Best Hose Reel in 2023 – Hose Reel Reviews and Ratings

Best Hose Reel in 2023 – Hose Reel Reviews and Ratings
The available selection of garden hose reels is huge. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles so finding one that fits your preferences is relatively easy. You want to look for a garden hose reel that can hold the amount of hose you have and that fits the style you want. When you know what to look for, sorting through all of the choices is much easier and you will be able to make an informed decision on which garden hose reel is the right one for your watering needs. We looked at the 20 most popular hose reels on the market for ease of use, style, ease of mounting, features, hose length capability, ease of portability and long lastingness. The three we have featured below topped the list in all the categories we looked at.
Best Hose Reel

1. Liberty Garden

Best Overall Hose Reel

5/5 Product Rating
This attractive, decorative hose reel is meant to be mounted on the house wall or shed wall and is the perfect place to store your hose.

The aluminum frame is very ornate, with spiraled flourishes.

It is made of powder coated steel and offers a choice of color options.

It comes out of the box fully assembled so all you have to do is mount it where you choose.

The mounting hardware will need to be purchased separately.

There is 5 feet of leader hose included with this reel.

Sarah Lytle

2. Liberty Garden 870M12

Best Overall Hose Reel – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This top of the line industrial grade hose reel is a cart that offers maximum convenience.

Watering has never been easier than it is with this hose reel cart.

It is made of 13 gauge steel and has a reel that allows you to pull out as much hose as you want and then you can easily wind it back up.

The powder coated finish is rust proof and all the fixtures are galvanized steel and brass.

This cart can hold as much as 300 feet of 5/8” hose.

The design of the cart prevents it from being able to tip over. This cart makes all your watering needs super simple to take care of.

The larger wheels make pulling it around very easy and it goes over a variety of terrain. There is a 5 feet inlet hose that is included with this reel.

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3. Suncast

Best Budget Hose Reel

4.7/5 Product Rating
The Suncast Hose Hideaway is perfect for garden tool storage and hose storage as well. With a storage capacity of 225 ft, this convenient and useful hose reel will meet all your watering and storage needs.

The earth tone color complements all home décor and is constructed from sturdy resin.

The fully assembled, easy-to-use hose reel has wheels for easy portability and reeling the hose in is easy to do and requires half the effort some of the other garden hose reels do.

The storage bin holds your other watering accessories so everything is in the same place.

It has Smart Trak technology which assists the user in winding the hose without it getting tangled. A leader hose is included for the user’s convenience.

It will hold 225 feet of 5/8” vinyl hose. You won’t have to worry about leaks thanks to the watertight connection between the hose reel and hose. This is due to the patented easylink system.

Users will enjoy having a sturdy, long lasting solution to keeping their hoses contained and neatly rolled up when they purchase the Suncast Hose Hideaway.

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Hose Reel Buying Guide

Hose Reel Reviews

What is a Hose Reel?

hose-reel1A hose reel is a tool that is freestanding or mounted to the outside of your home and is used t o keep your hoses neat and coiled up so they don’t become a tangled mess. You connect the hose at the base end and then when you need it, you uncoil it from the reel, do all of your watering chores and then wind it up by using a crank or button to reel it up neatly.

All of your watering jobs, whether for the lawn or your garden will be much more enjoyable when you don’t have wrestle with your hose at watering time or when you are done and want to put it away.

Types of Hose Reels

There are many different types of hose reels available for garden and lawn enthusiasts to choose from. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles so finding one that fits your preferences is relatively easy. The hard part can be finding one that will last a long time and that will hold the right amount of hose for your needs.

When you know what to look for, sorting through all of the choices is much easier and you will be able to make an informed decision on which one is the right one for you. We have outlined the different types below.

  • Standalone reel – If you don’t want to attach anything to the side of your home, a standalone hose reel is an excellent choice. You can find these types of reels in many different styles. One of the most common and popular is the box holder that is made from heavy duty plastic and looks like a little seat. Most of the box reels have a retractable system of some kind that all you will have to do is wind the handle and the reel will do the rest.
  • Cart Reel – These ingenious little devices are great for when you want to move the hose to different locations. This works well when you have multiple outdoor faucets that you can attach a hose too. Another benefit to this type of reel is that you can store the hose in a shed or garage by just wheeling the cart there after you are done using it. Most of the hose reel carts are designed to be table-like in design and may have shelves or additional storage compartments for various water nozzles or quick connecting hardware.
  • Portable Reels – These are very similar to carts but are designed to look more like an upright hand dolly or hand truck. The portable hose reel has a manual crank that rewinds the hose back onto the reel. They can be pushed or pulled around easily and usually have heavy duty casters or rubber, tire like wheels that work well on most terrain.
  • Hideaway Reels – Some home owners don’t want things like hoses to be visible, even if they are on a reel. For this reason, there are hideaway hose reels that can be freestanding or wall mounted that will hide the hose from view. Some have detachable cranks that you can attach to wind the hose and then detach and store away until next time.
  • Decorative Reels – Decorative hose reels can be freestanding or wall mounted. They have a manual crank that helps the user wind the hose back onto the reel. This type of reel comes in many different designs that can match the exterior of many different types of homes. Most people use the decorative variety for lighter duty hoses and tend to be more for looks rather than functionality.
  • Spring-Loaded Reels – There are several different designs and types of spring-loaded hose reels. They use a spring-loaded retraction system that allows for fast hose rewinding. These are a more expensive option but many users like the auto-retraction feature and don’t mind the extra cost to get it.

Materials and Designs of Hose Reels

hose-reel2Hose reels come in all kinds of unique designs. Sometimes they are large, ornate pots that hide the hose down inside completely once it is coiled up. There are also styles that look like box seats with no backs. Others can have ornate designs and are made of metal, wood, or hard plastic.

Preventing Leaks from Your Hose Reel

Leaks can happen if the connections between your hoses and the connectors are not tight or connected properly. Be sure to check the following on each of the connections to ensure that you don’t have any leaks.

  • Tighten the Connection – Connections can loosen up after a time. Sometimes fixing a leak can be as simple as tightening the connections.
  • Replace the O-Rings – O-rings prevent leaks at all connections but over time and with use they can dry out and crack, causing leaks to occur. Replacement o-rings are easy to find and can be picked up at most home improvement stores and hardware stores. Replace the o-rings if you have leaks at the connection sites or at the very least check them to make sure there is no defect in the o-rings that are present.
  • Cross-threading – Sometimes the threads on the hose are not lined up properly with the in-tube or out-tube. They get screwed together improperly and leaks can occur. Unscrew the hose and re-screw it together, being careful that the threads are lined up properly.

Check the Following Connections

When you are checking the connections on your hoses and hose reels, be sure to check the following connections.

  • The spigot to the leader hose
  • The leader hose to the in-hose
  • The in-tube to the out-tube
  • The out-tube to the garden hose
  • The garden hose to the nozzle

End of the Season Storage Tips

Once the temperatures start to drop in the fall, you won’t need to water things as much or at all depending on how cold your area gets in the fall and winter months. It is just as important to put away your hose reel and hose as it is to store your outdoor furniture properly.

We have outlined the steps below to get your hose reel ready for storing away for the winter so it stays in excellent condition as is ready for the next warm season.

  • One of the most important tasks in getting your hose reel and hose ready for storage is to make sure that the hose is completely drained and the hose reel as well. If water is trapped in the reel and it freezes it can cause damage to the hose reel, the hose or your pipes. Drain the hose and hose reel until all water is out of it and let the hose reel sit in the sun and dry. Once dry, it is safe to store away.
  • hose-reel3

  • Store both items in the garage or shed, wherever it is above freezing temperatures. It will be fine here until it is time to take it back out of storage and start watering those plants, flowers and gardens again.


There are many different choices of hose reels to choose from and many different styles that a homeowner can look through to find one that meets all their watering needs. Whether you want a decorative one or something that you can move around with you, like a cart, there is sure to be one that will fit your needs sufficiently.

When you have all of the information you need, choosing the right one for your needs becomes very easy instead of a stress. Now you can take the knowledge you have acquired and use it to find the perfect hose reel for your home style, your watering needs and your budget.

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