Best Jewelry Cleaner in 2023 – Jewelry Cleaner Reviews and Ratings

Best Jewelry Cleaner in 2023 – Jewelry Cleaner Reviews and Ratings

Anyone who wears fine jewelry knows that it is important to keep all of your pieces clean, sparkling and looking their best. This is why we looked for the best jewelry cleaners that not only remove dirt and tarnish, but buff and polish gold, silver, platinum diamonds and gemstones. While we reviewed countless products, we found there was no better cleaner than the iSconic P4820-WSB. This powerful jewelry cleaning machine can quickly and easily get any piece of jewelry looking nearly new after a single cleaning.

Jewelry Cleaner Machine

1. iSonic P4820-WSB

Best Overall Jewelry Cleaner

5/5 Product Rating

The iSconic P4820-WSB may look like more of a kitchen appliance than a jewelry cleaning product, but this is because this ultra-powerful machine is designed to gently and effectively clean virtually any type of jewelry. In addition to delicate and everyday pieces, this cleaner can also clean your utensils, eyeglasses and even firearm parts.

The iSonic cleans with a heated solution and vibrations that are strong enough to get into all of the crevices of your most detailed jewelry, but gentle enough to make sure none of your items are damaged.

We rated this jewelry cleaner as our top overall pick because it comes with a large 2.6 quart basin that can hold larger items, like eye glasses and because of the removable basket that makes taking items in and out of the cleaner a breeze. The biggest standout feature of this jewelry cleaner however, has to be the heat settings—a unique feature in standard home jewelry cleaners, but one that will ensure your items get the best, deep clean possible.

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2. Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner

Best Budget Jewelry Cleaner

4.7/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for a convenient, useful way to clean your jewelry that won’t break the bank, then this jewelry cleaner is for you. We picked this product as our best budget cleaner, because while it is simple and affordable, the solution is really powerful and can get to work cleaning all of your pieces. 

Simply put your jewelry in the coordinating tray and dip it into the jar of solution for a few seconds. That’s all you need to do. This jewelry cleaner also comes with a touch-up brush if you need to get deeper into the little crevices of your pieces. 

This is a great cleanser to just leave on your dresser or in your closet, as the gentle solution is perfect for regular use. The jar is small, which is convenient when it comes to storing this product, but it isn’t large enough to work on items like glasses.

Sarah Lytle

3. Simple Shine Jewelry Cleaning Cloths

Best Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

4.5/5 Product Rating

One of the latest trends in the world of jewelry cleaners is the jewelry cleaning cloth. Cleaning cloths are great for people who travel or who prefer to quickly clean their jewelry on-the-go or at the office. Our top pick for jewelry cleaning cloths is the Simple Shine Jewelry Cleaning Cloths. 

These little pieces of cloth may look pretty basic, but they really get to work to deep clean and polish your jewelry. They are double sided for two types of cleaning. The inner cloth is treated with a cleansing solution to remove dirt and tarnish. The outer side of the cloth is used for polishing and will give your jewelry a great shine. 

Each package comes with three individual cleaning cloths, and each of these cloths can be used on virtually any type of metal. We love not only how convenient these cleaning cloths are to use, but how quick they work. You can clean in as little as 30 seconds. It is really that simple. Plus, since you are just using a cloth, not a powerful machine, you don’t have to worry about vibrations damaging your piece or knocking off small, delicate stones.

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Jewelry Cleaner Buying Guide

Jewelry Cleaner Buying Guide

Jewelry cleaners are used both in home and retail settings to help clean delicate jewelry pieces and keep them looking their best. While many people will use jewelry cleaners for their fine jewelry pieces, like gold and diamonds, they can also be used on everyday costume jewelry as well. There are so many different types of technologies and solutions out there that can help clean your ring, but not all jewelry cleaners are created equal, and not all products are designed to deliver the same type of results.

Types of Jewelry Cleaners

One of the first things you will likely notice when shopping for jewelry cleaners is that there are so many different types of jewelry cleaners. There is no one best type of cleaner out there. In fact, they all have their own benefits and drawbacks. So, before you start going through all of the different products out there, it is important to know what each style of cleaner has to offer so you can hone in on products that specifically meet your needs.

  • Cloth Cleaners – These jewelry cleaners are great for people who want to clean their jewelry while on-the-go. They are portable, and most cleaners will have a side both for cleansing and buffing, so you can not only remove tarnish and dirt, but buff your pieces to a high-shine finish as well.
  • Cleaning Solutions – These are some of the most popular types of jewelry cleaners out there. Typically, cleaners come in a jar that allows you to dip your jewelry inside for cleaning. Many times, they also come with a small brush and a polishing cloth so that you can really get a detailed clean. Some of these solutions now come in a foam form that you apply directly on top of the jewelry as well.
  • Steam Cleaners – As the name suggests, these jewelry cleaners use hot steam to clean jewelry. These machines can be a big investment, but many people like using them because they deliver great results without any harsh chemicals—and there is no scrubbing, brushing or polishing required.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners – This is another machine-powered jewelry cleaner, and one that you will likely find in retail jewelry stores. These cleaners used a cleaning solution along with ultrasonic waves or vibrations to help clean jewelry and shake loose dirt and grime that is really stuck inside your jewelry.

What Your Jewelry Cleaner Should Be Doing

Finding the right jewelry cleaner is more complex than just locating some soap and water. In fact, a quality jewelry cleaner will be able to do a number of different things to insure all of your pieces aren’t just clean, but that they truly look their best.

Here are a few things that every jewelry cleaner should be able to do.

  • Clean Away Dirt – Of course, this is one of the biggest considerations when finding a jewelry cleaner. The right cleaner should be able to dissolve and remove dirt, especially the dirt and grime that gets stuck in the little crevices of your jewelry. This is why many jewelry cleaners have little brushes, textured cloths or use vibrations in order to really get into the corners of your jewelry and remove dirt. 

Jewelry Cleaner Buying Guide

  • Tarnish Removal – Removing tarnish from jewelry is slightly different than just getting rid of dirt. Tarnish can be removed with chemicals, steam or soundwaves. Tarnish is a corrosive layer that forms on metals like gold and silver, due to a chemical reaction. It may make the jewelry look dirty, but it is not dirt. Typically, when it comes to getting rid of tarnish, jewelry cleaners will use special creams, cleansers or lotions to break the tarnish down and remove it. 
  • Buff and Polish – In addition to removing dirt and tarnish, a jewelry cleaner should also be able to bush and polish your jewelry. This is what will give your jewelry that nice shine and keep it looking new. Most jewelry cleaners, including solutions, come with a cloth that is specifically designed to help with buffing and polishing. When looking at polishing cloths, it is important to make sure that you have a durable cloth on your hands that can polish rough stones with ease. 
  • Clean Delicately – When it comes to finding any type of cleaner, most people are always on the lookout for products that are going to be as tough on dirt and grime as possible. However, with jewelry cleaners, you need to find a product that is still delicate with your jewelry. This is especially important if you have vintage pieces or rings that have lots of little stones in them as they can easily pop out if you use a machine that vibrates too hard or uses too harsh of a cleanser.

Your jewelry is a big investment, which is why you should always take careful consideration when choosing a jewelry cleaner and always look for these important features in any product.

Important Considerations When Buying Jewelry Cleaners

Depending on what you plan on using your jewelry cleaner for, you may have different needs with your product. Every person is different. You may only need a cleaner to polish your engagement ring while you travel, or you may need a heavy-duty device to keep your eye glasses looking sharp. Either way, as you start to look for the best jewelry cleaner for your personal use, here are a few different considerations to take.

Type of Jewelry

What type of jewelry are you planning on cleaning? Different cleansers are going to be better suited for different types of jewelry. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is that if you are planning on cleaning really porous pieces, such as pearls, they are going to require a different type of cleaning agent then more durable metals like gold or platinum.

Jewelry Cleaner Buying Guide

Basket / Basin Size

If you are only cleaning small items like stud earrings, the basket or basin size you use probably isn’t that much of a concern. However, if you are planning on cleaning bulky statement necklaces, watches or eyeglasses, you will need to make sure that you have a machine with a big enough basin to hold all of your items. Take a close look at the basin or basket in your device. It shouldn’t just be big enough to hold what you need, but easy to remove so you can clean away debris in between uses.

Machine Settings

If you are looking at a machine such as an ultrasonic or steam jewelry cleaner, make sure to focus on the different machine settings available in this device. If pieces are heavily tarnished or need to be cleaned often, you may want to look for machines with longer-timed settings. Heat settings can also help with removing oil, dirt and grease. If you are worried about delicate items, you may also look for machines that have varying vibration speeds. Customization is always great with machine-powered jewelry cleaners.


The right jewelry cleaning product can make all of the difference in how your jewelry looks each and every time you wear it. With all of the information we have discussed, you will be able to look at any jewelry cleaning device and determine whether or not it will meet your needs. Remember, if you are buying a machine-powered jewelry cleaner, look for a product that has a warranty on it, so you can make certain you are making a smart investment.

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