Best Infant Pacifier in 2023 – Infant Pacifier Reviews and Ratings

Best Infant Pacifier in 2023 – Infant Pacifier Reviews and Ratings
If you are an advocate of pacifiers, there are several things you will want to look at when it comes to choosing the right ones for your baby. We looked at 12 of the most popular infant pacifiers on the market and considered their construction, variety of designs, color choices, variety of stages available, nipple types, customer feedback and other considerations. These pacifier choices reviewed below were at the top of the list for the categories we considered. Any one of them would make excellent shower gifts or pacifiers for your own baby.
Best Infant Pacifier

1. Hipsterkid

Best Overall Infant Pacifier

5/5 Product Rating
This adorable set of two pacifiers by Hipsterkid will have people chuckling when they see them. Each pacifier is made with food grade materials and there is no BPA in the product as well.

They are also PVC free and phthalate free also. These pacifiers, featuring two different styles/colors of mustache on the outside were voted the best pacifiers on the market for taking “baby selfies”.

This two-pack of mustache pacifiers from Bodacious Bambino comes in a cute little box and has two different mustache styles, black and brown, securely attached to clear silicone pacifiers.

They come with a colorful clip for attaching to the baby’s clothing.

They make a very cute baby shower gift for an expectant mom.

It’s hard not to look at these pacifiers in your baby’s mouth and not smile, even if you’re having a rough day.

Even though the design of these pacifiers are cute and for fun, the pacifier part does its job to keep your baby calm and quiet when you need it to.

Linda Krantz

2. Avent

Best Overall Infant Pacifier – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
Avent is a popular and well known name in quality baby products. This 6 pack of green pacifiers continues that reputation.

Made of hospital grade silicone, they are latex free, BPA free and will work well to soothe your baby when you need an extra few minutes.

They are sized just right for a little one’s mouth and the shape is beneficial for the development of their mouth and jaw.

They are perfect for ages 3 months and up. Safety is a top priority with the one piece, durable construction that eliminates any small choking hazards. They can be sterilized or washed in the dishwasher safely.

This package has 3 sets of two pacifiers in green, with a total of 6 in all.

If you’ve had a baby before you know that having one pacifier is never enough.

With this pack from AVENT, you’ll have 6 pacifiers to put in various places when you need them: in the diaper bag, the crib, the changing table, the baby swing and in the car as well as anywhere else you can think of.

Linda Krantz

3. Dr. Brown’s

Best Budget Infant Pacifier

4.6/5 Product Rating
These unique pacifiers look a lot like the ones that were around decades ago and that is because they are very similar to those, except they have better design and longevity.

These pacifiers from Dr. Brown’s are BPA free, contain no PVC, chemical softeners, artificial colors, phthalates, nitrosamines and are made from 100% natural rubber.

This rubber comes from the Hevea Brasiliensi tree. These pacifiers are softer than the silicone varieties and will leave any marks on the baby’s face after they have been used.

The one piece design is very hygienic and doesn’t have any cracks or joints where bacteria can get in and cause a hazard for your baby.

These pacifiers were created in Italy from a family run business that manufactures rubber products for babies and have been doing this for three generations. Much of the process to make these pacifiers is done by hand.

It takes almost 30 days for one Dr. Brown’s pacifier to be made because of the process natural rubber goes through to be cured properly.

There are two pacifiers in the pack and they are good for ages 0-6 months. They conform to the American Standard pacifier safety requirements so you can have peace of mind that your baby is using something that is safe for them.

Linda Krantz

Infant Pacifier Buying Guide

Infant Pacifier Reviews

Types of Infant Pacifier

Infant Pacifier1Because many babies have a latex allergy, pediatricians often recommend silicone pacifiers over latex. Silicone pacifiers will not have the problem of latex allergies and they last longer as well. Pacifiers are very good for calming a fussy baby, getting a baby back to sleep, and other situations where soothing is needed.

There are many different options available when it comes to choosing a pacifier for your baby. Below we will provide information that will help you decide which pacifier is the right one for you. There are a few different types of nipple styles that pacifiers have.

Basic – A basic pacifier usually has a round nipple and is the older design that was prevalent before the new designs came out.

Orthodontic – This type of pacifier covers many different nipple types that all look similar. The shape is supposed to mimic what the nipple would normally do when the baby is sucking. Many believe that the orthodontic style pacifier is better for the baby’s mouth and jaw development.

The majority of pacifiers that are available in the United States have changed to this orthodontic design. Other types can be found, but because of the potential benefits that the orthodontic pacifiers provide, they have become the standard.


There are several features to look at when it comes to choosing the right pacifier for your baby. We have listed the features that you should consider while you are researching different types and styles of pacifiers.

  • Handle – Depending on the pacifier, it made have a button style back or a ring back. This doesn’t affect the baby either way so it is largely up to personal preference as to which type of back you like best. The rings that are on the back of some pacifiers make them easy to grasp although they could get a finger caught in the ring and pull it out of their own mouths.
  • Caps that snap on – many pacifiers have caps that fit onto the pacifier itself and protect the pacifier from getting dirty. The caps are not toys and should not be given to the baby to hold but they are very convenient for keeping the part of the pacifier that goes into your baby’s mouth clean while it is not in use.
  • Glow in the dark – There are some types of pacifiers that are glow in the dark and make it much easier for it to be located if the baby drops it in the dark.
  • Clip on Ribbons – If your baby’s pacifier has a ring handle, you can use one of the many clips that are available on the market that allow parents to clip the pacifier to the baby’s clothing. This will prevent the pacifier from getting dropped onto dirty surfaces.

Avoid Bling and Fancy Pacifiers

Infant Pacifier2There are some pacifiers that have fancy additions on them for show, such as beads or fake crystals, but it is recommended to avoid these due to the choking hazard they can present. Many pacifiers have color schemes and designs that are part of the pacifier and those are fine but if there is anything added that is not part of it, it is best to avoid these types of pacifiers for the safety of your baby.

Shopping Tips

When researching pacifiers for your baby, keep these shopping tips in mind.

  • Silicone Only – Look for silicone pacifiers unless you know for absolute certain that your baby doesn’t have a latex allergy to worry about. One of the products that we have reviewed above is made from 100% natural rubber and this could be okay as well as long as your baby doesn’t have an adverse reaction to the rubber. There are no chemicals of any kind or BPA and phthalates used in the manufacturing of the rubber pacifiers, but some babies may be sensitive to it.
  • Ventilation – It is a requirement that pacifiers have at least two ventilation holes for safety’s sake. This is so in the event that the pacifier gets stuck inside the baby’s mouth; air can get through the holes. You want to make sure that the holes are at least 3/16ths of an inch wide. This isn’t a common problem unless the baby is given the wrong size pacifier. An example would be giving a toddler a newborn pacifier which is much smaller than they need.
  • No String or ties – Make sure that the pacifier you are purchasing does not have any cords, strings, yarn or any other attachments to it. You can use a pacifier clip to clip the item to their clothing but these have been approved by the product safety commission and are not too long to be a hazard and are designed to be safe.

Pacifier Safety Tips

  • Check Regularly – After a while pacifiers can crack, swell, tear and otherwise breakdown and become a safety hazard. Sometimes they also get sticky or grainy and don’t have their smooth feel anymore. You need to check their pacifier every time you offer it to them to make sure none of these things are going on. It just takes a minute or two but it ensures their continued safety. They are also supposed to be replaced on a regular basis as well. The recommended time frame for replacement is every 4-6 weeks.
  • Have Spare Pacifiers – Once you have decided on a type and brand of pacifier it is a good idea to purchase extras to have as spares. You will want to keep two in the diaper bag as well as one in your purse, the car seat, by your rocking chair or chair you hold the baby in and at the baby’s grandparent’s or babysitter’s house if they have a regular sitter. It’s hard to have too many pacifiers because they do have a knack for getting misplaced or disappearing altogether.
  • Cleaning the Pacifier – When opening a new pacifier you will need to boil it for five minutes which will remove any of the chemical residue that may be present. Wash your baby’s pacifiers regularly with soapy, warm water. Make sure you squeeze the bulb after washing and rinsing it to get rid of any left over water. Your baby’s pacifier will last a lot longer if you hand wash it. While you baby is 6 months and younger, wash their pacifiers often.
  • Infant Pacifier3

  • The Best Times to Use Pacifiers – There are several times a day that a pacifier can come in handy. Using it during these times can make the baby much calmer. Between meals is one of the best times to give the baby a pacifier but if they are hungry this can just frustrate them so be sure that they have full tummies. If they wake up during the night, offering them a pacifier is a good way to calm them back to sleep, especially if you catch it before they are fully awake.


There are many times that having a pacifier on hand can be very helpful in calming a fussy or tired baby down. Babies love to suck for comfort but that is not always possible. A good quality pacifier can be just the thing to help your baby relax and stay calm.

If your baby is hungry be careful not to upset them by offering them the pacifier in place of a bottle. If food or to nurse is what they want, the pacifier will only upset them. Save the pacifier for when they have full tummies and are just looking for some comfort.

There are many different types and styles on the market for parents to choose from. The information here can make sorting through all of the choices available much easier. You will have the knowledge to make the right decision for your baby’s needs.


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