Best Hair Growth Supplement in 2023 – Hair Growth Supplement Reviews and Ratings

Best Hair Growth Supplement in 2023 – Hair Growth Supplement Reviews and Ratings
We spent 60 days researching and testing 20 different kinds of hair growth supplements and found that effectiveness, potential side effects, and longevity of results were most important. Hair Rush Maxx Hair Growth by Ultrax Labs scored high marks in all categories making it our top pick. There are 20 essential vitamins and minerals in this product that helps correct hair loss and encourages good hair growth from the inside out. It is safe for men and women and contains no side effects. We noticed improvement in growth and the health of the hair after 30 days and it continued to get better the second month.

1. Hair Rush

Best Overall Hair Growth Supplement

5/5 Product Rating
Ultrax Labs is a well known name in the hair loss/hair growth industry. Hair Rush is a product that contains essential minerals, vitamins and herbs, over 20 of them, that will help your hair grow from the inside out.

It is not a topical product so the problem is taken care of by helping your body repair what caused the hair loss in the first place.

It is safe for women and men and provides a complete nourishment system that will help your hair return to its normal healthy, full state. You will need to take Hair Rush for a minimum of 90 days to see the best results.

Hair growth does not happen overnight and any product that promises instant results is not a product you want to waste your money on.

This product is made in the USA and contains HairBoost; which is a technology Ultrax Labs uses in their Hair Rush supplements. This technology uses solubilized keratin which is an ingredient that is known to help the condition of hair and provide thick, healthy hair.

Some of the active ingredients that are in Hair Rush include:

  • Nettle Leaf PowderNettle leaf powder has been reported to help block DHT
  • Pumpkin Seed Powder – Promotes fast, healthy hair growth
  • Saw Palmetto – Clinical trials show that this ingredient ay help block 5-alpha reductase. This changes testosterone into DHT which is the number one cause of hair loss for both men and women.

Other important ingredients include zinc, vitamin B5, magnesium and biotin. All of these have been known to be follicle boosting vitamins that can promote healthy hair growth. Hair Rush will increase the rate of hair growth without causing any harmful side effects. In fact it has NO side effects. It is safe for women and men to take.

Linda Krantz

2. Newopure

Best Overall Hair Growth Supplement – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
With over 25 vitamins, herbs and minerals, Newopure Natural Hair Growth Vitamins will help your hair growth from the inside out.

It will speed up your hair growth, stop any hair loss that is going on and increase the thickness of the hair as well.

It works on all types of hair and works equally well for both men and women.

Along with biotin, vitamin B6, magnesium and calcium, there are several active ingredients that are a part of this cutting edge hair growth supplement including:

  • Grape Seed, Amla Fruit and Goji Berry – Which promote fast hair growth and healthy hair
  • Fo-Ti Root Powder – Known for its anti aging properties and is one of the ingredients that partially block DHT.
  • Collagen and Keratin – Helps block 5- alpha reductase which is something that converts testosterone to dangerous DHT, the number one cause of hair loss.

Initial results are reported to be possible to see in as early as one week. It works to help regrow all hair types. Your scalp will experience improved circulation and hair loss will stop, allowing new hair to grow. There is a 100% guarantee on this product. You will get results or you get your money back.

Linda Krantz

3. Nature’s Wellness

Best Budget Hair Growth Supplement

4.5/5 Product Rating
One of the best products on the market for hair growth is Nature’s Wellness Hair Growth Support.

It contains biotin which is one of the most important ingredients available for hair growth. It contains 24 ingredients that contain the maximum potency.

These ingredients promote healthy hair growth. Not only does it take care of growing new hair, it prevents additional hair loss too. There are no artificial ingredients in this product at all.

This product has clinical trials that have been done that show the reversal of hair loss from use of this product.

There are no harsh chemical ingredients in this product that can further hurt the hair.

There are no preservatives or additives. Ingredients contained in this product are Biotin, saw palmetto, PABA, , B complex, Inositol, and MSM.

If you are not completely happy with this hair growth supplement from Nature’s Wellness, they will refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

Linda Krantz

Hair Growth Supplement Buying Guide

Things to Ask Yourself

Hair Growth Supplement1There are a few things you need to think about when you are looking at different types of hair growth supplements. We’ve listed a few of the important questions to ask before purchasing anything.

  • Is the product effective? – The biggest concern that people have when it comes to a product like hair supplements is whether they will work or not. No one wants to get their hopes up and spend their money only to find out that the product doesn’t work. There are products that don’t work and we will help you avoid those and concentrate on the products that are proven to work.
  • How much does it cost? – There are some hair growth systems that are tremendously expensive. The myth is that paying more automatically means better quality. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. It is better to really look at the other aspects of what the product has and compare those things as well. It is true that higher quality products do typically come with a higher price tag but you shouldn’t make your decision based solely on the price alone.
  • Is the company transparent to its consumers? – There are some companies out there that are just in the hair growth industry because of the high interest and need from consumers. For you to be able to separate the good from the bad you must be able to easily find information on products, tests that were run, results, etc. If you can’t find anything on a particular company, see that as a warning signal.

Make sure of these three things

There are several things you want to ensure about the product you are buying and the company you are purchasing from. There are other factors to look at of course, but make sure that these three important points are checked off.

  1. Third Party Monitoring – Some companies hire people to keep track of the company’s reputation and satisfaction levels. One of the biggest and most important assets a company has is their reputation, especially within the health and beauty industry. Look for top companies that have excellent, long standing reputations and that have independent third party monitoring which will show their dedication to customer satisfaction.
  2. Hair Growth Supplement2

  3. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If a company offers a solid, generous money back guarantee, they are showing that they stand behind their product. You can tell the difference between a guarantee that is just being offered for appearances and one that sincerely believes in their product and wants to offer their customers peace of mind that they are ordering a worthwhile product that will work for them.
  4. Third Party Testing – This is different than third party monitoring. Third party testing has to do specifically with the products the company sells. Testing from a third party verifies and “proves” the claims of the product and shows the results that consumers got when using the product. It can be extremely expensive to do these tests, as there is always the risk that a whole shipment could be bad but that is the risk a reputable company takes when offering products. Without this important testing, there is no way of knowing whether the product is actually good or not.


  • Why Free Trials are Bad – A free trial is designed to get people to try a product. The problem with free trials is that they are very difficult to cancel and many people have gotten charged high amounts even though they tried to cancel. Free trial products also tend to be extremely expensive once the trial is over. Since the good companies have guarantees, you are much better off purchasing the product outright that you are interested in and getting a refund if you are not happy. Just make sure they have that satisfaction guarantee in place.
  • Stay Clear of Automatic Billing – Many companies want consumers to set up subscriptions where they get billed automatically each month. This is a mainstay of free trial offers. These are also very difficult to cancel so be certain that you know what you’re signing up for. In many cases, the company offering the free trial will add on other trials to partnering companies. If you don’t pay attention you can actually get charged by multiple companies and not even know what the other charges are for. Even though it may be annoying, read all the fine print so you know exactly what to expect and what to do to cancel.
  • If it Sounds too Good to Be True – Beware of products that claim outlandish results. It takes awhile for problems like hair loss and hair growth to correct. If the company is stating that you will see significant hair growth in a matter of days, chances are, this is a false claim. In these cases use the old adage if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
  • Hair Growth Supplement3

  • Look for Quality Ingredients – The majority of companies will list out all of the ingredients that are in their products. When you’re researching hair growth products be sure that the ingredients in the product have actually been tested and proven to regrow hair. There are many companies that will simply list insignificant ingredients that may not be harmful but that have little to nothing to do with hair growth or reversing hair loss.


Finding products that will truly regrow hair is a goal of many people who suffer from hair loss or thinning hair. With the thousands of hair growth products on the market, things can feel overwhelming very fast. That is why it is important to understand what you need to look for when researching hair growth products.

This is best done by having a solid sense of what your specific needs are and what needs to be corrected so your hair can start growing in and you can have the beautiful hair you’ve always wanted. It won’t happen overnight or even in a week, so steer clear of the companies that promise it, but it will happen with diligent use.


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