Best Hot Oil Deep Conditioner in 2023 – Hot Oil Deep Conditioner Reviews and Ratings

Best Hot Oil Deep Conditioner in 2023 – Hot Oil Deep Conditioner Reviews and Ratings
Hot oil treatments, masks and conditioners have been around for decades as a way to improve the health and condition of the hair. It is one of the most effective ways to get beautiful, shiny, healthy hair that you will be proud of. We looked at 20 of the most popular hot oil conditioners on the market and considered their ingredients, amount of product per price, application process, how long you have to leave it on, recommended use, customer feedback and other considerations. The three hot oil deep conditioners featured here were ahead of the rest we looked at in all categories. Any one of them will be an excellent conditioner for your hair.
Best Hot Oil Deep Conditioner

1. Pure Gloss

Best Overall Hot Oil Deep Conditioner

5/5 Product Rating
There are many things that Argan Oil Hair Mask does for your hair.

For starters, it can undo years of damage that environmental condition, blow drying, perming, coloring and other activities can do to the hair.

It will improve the hair’s overall condition and provide you with easy-to-manage, shiny hair that radiates health.

Other benefits of this product include cleaning and nourishing the scalp to encourage new hairs to grow, conditioning the hair as a rinse out condition or you can leave it in for added protection.

It’s made with all natural ingredients that you can use no matter what your hair type is.

Some of the healing and soothing ingredients that are used in this product are Rosehip Oil, Coconut Oil and Argan Oil.

These oils will repair and heal your hair and no chemicals or harsh ingredients are used.

This hair mask will leave your hair silky, soft and full of life. There is a money back guarantee offered with this product.

Linda Krantz

2. InstaNatural

Best Overall Hot Oil Deep Conditioner – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
If your hair lacks the shine and softness that you desire, you will be happy with InstaNatural Argan Oil Hair Mask.

In as little as 15 minutes from using this product you can start to see evidence of its effects on your dry, damaged, frizzy, lifeless hair.

This wonderfully smelling product has been designed to turn around the negative effect years of styling, dying and blow drying can have on your scalp and hair.

Using it is easy; just massage the deep conditioner onto your damp, freshly washed hair and let it sit for up to 15 minutes and no less than 5.

The treatment uses this waiting time to penetrate the hair shafts and follicles so it can provide the ultimate in hydration and moisture to your hair.

Ingredients included in the Argan Oil Hair Mask include argan oil, shea butter and coconut oil that will rejuvenate your locks.

In addition to repairing your dry, damaged hair, it will also protect it from further heat and styling damage. InstaNatural backs up their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase they will give you a refund, no questions asked.

Linda Krantz

3. Art Naturals

Best Budget Hot Oil Deep Conditioner

4.5/5 Product Rating
Art Naturals Argan Oil Hair Mask is a terrific balance of 100% all natural ingredients such as argan oil, sage, green tea, aloe vera, and jojoba oil that combine to moisturize and restore beauty back to dry and damaged hair.

After using this product for a few weeks you will notice that your hair’s manageability, shine, softness and improved texture as well.

Argan oil hair mask is paraben free, cruelty free and is made with recycled materials.

This weekly hair repair condition is the perfect product for even the most severely damaged hair.

Argan oil has been gaining in popularity for awhile now due to the results that people see when they use it.

Combined with the other exceptional ingredients in this conditioner, your hair will have never looked better.

Art Naturals offers their customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that provides a full refund if, for any reason you are not satisfied.

Linda Krantz

Hot Oil Deep Conditioner Buying Guide

Hot Oil Deep Conditioner Reviews

What Causes Damaged Hair

Hot Oil Deep Conditioner1It’s not easy to keep your hair in beautiful, undamaged condition with all that is done to it on a daily basis. Even the shampoos that are chosen can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause dryness and frizziness.

There are several reasons that hair becomes less than the beautiful silky, soft locks many dream of having. Listed below are several reasons that problem hair can suffer from on a daily basis.

  • Heat from weather conditions
  • Humidity
  • Heat from showers
  • Extremely cold temperatures
  • Harsh chemicals present in hair products being used
  • Blow drying
  • Using products that are wrong for your hair type
  • Dyeing the hair
  • Perming the hair
  • Hair straightening

All of the above factors combine to really do a number on your hair and take away the soft silkiness that you were born with.

Different Oils Used in Deep Conditioners

There are many different types of oils that are used in beauty routines for the hair. We have listed many of them below along with some information about each oil and what it can do for your hair.

  • Argan Oil – Argan oil is the ultimate in hair repair and health. It is a rare oil that is perfect for hot oil treatments and overnight oil treatments as well. No matter what your hair type is, argan oil will do wonders. One of the valuable ingredients in argan oil is vitamin E.

    There is a high amount of Vitamin E in this oil which works to stimulate the cells to grow and promotes quality hair development. The fatty acids that the oil contains including linoleic, palmitic, stearic and oleic, contribute greatly to the hair’s condition also. Users will notice less breakage and more elasticity as well as less frizz, softness and shine.

  • Rosemary Oil – Rosemary oil is a common oil that is used for stimulating the hair follicles to produce new hair. It also is used for preventing hair loss. It is a wonderful anti-aging oil with plenty of nutrients and compounds that protect and nourish the hair. It will provide moisture and regenerate tissues to keep your hair strong and growing as it should be.
  • Jojoba Oil – If you already have oily hair, you will enjoy using jojoba oil. It’s used along with other oils and works as a carrier oil to encourage many other oils to penetrate the skin of the scalp where it can do a lot of repair. There are very little incidents of allergies from jojoba oil. You can tell that you have pure jojoba oil if it has no odor.
  • Hot Oil Deep Conditioner2

  • Avocado Oil – This oil contains a lot of proteins that are like what your hair is made up of. One of the popular uses for avocado oil is to soften coarse hair. It contains several vitamins, including A, E and D. When using avocado oil, you can expect it to fill in the crevices that are present in coarse hair. It will also strengthen and protect the hair from any additional damage.
  • Hemp Seed Oil – Hemp seed oil is rich in Vitamin E and several fatty acids. It is used as a deep conditioner for thick hair and hydrates it well. It provides the hair with more flexibility and repairs split ends as well. Thick hair is sometimes very difficult to keep flexible or hydrated. Hemp seed oil helps it overcome this problem.
  • Coconut Oil – There are many benefits that coconut oil provides many benefits to your hair. For one, it adds a lot of shine; but that is not all. It fights dandruff as well and improves the overall hair health by binding to the hair protein and not just the outside of the strand.
  • Castor Oil – Castor oil is much stickier and thicker than almost all of the other oils that are used for hair treatment. It has tons of Vitamin E and provides antifungal and antibacterial properties as well. Castor oil is used to battle hair loss and fights folliculitus which is a major cause of hair loss for men and women.
  • Sesame oil – Sesame oil is perfect for preventing premature graying, sun damage and also promotes hair growth. Sesame oil blocks the UV rays of the sun by forming a layer on the scalp that protects it. Another benefit to this oil is that it prevents head lice from getting worse. It you find your scalp itching a lot, sesame oil will soothe the area and reduce irritation.
  • Olive Oil – If olive oil is used correctly you will find that it softens your hair. It is perfect for people with dry, damaged hair that is very thick or if you are battling split ends or hair that has been over-processed.

Using Hot Oil Deep Conditioners Properly

Performing a hot oil treatment is not overly complicated at all. It produces amazing results with very little work involved. Once you have chosen the hot oil deep conditioner that you feel is best for your hair type and hair problems, it’s time to get started. If you’re not sure which oil is best for you or you are having trouble deciding, use the all around oil, Argan Oil.

You can keep the treatment in overnight or for a specified amount of time. Leaving it in overnight will allow the most penetration and benefit, ensuring that every strand of hair has absorbed the most oil it can, therefore using all the oils nutrients to the fullest capacity. Below we have outlined the steps to do a hot oil deep conditioning treatment.

  1. Gather your supplies (oil of choice, towel)
  2. Warm the oil in a bowl of hot water. The oil will warm to the temperature of the water in the bowl or be slightly cooler. You do not and should not microwave the oil or increase the temperature to boiling or super hot.
  3. Apply the warmed oil to dry or barely damp hair until all strands are coated.
  4. Wrap your hair snugly in a towel or cover with a terry cloth hair cap and place a towel on your pillow so the oil does not get on the pillow case.
  5. Leave the treatment in overnight while you sleep
  6. Hot Oil Deep Conditioner3

  7. In the morning, wash your hair at least once. You can wash it again if necessary, but if you are not planning on going anywhere the next day, allow the remaining oil from the first wash to stay on your hair as long as possible.
  8. You can repeat this process once a week.


Your hair is one of the first things people see and notice about you. It stands to reason that you would want it to look healthy, shiny, beautiful and soft. Hot oil deep conditioners are a perfect way to ensure healthy hair that will be noticed by all who see you. It is an easy treatment to perform and more importantly, it works.

With all of the different oils and types of hot oil conditioners on the market you will need to know exactly what you want to accomplish with the treatments and what hair type you have so you can choose the right product that will produce the results you want.

The information in this buyer’s guide will help you accomplish that goal. You will save time and money and will end up with a product you love using and love the results it produces as well.


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