Best Hockey Helmet in 2023 – Hockey Helmet Reviews and Ratings

Best Hockey Helmet in 2023 – Hockey Helmet Reviews and Ratings
Choosing the right equipment is just as important in hockey as it is in a sport like football where there is a high degree of impact and contact. Making sure that you choose a helmet that provides the maximum amount of protection ensures that you will have a reduced chance of injuries such as concussions and even more serious injuries. We looked at the most popular hockey helmets on the market for durability, style, quality of construction, size choices and customer review from consumers that have purchased and used them. The three helmets featured below beat out the others in all the areas we looked at. Any one of them would be an excellent choice for your hockey playing needs.
Best Hockey Helmet

1. Bauer IMS

Best Overall Hockey Helmet

5/5 Product Rating
Bauer provides everything a hockey player needs in a helmet with this Bauer IMS sport combo.

You’ll have plenty of protection with the dual-density foam and a dual ridge crown.

The integrated ear covers to protect your ears as well.

The Bauer IMS Helmet Combo is CSA, HECC certified.

Users can get a personalized, custom fit with the tool free, on the fly adjustments.

Included with this helmet is the Bauer facemask that features an optimized vision design and a single density cup with moisture channels. The mask is perfect for full face coverage.

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing for fun or playing at the elite level, this helmet will be a great addition to your hockey gear. It is available in multiple colors to match your team colors. For ages 7 and up.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Warrior

Best Overall Hockey Helmet – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
Warrior’s first attempt at a hockey helmet is the Warrior Hockey Helmet. The subtle design of this helmet provides absorbent 3-D foam that is placed in areas that will buffer the frequent, low impact hits that are commonplace with hockey players.

The four piece shell and liner combine to provide a true 360 degree fit. It contains a single dial adjustment that us very unique and convenient for the user.

CSA, HECC and CE certified; this simple helmet provides everything a player needs to play the game and remain protected and as safe as possible.

The helmet is made with high impact, protective EPP foam for the ultimate in impact protection even with multiple hits.

The 4-play Adjustment System allows the helmet to expand lengthwise, and width-wise which gives the helmet the ability to expand and contract in all directions. The Warrior Hockey Helmet is a high end helmet that is affordable and provides the most secure fit of any helmet.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. CCM FitLite

Best Budget Hockey Helmet

4.7/5 Product Rating
This is the perfect hockey helmet for your girl that loves to play.

Hockey isn’t just for boys and this bright pink helmet proves that.

It is available in 4 different sizes: ex-small through large.

The aerodynamic shell has plenty of ventilation.

It has a low profile with a level of protection that is exceptional. The tool free length adjustments are easy to make so your child has the perfect fit.

The liner of this youth hockey helmet is made from multi-density foam. Your helmet will provide plenty of comfort and protection. This combo comes with the helmet and the face cage. If you’re looking for the perfect hockey helmet that provides peace of mind and protection, this is the one you want.

Jonathan Maxwell

Hockey Helmet Buying Guide

Hockey Helmet Reviews

What is a Hockey Helmet?

A Hockey helmet is a helmet that is specifically designed for the game of hockey. Its express job is to protect the players that are wearing them from head injuries that can happen during play. Hockey helmets are made to handle impact with thick foam that is on the inside of the helmets to help absorb any impacts that happen during the game.

While there is no such thing as an injury-proof helmet, you can look for the best helmet you can afford to help reduce the chances of you getting a major head injury during play.

Considerations when Choosing a Helmet

  • Fit – The top priority when you are looking for a hockey helmet is finding the right fit. You could purchase the most expensive helmet on the market, but if it doesn’t fit properly, it won’t do any good.

    Ensuring that your helmet fits properly will decrease the chances of you sustaining a serious injury during play. In addition to making sure the helmet fits properly, you will need to make sure that the cage also fits properly and that the chin cup is secure and strapped snuggly against your chin.

    The strap makes sure that the helmet stays in place. For the proper safety protection, you will need to make sure that both the cage and helmet fit properly before you play. Hockey helmets run in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

    Most helmets on the market today have the ability to be adjusted in some way. The best way to find the right fit in your helmet is to estimate the size you think you will need and then expand the helmet to the largest size it will go to.

    Put it on your head and adjust the fit until it is snug on your head. You don’t want the helmet to move around but it should not be uncomfortably tight either. Wear it for a few minutes to see if you notice pressure points, pain or any other uncomfortable result from wearing the helmet.

  • Level of play – A college or pro level player needs a different level of protection and performance than someone who plays for fun requires. Accidents such as falling down, hitting the boards, accidentally bumping into other players and checking can all result in injury if the helmet isn’t the right one.
  • Budget – Price is a big consideration when you are looking for a good helmet. The most expensive helmet on the market is not a guarantee of the best quality. Your helmet is probably the most important piece of equipment you will buy so you need to buy the best helmet you can afford. Helmets are not the equipment to try and save money on due to the important job they have of protecting your head.


You want to look for a helmet that has been HECC, CSA and CE certified and approved. These helmets have had to go through specific testing to get these certifications so they are safer and better helmets than those that do not have those certifications.

The Importance of the Manufacturer

Who made your helmet is an important factor in choosing the right one. There are many different companies that manufacture hockey helmets. These include CCM, Reebok, Bauer, Easton and Tour. There are others as well but the ones we have listed are the main producers of hockey helmets.

Their reputations have established them as reliable manufacturers in the hockey helmet industry. All of the companies we have listed offer both beginner hockey needs and elite level as well.

The Construction of Your Helmet

There are several parts that make up a hockey helmet. These include the shell, inner padding and the hardware that holds the helmet together.

  • Shell – The shell of your hockey helmet is made of plastic and some pieces may be made of composite material. The shell of the helmet can be any number of colors and designs. Most helmet choices are available in a large variety of team colors if this is something that is important to you. Colors do not affect the quality or the protective capabilities of the helmet.
  • Padding –The dense foam padding that is on the inside of the helmet is designed to absorb the impact and shock from any contact that occurs between the head and a stick, puck, ice, boards or an aggressive opponent. You will be able to adjust your helmet lengthwise and depending on the model you can adjust them width wise as well.
  • Occipital Locks – High-end helmets have occipital locks implemented into their helmets. What this feature does is cup the back of the head down below the occipital ridge. It is designed to make sure that the helmet doesn’t come loose if the player takes a hard hit. The dials to adjust the helmet to fit you specifically are located on the back of the helmet. They are typically very easy to operate so adjusting should not be difficult.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment – Most hockey helmets on the market are adjustable in some way. The elite level models sometimes can be adjusted mechanically without the use of any tools. Tool-free is not always available on the lower quality models but gradually manufacturers are making the switch to that tool free technology. If you have a helmet that has a tool-free adjustment, you will find that they are easily operated with one hand, sometimes while you are wearing the helmet. People prefer this much more than having to take it off to adjust it.
  • High Quality Foam – The foam that is used in higher end hockey helmets is usually concussion-preventative foam. It could be EPP, FXPP and Poron foam that is exclusive to Bauer. This type of foam has been shown to prevent concussions more often. If you play at the elite level, you will want to find a helmet that has this high density foam. The helmets with high density foam typically have another layer of soft foam that acts as a buffer between the player’s head and the high density foam, so the helmet is more comfortable to wear.
  • Proper Sizing – You want your helmet to fit snugly but you don’t it to constrict your head or be uncomfortably tight around your head. The front of your helmet needs to cover half of your forehead and will need to come down over your hairline to be even with the cheekbones. Make sure that the top of your head is completely protected along with the back of the head just above your hairline. This will be where your head and neck meet. You want to also ensure that the helmet is resting securely on your head with no jiggling.


Choosing the right hockey helmet is a very important endeavor that should not be done using guesswork. The purpose of the helmet is to protect the head, chin, ears and neck from serious injury during play. It is important that a player chooses the highest quality helmet they can afford and that they don’t skimp on quality in this area.

This does not mean that the most expensive helmet is automatically the best. You need to know the different features that a high quality helmet provides. We have provided you with this information so you can look at the different hockey helmets available and make a decision based on durability, construction and quality.

This will ensure that you choose the best helmet you can get. Making a decision on an important piece of equipment like this can be a challenge. Use the information contained in this guide to help you make an informed decision that you will be confident and happy with when you strap it on to play your next game.


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  3. CCM Fitlite

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