Best Golf Putter in 2023 – Golf Putter Reviews and Ratings

Best Golf Putter in 2023 – Golf Putter Reviews and Ratings
Finding the perfect golf putter for your needs and preferences involves learning a little bit about the golf putter and how it is constructed. There are several options that a golfer will have when researching the different kinds. We looked at the most popular golf putters on the market for length options, style, club head shape, weight placements, and more. The three choices we have featured below are customer favorites for a reason. They are great examples of a well made golf putter. Any one of them could be the putter you’ve been looking for.
Best Golf Putter

1. Pinemeadow

Best Overall Golf Putter

5/5 Product Rating
This excellent pitter from Pinemeadow Golf measures 34 inches and weighs about 40 grams.

This white finish golf putter really stands out in a crown when it you are playing with it, especially on the green.

The large clubhead features alignment lines that help the golfer focus.

This putter is the perfect putter for using on faster greens which is becoming more commonplace than it was before.

It comes with a PGX headcover to keep the golf putter protected when you are not using it.

Golfers will find that they get a forward spinning ball that is smooth moving when the clubhead impacts the golf club. There will be far less skid which stabilizes your putting game.

This club is good for any skill level although some more experienced golfers have expressed disappointment with the white of the club getting stained by the green. This can be cleaned fairly easily, especially if it is kept up with and not left to sit with the stain on it.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Odyssey

Best Overall Golf Putter – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
The Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 is a high quality golf putter that is a good choice for any level of playing.

This is one of the number 1 putters that have been proven by the Leaderboard to be a superior club to play with.

This highly engineered club has more consistent feel, sound and performance that encompasses the entire striking surface of the clubhead.

This golf putter has been constructed user the laser milling process that provides tight tolerances in both consistency and performance.

This elite level golf putter is available in both left and right hand choices.

Golfers will also be able to choose from 33”, 34” or 35” length. It has golf pride grip and includes an Odyssey headcover to protect the clubhead when the putter is not in use.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Wilson

4.5/5 Product Rating
Wilson is a well known brand name in the golf industry.

This square heel and toe putter could be the perfect golf putter for you.

The vertical seam grip has been designed to have a diameter that is slightly larger for improved feel for the golfer.

The all weather, 3 piece paddle grip provides the golfer with a super responsive club that is accurate on and off the green.

The face of the club has micro injections on it for accuracy that any skill level will appreciate.

The grip is soft and comfortable that feels good in the hand.

This golf putter is designed to provide the best performance and feel that you can get from a golf putter.

Jonathan Maxwell

Golf Putter Buying Guide

Golf Putter Reviews

What to Consider When Choosing a Golf Putter

With all of the different considerations that are involved in choosing a good golf putter, you may be overwhelmed on how to choose the right one but don’t worry. This guide is designed to make this process much simpler by explaining the basics so you know what you are looking for.

You don’t want to waste money on a golf putter you don’t like so it is important to use this information and understand it before you purchase one. There are several points of consideration that you will need to go over when you are researching the different putters available. We have listed these 5 points below along with a little bit about each one.

  1. Putter alignment – To have a good putting game you need proper alignment. For this reason, it’s important to select a golf putter that is comfortable for you to line up the ball and club to the target. Improper alignment can cause the ball to miss the hole on the left or right which will add strokes to the score…not something serious golfers want. Some putter companies focus more on alignment with the putter than others do so if this is something that you are concerned or focused on; choose a putter that makes you feel confident when you are looking down at address and ready to swing. There are many markings and lines and/or shapes that csn be present on a putter to help golfers with alignment. These markings are especially helpful when the golfer is less experienced.
  2. Putter Head Shape – (blade or mallet) – There are two head shapes that putters possess: mallet and blade. The more traditional putter head is the blade. It is long, narrow and much lighter in weight than the mallet. Blade golf putters are suited well for faster putting greens. The mallet is much larger, about as wide as it is long and comes in a variety of designs. The mallet style head adds weight to the club which some golfers prefer. That added weight reduces some of the wrist action which some golfers may want. Mallets are perfect for slower greens and the added weight and design of the mallet means you won’t have to hit the ball as hard. This works on and improves control and precision.
  3. Putter Length – There is not a ton of difference in the length, definitely not as much as it was at one time. In January of 2016 there was a ban put in place called the anchoring ban. This ban made long putters and belly putters no longer acceptable. What this ban has done is create a lot of counterbalance putters. This adds weight in the grip and along with the heavier heads it promotes full arm motion rather than breaking at the wrists. Some putters offer golfers the ability to adjust the weight in the grips so they can customize their putter even further. Golfers can choose from 32” to 36”. You may want to try several lengths to see which one feels the best before you order yours.
  4. Putter Face – There are two choices that golfers have when it comes to the putter face :

    1. Metal – One of the benefits or drawbacks depending on your personal preferences, to the metal face is the sound that the golfer gets when the club makes contact with the golf ball. The benefit to this is that an experienced golfer will be able to hear and feel the center of the putter.
    2. Inserts –Putters with inserts that are made with composites and are good for the golfer that prefers softer putts. Another benefit to putters with inserts is that the insert will redistribute the weight to the toe or heel of the putter. You won’t have the sound verification with insert putters which may require you to pay more attention to how the putt feels and sounds.
  5. Shaft and Hosels – When choosing your putting shaft, it is important to know your putter stroke. There are three different types of shaft choices that a golfer can make:

    • Heel shafted – This will allow for the face of the club to fully open and close while the stroke is in progress.
    • Center shafted – The face of the center shafted putter is balanced and encouraged square to square path or more commonly known as the pendulum stroke.
    • Offset putter – This helps the golfer create a more consistent setup of the shot and allows the golfer to position their eye right over the ball.

How to Determine the Right Length

The length of the golf putter will affect your stroke so it is important to choose the right length. Choosing the incorrect length can result in being off at the putting line. Putters can range in length from 32” to 52”. It is a common problem for golfers to choose a putter that is too long for their needs. Do the following to choose the right length.

  1. Get into the stance you use when you are putting
  2. Allow your arms to hang naturally by your sides
  3. Have someone measure from the ground to just above the top of your hands. This number will give you the right length for your golf putter.


Golfers are usually very serious about their game and their equipment. This is especially true when it comes to choosing the putter they want to use. Each club and iron in a golfer’s bag is very important and personal. The information in this guide will help you understand the different elements that are involved in choosing the right golf putter.

The three top rated golf putters reviewed above all offer the golfer a few choices such as length and right or left handed putting and many can be further customized with weights, grip and more. All three of our top rated choices are worth considering for your own golf putter needs.

If you find that you want to keep looking at other putters, you can take the information that we have provided and use it to help you research the different golf putters on the market to see which one fits your needs and preferences the best.

Having the right knowledge when you start researching will prevent you from wasting your money on a golf putter that won’t feel good in your hands. The purpose of our guides and reviews is to help you save money. Being armed with the right information will do that.


  1. Pinemeadow –
  2. Wilson –
  3. Odyssey –

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