Best Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs in 2023 – Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs Reviews and Ratings

Best Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs in 2023 – Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 60 hours over a 14 day period researching and testing over 10 different treatments for hot spots and found that results, ease of application, and quality ingredients were the most important factors for consumers  that were shopping for hot spot treatments.  ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment scored high marks in all categories in all and is our overall top pick.  ResQ uses the best organic and natural ingredients in its formula; combining Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Hemp Oil, Manuka Honey and many others that provide a hot spot treatment that is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and very soothing to the skin.

Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs Reviews

1. ResQ Organics

Best Overall Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs

5/5 Product Rating

ResQ Organics Pet Skin Treatment is one of the best products on the market for treating hot spots. 

It is made from a combination of great ingredients including Blue Green Algae for minerals, amino acids, vitamins B, E, C, and A, Coconut oil, Hemp and Olive oil, organic Aloe Vera and many more all natural ingredients that will provide your pet with relief and healing of their painful hot spots.

This non-greasy formula contains no harmful chemicals, no alcohol, and heals the hot spots and other skin ailments from the inside out. 

ResQ is steroid free for the healthiest treatment possible for your dog and can also treat mange, abrasions, general itchy skin, burns, cuts, ringworm, and much more.  If your pet has a skin problem of any kind, this ResQ skin treatment can help.

The company offers a money back guarantee that if you are not satisfied they will refund your money. This antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory product is one of the safest you can use on your dog to treat hot spots and get rid of them fast.

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2. Bodhi Dog

Best Overall Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

Another all-natural product that is designed to take care of painful, itchy hot spots is this All natural Pet Hot spot spray that provides your dog with instant relief from the burning, itching, and discomfort hot spots can cause.  This product is 100% toxin and steroid free for the ultimate safety for your dog.

It is made from a combination of all natural ingredients including Clove oil, Lemongrass oil, Peppermint oil and other natural ingredients, for the best results without harsh chemicals.  There are no alcohols in this product so your pet’s fur will grow back without problems.

The light, fresh lemongrass scent provides a great aroma while you are treating these spots. The ingredients used in this hot spot spray are naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, and insecticidal without causing any harm to your pet unlike some other sprays that are made with harmful chemicals that can burn and cause other skin problems.

This company offers a satisfaction guarantee and a money back policy if you are not pleased with their product.  You will get the results you want, the safety you want and the excellent customer service that this family owned business provides when you purchase this hot spot spray.

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3. Vet’s Best

4.6/5 Product Rating

Vet’s Best is a well-known name when it comes to treating hot spots. This medicated hot spot and itch relief spray is a first aid spray that can help treat and get rid of hot spots on your dog. 

This formula features a combination of pain relievers and antibacterial ingredients that will prevent infection which reducing the itching that comes with hot spots. 

Benefits of using Vet’s Best medicated hot spot spray include soothing aloe vera that will moisturize the skin and keep it from drying out and causing more irritation and itching.  The easy to user spray makes it simple to spray the treatment directly onto the hot spots. 

Not only will this effective spray work to heal the hot spots it will reduce the insane itching that they can cause and prevent the dog from scratching off large patches of hair.

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Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs Buying Guide

Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs Buying Guide

Hot spots are not a rare condition. Lots of dogs have developed these red, itchy, painful spots for many reasons. One of the best things to do is prevent hot spots from occurring but if you find that your dog has them, fast treatment is the best course of action. We have listed the common causes of hot spots below.

  • Skin allergies
  • Skin infections
  • Contact allergy (coming into contact with chemicals that cause allergic reactions)
  • Flea bite allergy
  • Tick and mite bites (and other insects)
  • Insufficient grooming routine
  • Infections in the ear or anal glands

Hot spots can be caused by a number of reasons but are likely in places where the dogs live in a hot climate and situations where the fur is dead and wet and trapped against the skin. Regular grooming will prevent this from occurring.

Other Potential Hot Spot Causes

Ask yourself these questions in addition to the things we listed above to pinpoint the cause of the hot spots so they can be prevented.
Has your dog been somewhere where he or she got bitten by any insects? Insect bites can cause hot spots due to the allergic reaction the pet has to the bite.

  • Is the hair around the hot spot matted, preventing the skin underneath the matted part from breathing?
  • Has your pet eaten anything that they are or could be allergic to?
  • Has your pet been exposed to environmental things that can cause allergies like mold, pollen, grass or even pond water that is scummy and full of bacteria?
  • Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs Buying Guide

  • Is there an injury or problem causing a sore spot that the dog is excessively licking or chewing on?
  • Does your dog have fleas that may be causing flea allergy dermatitis? This can also cause hot spots.
  • Is your dog getting plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise?
  • Is your dog home a lot for extended periods of time?
  • Is there a change in location, another dog that has joined the family, or a new baby in the home that could be causing the dog stress?

All of these questions above are designed to help you identify the cause of the hot spots so they don’t keep recurring. Your dog will still need treatment for the existing hot spots but finding out the possible causes can prevent them from coming back again and again.

What to Look for when Hot Spot Treatment Shopping

There are several things that you need to watch out for when you are shopping for a hot spot treatment. We have listed these things below.

All natural ingredients – using a hot spot treatment that is all natural is always going to be better for your dog than one with lots of chemicals or alcohol in it. There are plenty of choices on the market that use all natural ingredients like essential oils, aloe vera, and many other premium natural ingredients in their formulas because of the gentleness it provides for their pet.

Proven results – Look for a product that has some proof to the fact that it is effective in treating hot spots. The best way to do this is to look at the customer comments and reviews others who have tried the product have left. With customer comments you will get to read about what other users found helpful and not so helpful about any hot spot treatment you are considering. Look for products that have a high star rating and plenty of comments to read through so you can get a good idea of the performance of the product.

Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs Buying Guide

Value – Never look for the cheapest product on the market if you want to buy something that works. Cheaply made products perform poorly in most cases. Look for the product to offer value for the money but don’t shop by price tag. Do you due diligence and see what others are saying and what the reputation is of the company.

Easy application – Hot spots can be painful for a dog so it is wise to look for a hot spot treatment that is easy to apply. One of the best methods is a soothing cream or spray. Sprays allow you to apply the treatment without having to touch the sore spots which your dog might find more comfortable.

No harmful ingredients – Look for products that are alcohol-free, steroid-free, and that is free from other harsh chemicals. Products that have alcohol in them can really burn the dog when they are sprayed on an open sore. You want the safest product possible for your pet that will provide relief while getting the healing started.

How to Treat Hot Spots

There are some steps you need to do to treat your dog’s hot spots. We have provided you with some basic guidelines on what to do when treating your dog’s hot spots.

  • Before treating the hot spot area, trim carefully around it to expose it to air. This helps it dry out quickly and heal faster as well. Do not cut the hot spot area of you could cause a lot of pain for your dog.
  • Clean the hot spot area with a good shampoo for hot spots. Keep in mind that antiseptics or astringents will more than likely burn which you want to avoid.
  • Once you have cleaned the area apply the hot spot treatment you have chosen to the area carefully. Follow the directions on the bottle so you apply it correctly. Make sure to choose a product that is easy to apply and that provides good coverage.
  • Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs Buying Guide

  • Consider a cone for your dog to prevent them from being able to lick the hot spot treatment off or to worry with the hot spot, making it worse.
  • Keep bandages and coverings off of the hot spot so it can be exposed to the air and heal faster.
  • If there is no improvement after using a hot spot treatment for a few days or it gets significantly worse you should take your dog to the vet, as they may have something else going on or the hot spot may have gotten infected.


Hot spots do not discriminate and any type of dog can get them. Dogs in humid, hot weather are particularly susceptible, as are dogs that are recovering from illness and have weakened immune systems. The good news is that hot spots are usually simple to treat and respond well to the right hot spot treatment and being kept dry and clean.

Once you have begun treatment do what you can to identify the reason he or she got the hot spots in the first place and see what needs to be done to reduce the chances of them happening again.

The three top-rated hot spot treatments we have reviewed above are just the kind of quality products you want to use on your dog. They are gentle, effective, and all natural and will provide fast healing and relief for your dog. If you are looking for a fast solution for your hot spot treatment needs, any one of the top-rated products will provide exactly what you need.

The buying guide we have included with these reviews explained hot spots for you as well as provided some valuable information on the potential causes of hot spots so you can potentially avoid them in the future. You also got some great tips on what to look for when shopping for hot spot treatment and how to take care of hot spots on your dog once you have the treatment in hand.

All of this helpful information will allow you to figure out the cause and select the product that will be the best for your dog while ensuring healing and relief. Hot spots are really painful for a dog so treat them as soon as you can and don’t think they will heal on their own. The best treatment is an all natural product and time is of the essence to provide you dog with the relief and healing they need.

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