the ones that we use today.


You’ll find that kitchen scissors come in a number of styles and sizes, and these can range from all-purpose cutting scissors to specialty tools that can perform a number of culinary tasks. The high grade stainless steel scissors can be easily sharpened to get a great edge, and then these can be used for cutting tough materials such as sinew and bone, whilst more delicate blades are good for cutting fruit and vegetables, as well as cutting through packaging. You will find scissors that are made entirely from metal, while others use metal blades with a plastic handle for a more secure grip.

You can also find models that have jar and bottle cap removers, and this will be a toothed area that is located in between the handles. This is a useful addition that makes opening bottles much more easy, especially if you’re someone who finds it difficult to grip and twist the cap off of a bottle using your hands. Some models are designed to be used by either left-handed or right-handed individuals. Not only are there all these great features, but you can find kitchen shears in a wide array of colors, they’re easy to store, and a good pair of scissors is going to last in your kitchen for years to come.

All-Purpose Scissors

You’ll find that all-purpose kitchen shears allow you to perform a wide array of tasks in the kitchen, because the high grade steel blades can tackle a number of different jobs all with one device. Most of these models feature molded handles that are not only hygienic, but they are also comfortable in your hands and give you a good grip. Look for a pair that is dishwasher safe, as this makes it much easier to keep them clean. There are some smaller versions which are designed for snipping herbs, as well as performing other delicate cutting jobs on vegetables and fruits, as well as smaller pieces of meat.

Specialty Scissors

Kitchen Shear2Specialty scissors are designed for specific tasks, and these are great if there are some particular things you’re always doing in the kitchen on a regular basis. Although these scissors can’t do nearly as much as the all-purpose scissors, they’re great for those who know that they have special tasks that they’re always performing.

Poultry or Meat Shears

Cutting meat and poultry can be a challenge, but meat and poultry scissors make the job so much easier. These shears are manufactured in such a way that they allow you to cut cleanly through difficult bits such as sinews and joints. This makes butchery and preparing raw meat so much easier for the cook. They usually come with heavy-duty curved blades as well as large well-spaced handles which are designed for comfort while still producing the maximum force with the least amount of effort. That makes jointing birds and cutting tough meat possible when you have knives that are not strong enough to get the job done.

Herb Scissors

Herb shears are quite specialized, and they are appealing for many cooks who regularly cut fresh herbs to flavor their foods. When you have multiple cutting edges on the blades, you are able to easily cut even the most dense herbs with ease, giving you finely chopped ingredients that you can effortlessly add to all your favorite recipes. Some herb scissors even come with a small brush with nylon bristles which help you to extract the chopped herbs from the blades, so that you get everything that you chopped without anything going to waste. You can also chop other small ingredients with these shears, making them quite multifunctional and increasing how many times you use them.

Electric Scissors

With electric shears you get modern technology that gives you an alternative to the usual shears that you find on the market. These are great for individuals that have arthritis, and who often struggle with opening food packages using the traditional scissors. You’ll find that these are available in six-volt cordless form, and they can be quite useful for opening food items or for small slicing jobs.

Should you need even more cutting power, then it’s best to go with larger electric carvers, as these will offer you an even higher performance on tougher jobs. You’re going to find that using electric shears will definitely speed up the process of preparing a meal.

Keep Blades Sharp

You need to take into account how important it is to maintain your blades on your kitchen shears. This ensures that they will remain effective all during their working life. When you do a lot of cutting with your blades, you’ll find that they eventually become a bit messy and jagged, and this is going to make them harder to use over time.

Find a pair that are made from high quality stainless steel so that they are oxidization resistant. It’s also recommended that you find a pair with a serrated blade, as this is going to make cutting so much easier. Once you see that your blades are beginning to develop sharp edges, you want to make sure that you keen the edge with a sharpener. Invest in a diamond scissor sharpening block, where you feed the scissors through the block and effectively sharpen the blade.

Kitchen Shear3This kind of block is coated with bonded industrial diamonds which create abrasion that keeps your blade as sharp as possible. There are also electric versions of these blocks available. When it comes to large shears like poultry scissors, you’ll find that it’s easier to manually keen the blade on the sharpening block.


Owning kitchen shears will help you to perform a number of different tasks in the kitchen, making your job as the cook so much easier. Most people don’t realize that kitchen shears can do so much, and so they just rely on knives to get every job done. But shears are going to make your work in the kitchen much faster and easier. In our buyer’s guide, we discussed the various kinds of shears that are available to you on the market, and finding the right pair for you comes down to knowing what tasks you are consistently performing in the kitchen, and finding a pair that address your specific needs. Once you find the right pair for you, you’re going to see that your work in the kitchen is easier than ever before, and you’re going to wonder how you ever got on without them.

It’s important to emphasize the need to find shears that are made from the highest quality materials. This is going to greatly assist you when it comes to tough jobs that require durability and high performance. The top rated shears that we mentioned above are guaranteed to get the job done right, and they’re also going to stand the test of time. These highly rated shears are also comfortable to hold, and give you a firm grip.



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