Best Kettlebell in 2023 – Kettlebell Reviews and Ratings

Best Kettlebell in 2023 – Kettlebell Reviews and Ratings
One of the first pieces of workout equipment you should consider getting is a kettlebell. Kettlebells are a great way to get a good quality cardio and strength workout in at home. The best kettlebell is made of solid cast iron or steel and has a protective coating on it to prevent any rust from showing up. Our pick, the CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Cast Iron Kettlebell, is the perfect choice for adding a kettlebell workout to your fitness routine.

1. CAP

Best Overall Kettlebell

5/5 Product Rating
Although the kettlebell was originally created for Army soldiers in Russia and top rated athletes, everyday people have been using them to get great workouts for some time now.

A kettlebell workout is perfect for working a lot of different muscles that you use often for balance. It is also good for increasing agility and improving endurance.

This kettlebell by CAP is a cast iron kettlebell that has been coated with an enamel coating. This coating improves the look and feel of the bell and also prevents rust from developing.

It has a reinforced handle for increased durability and no assembly is required. CAP kettlebells are available in 10 -80 pounds. This kettle bell comes with a 30 day manufacturer’s warranty as well.

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Best Overall Kettlebell – Runner Up

4.6/5 Product Rating
SPRI provides users with a functional and visually appealing kettlebell that is functional and fun too. You will be able to use this kettlebell to develop power, endurance and muscular strength too. This kettlebell features the authentic kettlebell handles that are comfortable and wide for easy, secure grip.

One of the best things about this kettlebell is that the solid cast iron is covered with durable and long lasting vinyl that helps prevent any damage to the floor from using the weight.

There are many different colors available and each color is connected to a different weight limit. These vinyl covered kettlebells are available in different weight increments to include 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 and then on up to 50 pounds.

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3. Yes4All

Best Budget Kettlebell

4.3/5 Product Rating
Another quality kettle bell on the market is this Yes4all cast iron kettle bell that is available in many different weight levels that range from 5 pounds up to as much as 80 pounds. It has a textured handle that is very wide and allows for better grip for the user.

It is made from solid cast iron that has been painted to protect the kettlebells from rust and any other elements that can affect the look and performance of the kettlebell.

This is an excellent product to get a daily training that will improve agility, speed and movement while toning up the body and helping to burn fat too.

With all the health benefits gained from using a kettlebell, you will definitely want to consider purchasing a few at different weight levels for your home gym.

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Kettlebell Buying Guide

Best Kettlebell

We have provided some good tips for purchasing a quality kettlebell for your exercise routines. This information will ensure that you choose the one that will meet all of your fitness needs.

  • Only purchase cast iron kettlebells. This heavy duty material will stand up to the toughest workouts you can throw at them including those that involve throwing the kettlebell.
  • Make sure the handle is made from steel and is smooth for the best and most comfortable grip. Smooth handles are better for performing such exercises as swings and cleans.
  • The kettlebell handle needs to be welded to the bell section. Those that have been bolted can come loose and pose a danger to the user.
  • Look for kettlebells that are all the same size regardless of the weight amount. This makes the workout more consistent so you don’t have to alter your stance or technique as you move up in weight.
  • The best weight to start at is the weight that allows you to perform 8 kettlebell swings with good form without struggling hard. Women are usually able to start off with a bell that is in the 15-20 pound range and men with a 35 pound bell.

Things to Consider

Consider these different features when you are researching and looking at different kettlebells.

  • Handle – The handle of the kettlebell is what you will have the most contact with. You want to be sure that it is a well made handle that has been welded to the bell and is securely attached. Bolted handles are never a good idea. Look for handles that are mostly smooth with a tiny bit of texture to prevent a lot of slipping during the workouts. On the other hand, too rough of a texture on the handle can tear up your hands. Make sure there is plenty of room for your hand to grip comfortably between the handle and the bell itself. The thickness of the handle should be the right size to strengthen the fingers, forearms, hands and wrists but you want it to be thin enough to fit around the handle without stretching or pain.
  • Spacing – Look for kettlebells that have plenty of spacing between the handle and the bell. If there is not enough room, the hand can feel pinched which can cause discomfort and pain during the workout. The standard spacing is about 2.2 inches from the bottom of the handle to the top of the bell. You don’t want to have to squish your hand into the handle to use the bell.
  • Durability – Cast iron is the best material for your kettlebell. Anything else is not going to have the same consistency and benefits. Cast iron kettlebells are susceptible to rust so look for those that have vinyl or enamel coating on them which offers plenty of protection.

    Steel kettlebells are probably the most indestructible. They will have to sometimes be sanded to remove rust if they are used outside. Plastic and vinyl kettlebells should be passed over as they are not very sturdy. Adjustable kettlebells can also become weaker as they are adjusted to fit the workout increases. Do not get kettlebells that are covered in rubber as this can make the bells bounce which is not safe during a workout.

How many do you need?

Only start with one kettlebell if you are just getting started using them. As you get stronger you will probably want to purchase more in higher weights. Once you can do 100 repetitions of kettle swings with a particular weight, you are ready for a second one. Once you do decide to buy the second one, make sure that it is heavier than the first one.

Best Kettlebell Sizes for Men

Many men will start off with a kettlebell that is too big for them to perform the proper form with. They want to be stronger than they might be and think that starting with a lower weight is somehow un-masculine. All this does is create an opportunity for frustration and possible injury since the exercises for a kettlebell are different than those done with dumbbells or free weights.

Start off with a kettlebell that is in the 25 to 35 pound range. This is going to provide you with a good workout that you can build from. Once you are able to do 100 swings with that current weight, you can move up in weight with the next kettlebell you purchase.

Kettlebell Sizes for Women

Women tend to go the other direction when purchasing kettlebells and they will often choose a weight that is too light; sometimes exceptionally too light. Women should not worry that working out with kettlebells will give them big, bulky muscles. With the right workout, you can get the body you’ve always wanted. Women typically start off with kettlebells in the 15-20 pound range and can build up from there.

Where to Find Tips and Instructions

If you are not familiar with kettlebell workouts, you can find everything you are looking for online on Youtube or another website by doing a search. After you have purchased your kettlebell, you will want to be sure that you are using it correctly. One of the choices above offers an ebook that you can use to get started. Proper training, proper form and dedication will help you reach your goals.


Kettlebells have been around for a long time but they still may be new to some people that don’t work out around weight frequently. Even though they may look complicated to use, they are easy to master and the workout that you can get from them is top notch. If you are looking to add a good combination of weight training and cardio to your fitness routine, adding a kettlebell or two to your workouts is the way to go.

The three top rated kettlebell choices we have provided for you above are all perfect examples of the kind of quality and construction you want to look for. The information in this guide is designed to help you identify the quality products from the ones that you shouldn’t touch and to make a confident decision on a kettlebell for your needs and preferences.

Once you have worked out with one it is unlikely that you will go back to not using them. They can be fun, they are effective and they produce excellent results when used properly. A quality kettlebell will last decades so take the time to research and choose one that meets the preferences you have.


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