Best Indoor Grill in 2023 – Indoor Grill Reviews and Ratings

Best Indoor Grill in 2023 – Indoor Grill Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 36 hours researching and testing 15 different types of indoor grills and found that cooking surface, construction material, and temperature settings were most important. The Cuisinart 5-in-1 indoor grill scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. Not only could this appliance be used as an indoor grill it can also be used as a full griddle, half grill, full grill, or Panini press. The floating cover and Panini style handle make this appliance super easy and enjoyable to use. Draining the grease is easy and the removable, non-stick cooking plates are easy to clean.

1. Cuisinart

Best Overall Indoor Grill

5/5 Product Rating
This indoor grill from Cuisinart features a 5-in-1 countertop design that can work not only as a contact grill, but also a panini press, full grill, griddle, or half grill. It is made from a fine brushed stainless steel, and it has a sturdy panini-style handle for an easy grip. There’s also a floating cover so that you can adjust to the thickness of your food.

You can also easily drain the grease with use of the removable and reversible nonstick cooking plates, so that you’re able to create healthier meals that use less fat. There is adjustable temperature control with indicator lights, and included with your purchase you get gourmet recipes so that you can create fabulous meals that the whole family is going to love.

This product was built to North American electrical standards, and there’s a handy product video and user manual that show you how to get the most out of the grill. All in all, customers love this grill because it’s just so convenient and easy to use. It allows you to cook all kinds of foods in a snap, and it comes at a price that you can afford.

Sarah Lytle

2. Delonghi

Best Overall Indoor Grill – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This Perfecto indoor grill from Delonghi is a top pick because it helps you to cook a number of different dishes with ease. It distributes heat evenly so that you get the best results, and this is thanks to its fully embedded grill plate heating element. It is designed to improve cooking so that you get the juiciest food imaginable.

The tempered glass lid allows you to see your food while it’s cooking, so that you know what results you’re getting. You can also keep grilled food warm inside of the device. It’s possible to make a meal for the whole family with this one large cooking surface, and it’s still compact enough to place on your countertop and store when not in use.

You get perfectly grilled meals that meet your specifications using the detachable, adjustable thermostat. There’s an easy to clean, non-stick grill plate and removable non-stick drip tray as well. All you have to do is wipe the grill plate and empty the drip tray when it’s time to clean. Ultimately, customers love this indoor grill because there are so many dishes that they can make with ease, and the device is portable enough to be stored in a kitchen cabinet.

Sarah Lytle

3. Hamilton Beach

Best Budget Indoor Grill

4.7/5 Product Rating
Who doesn’t love a Hamilton Beach grill? These are classic kitchen appliances, and customers love them because they’re so versatile and easy to use. This model of grill is extra special, because it can cook up to 4 servings at once, and you can prepare a full meal in as little as 10 minutes. The grill features a 200 square inch cooking surface.

That means that you can fit 4, one-quarter pound burger patties on the grill with ease. There is also 2 times more durable coating on the surface, so that it’s protected from scratches and signs of wear and tear. You also are going to enjoy the 35% faster heat-up time, and that means that it heats to your desired temperature faster than any Foreman grill on the market.

The plates are dishwasher safe, and that makes this grill incredibly easy to clean. All in all, customers love this grill because it’s effortless, and it gives you the delicious results that you crave with only a portion of the fat content. You’re going to be delighted with the meals that you can prepare with grill, and clean-up is a cinch.

Sarah Lytle

Indoor Grill Buying Guide

Indoor Grill Reviews

What is an Indoor Grill

Indoor Grill1Indoor grills allow you to bring all the fun of an outdoor barbecue into your home. We all love the taste of grilled food, with that charred, smoky quality that is so delicious. When you need the convenience of an indoor grill, then you can purchase one of the top rated models with confidence. But there are still some things that you need to keep in mind before purchasing a grill, so that you get something that meets your standards. We’re going to talk about some of the features that the very best indoor grills have, so that you can make the best possible decision. These features are what make some grills stand apart from the rest. No matter which grill you choose, you’re going to see that owning an indoor grill is going to provide you with delicious results that the whole family is going to love.

Indoor Grill Features to Look Out For

  • Built-in Temperature Gauge: Should your electric grill have a cover, then there will be a temperature gauge built into the lid and this will tell you when it’s ready to cook. When you have a contact-style grill, there may just simply be a ‘go’ light that will indicate when your grill has reached its desired temperature.
  • Heat Recovery: Some models are built so that they recover heat quickly once you lift the lid. This is an important feature because you sometimes lift the lid of a covered grill to turn the meat or check on the readiness, and then some heat escapes. When you have enough power in the grill to return the heat to the desired level, then you’re going to experience faster cooking times.
  • Up to 600° Fahrenheit: You ideally want to find an indoor grill that will reach this temperature. You are safely able to cook meat at lower temperatures, but this gold standard allows you to properly sear steaks and other substantial meats.
  • Adjustable Thermostat: It doesn’t matter what you’re grilling, you want to achieve consistent, even, accurate temperatures so that you can get the best results. But it’s going to require a different temperature for cooking a grilled sandwich and to properly cook a steak. That means that an adjustable thermostat is key for being able to cook many different kinds of dishes. Even if you have a little panini maker, it’s a nice touch to have a thermostat that will allow you adjust for the size and contents of your sandwich.
  • Indoor Grill2

  • Removable Cooking Plates: When you have a model with removable cooking plates and grates, it makes it much easier to clean the grill. It’s challenging to clean a large grill without removable plates. It can be done, but it’s much easier to remove the plates and throw them into the dishwasher or just wash them by hand in the sink. This makes clean-up so much faster and simpler, and is going to save you a lot of time in the long run.
  • Floating Hinge: This is a great feature, but isn’t always necessary when you have an indoor grill that is more like a conventional grill. However, if it’s a contact grill, the kind that you press down and cook on top of your food, then a floating hinge is going to help to ensure that you get even cooking on both sides. This is also very important when you have a sandwich grill, because when the lid doesn’t sit evenly on the top layer of bread, you may press some of the melted filling out on the side of the sandwich and the whole thing can turn into a flat pancake.
  • Adequate Cord Length: Using an electric grill is great, and it leads to low fuel costs, and gives you fast warm-up times when compared to charcoal. However, the downside is that you’ll be leashed to the nearest electrical outlet, so you want to make sure that the unit’s cord is long enough so that you can work comfortably and with ease.

Other Considerations

Before you purchase an indoor grill, you need to know what your community’s rules are. Some condo associations and apartment leases allow for outdoor electric grills, but they don’t allow gas or charcoal grills; certainly not for indoor use. That’s why it’s important to know the rules before you make a purchase. Also keep in mind what kinds of foods you’re planning to grill. If you want to grill meat, then find a grill that gives you very high temperatures. Ideally, look for something that can reach 600 degrees. Should you just want to make sandwiches and panini-like meals, then you can work with lower temperatures that are still going to allow you to do some multi-tasking.

Another consideration is how many people you’re going to be cooking for. It’s not possible to make pancakes for six people at once on a small grill, so if you expect to be cooking for a lot of people then you want to invest in a larger grill or griddle. Ask yourself where you’re going to be keeping your grill. Some people are fine with leaving their electric grill on the counter when they use it frequently. But if you’re wanting to stow your grill when not in use, then be sure to measure your kitchen cabinets so that you know whether you have enough space to store it. Some indoor grills are quite portable, so it’s easy to get them out of the way when they’re not in use, but if it’s a larger indoor grill, then you want to make sure that the measurements add up.

Indoor Grill3Price is always a consideration when it comes to an indoor grill, and some of them can be a little costly. That’s why it’s important to know what your budget is before you purchase a grill. Some models are very affordable, but they’re not built from the same durable, high-quality materials. Look for something that fits with your budget, but is still a good investment so that you know it’s going to stand the test of time. Spending a little extra is going to ensure that you’re getting a product that is going to last, and provides you with the most features for a quality cooking experience.


Owning an indoor grill is a wonderful way to make delicious food in the comfort of your own kitchen. There’s a reason why everyone loves grilled food. The smoky, charred quality is delicious, and it’s a wonderful way to cook meat and other dishes. The most versatile indoor grills are also going to allow you to make sandwiches and panini meals to crispy perfection. When you’re ready to own an indoor grill, then choosing one of the top rated grills is a smart choice, and they’re also quite affordable. Also, be sure to consult our buyer’s guide so that you know what features to look out for, so that you get the best grill possible. It’s also important to read the user’s manual so that you know how to best maintain and clean your grill, so that it lasts you for years to come. You’re going to see that owning an indoor grill is the best way to prepare delicious meals that the whole family will love, without having to deal with costly gas or charcoal.



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