Best Kitchen Faucet in 2023 – Kitchen Faucet Reviews and Ratings

Best Kitchen Faucet in 2023 – Kitchen Faucet Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 60 hours researching and testing 20 different kinds and brands of kitchen faucets and found that ease of installation, design, and special finishes were most important. The Delta Faucet scored high marks in all areas and is our top pick. Some of the best features about this faucet are the pull down spray wand that provides a full 20″ reach which is great when you’re preparing fruits, vegetables, and doing other kitchen tasks. The faucet head slides in any direction that allows a lot of flexibility and convenience. This faucet offers two spray settings, a heavy spray and a stream setting so you can use the setting that fits your task.
Kitchen Faucet Review

1. Delta 9178

Best Overall Kitchen Faucet

5/5 Product Rating
The Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST is chosen as the top pick for its stylish finish and high functionality. This kitchen faucet features a pull down spray wand which is a fifty-nine-inch hose that is extremely flexible and will provide its consumer with a full twenty-inch reach. This allows you to bring the wand to all of your items including large pot, fruits, vegetables, and more. You will no longer have to force larger items into the sink beneath the faucet like you may have otherwise had to do with traditional kitchen faucets. This particular faucet also features a swiveling 360 degree rotating head that allows for even more flexibility and reach. You will be able to slide the faucet head in any direction for your convenience as you work, cook, or clean, to make each experience enjoyable and hassle free.

Another feature you won’t want to miss out on with this kitchen faucet is the delta magna Tite Docking. This function will snap your kitchen faucets wand into place when it’s not being used for a leak free and secured spraying head. This faucet also includes two different spray settings, which are either a heavy spray or stream so that you may customize each use to fit your needs. The Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST kitchen faucet is backed by a lifetime warranty and is capable of up to five million uses with their diamond seal technology. Lastly, the delta kitchen faucet comes in an arctic stainless design, which is a beautiful modern color that will easily match all of your kitchen décor while giving your kitchen a new and upgraded look. The artic steel material also allows you to be able to clean and maintain your new kitchen faucet easier than ever before.

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2. KOHLER 596

Best Overall Kitchen Faucet – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
The Kohler K-596-CP kitchen faucet was selected as a top pick for its unique design and high quality performance. This kitchen faucet is made of a metal construction, which gives it a stylish and modern look capable of livening up virtually any kitchen or space. Its classic color also makes it easily adaptable to your existing appliances, furniture, and décor that are already within your home or space. The Kohler kitchen faucet features a high arc spout capable of 360-degree rotation for ultimate flexibility that will allow you to rotate the faucet head in any and all directions. By being able to rotate the faucet head, you will be able to make room for larger items, grant you more flexibility, and also give you more space when your faucet is not in use.

This kitchen faucet provides you with a compact three function spray head that will offer you three various spray options so that you may customize each experience with a water pressure that best suits your needs. You will also find a pause function in this faucet that will allow you to temporarily pause the water flow for bursts of water free moments as you need them. Another wonderful component you can find with the Kohler K-596-CP kitchen faucet is the master clean spray face, which is a feature that aids in resisting mineral build up and make your faucet easier than ever to clean and maintain.

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3. American Standard

Best Budget Kitchen Faucet

4.5/5 Product Rating
The American Standard 4175 Kitchen Faucet is chosen as a top pick for its outstanding performance and top grade features. This kitchen faucet features a ceramic disc valve that will ensure a lifetime drip and leak free experience. The disc valve also ensures that your kitchen faucet will be maintenance free and improves control while providing a smooth transition during all uses. You will also find in this kitchen faucet an integrated sprayer, which is an attached hose that will drop down to increase flexibility and give you easier access to larger items and added convenience during cooking, cleaning, and washing.

This kitchen faucet also is as safe as they come and has met and exceeded all NSF safety requirements to give you peace of mind and the upmost satisfaction to go along with this wonderful purchase. The American Standard 4175 Kitchen Faucet has a one of a kind lifetime warranty. This product is also available in custom finishes which include matte black, stainless steel, and chrome, which are all great materials that are easy to maintain and clean. These color combinations will also allow you to customize your kitchen by finding a color that will match your existing appliances and furniture for a complimented look.

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Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide

Best Kitchen Faucet

Things to Consider

Kitchen Faucet1Below we have compiled a short list of questions that you may want to address before making your final purchase that will help you better identify what your needs and wants may be to better identify which kitchen faucet will suit you and your family.

Preferred color- When searching for a kitchen faucet you will notice the wide array of colors and materials that are offered. Identifying which color or materials you wish to have will better help you narrow down your search. Perhaps you are looking for something that will match your existing appliances and furniture. This would be something to consider before making your final selection.

Cleaning- Different materials in kitchen faucets can offer easier or harder methods of cleaning and maintenance for your kitchen faucet. If you’re looking for something easier to maintain, you may want to gear your search towards kitchen faucets made with materials such as stainless steel, steel, or chrome finishes. These types of materials will significantly reduce the amount of maintenance and cleaning time that may otherwise be required from other various materials

How much space do you have- Another thing to consider when searching for the ideal new kitchen faucet is the space that it will require? Be sure that the kitchen faucet you seek will meet the measurement requirements of your already existing sink. If the measurements are different than the kitchen faucet you desire, you need to have plans in place to adjust or replace your sink as needed to make accurate space is available for your new device. This includes the number of holes the faucet requires.

Features to Consider

Kitchen Faucet2Flexible Wand- The wand is a retractable hose that can be pulled out to reach items for cooking, cleaning, and other purposes. The hose is a great feature to have as you won’t need to squeeze large items under the nozzle as you would in traditional faucets. With a longer hose you are giving yourself more flexibility by being able to perform more tasks without unnecessary additional kitchen appliances.

360 degree rotating head- This feature allows the entire head of your faucet to rotate a full 360 degrees. By having a faucet head that can rotate 360 degrees, your flexile wand will be even more efficient. You will be able to make room for larger items within your sink and reach further items that may be on your counter tops. The 360 degree rotating faucet head will also add convenience and comfortability to your kitchen faucet experience.

Stainless Steel- Stainless steel or steel made kitchen faucets will give your kitchen a modern look. Stainless steel offers you classic gray colors that can easily be matched and paired well with existing furniture and appliances as well as being easy to clean and maintain. This material is also a strong solid material, that will last longer over time, offering you the best value for the price you pay.

Warranty- While you are unlikely to use the same faucet for decades, the length of the warranty ensures you will replace it for esthetic reasons rather than function. A lifetime warranty is offered for many top brands. Lifetime warranties usually have conditions; therefore, make sure you understand the warranty just in case you need to replace the device. However, the purpose of a lifetime warranty is if the product does not perform in the way it is supposed to, then you will receive another brand new kitchen faucet. Lifetime warranties help to protect your investment by replacing it if something should ever happen to your new device. Lifetime warranties are often included in the price and can be very beneficial to the consumer.

Arctic Steel- Arctic steel, similar to stainless steel, is another modern take on kitchen ware and other devices that will bring a modern look to your kitchen. Artic steel is a classic gray color that pairs well with most kitchen appliances and furniture. This construction also allows you to clean and maintain the kitchen faucet easily.

Multiple stream options- Having multiple stream options can be very beneficial to the consumer. Many kitchen faucets will offer heavy streams for heavy duty cleaning, spray option, or light spray options among many others that can improve cleaning, cooking, or work time as well as efficiency. You use your kitchen faucet several times a day. By allowing yourself to have different streams, you can do all sorts of activities without having to inconvenience yourself.

Kitchen Faucet3For instance, if you need to wash your fruit or vegetables, a light spray option would be perfect. If you are needing to wash potatoes or foods that can handle a little more pressure, the spray option may be the best choice. Then if you need to wash out a large pot or quickly fill up a pot of water to boil some water, a heavy stream may be the best option. With choices, you are able to have more control in your kitchen.


Kitchen faucets can be a great way to upgrade and modify your kitchen. Kitchen faucets can often times be the center pieces of your kitchen. Therefore, by upgrading and replacing these devices, you can bring new life to your home in an inexpensive way. Also the classic silver and stainless steel color of all of our top pick kitchen faucets, allows you to match your existing appliances and furniture, which is an added bonus. Kitchen faucets are easy to install and within an hour or so you could be reaping the many benefits of your new appliance.

They not only provide a stylish addition to your home but also provide better functions and capabilities within your cleaning, cooking or other daily tasks you may perform. Kitchen faucets can simplify your life while also being a wonderful upgrade. All of our top picks are equipped with quality components and features to make your kitchen life more enjoyable and something you won’t want to miss out on. Just make sure to explore all of the potential features you can have with modern kitchen faucets to ensure that you purchase a kitchen faucet that will meet all of your needs.

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