Best Golf Cart Bag in 2023 – Golf Cart Bag Reviews and Ratings

Best Golf Cart Bag in 2023 – Golf Cart Bag Reviews and Ratings
We looked at the most popular golf cart bags on the market for durability, style, color selection, Storage capacity, and customer opinions and reviews. The three golf cart bags below topped the list in all the different categories we looked at. Any one of these golf cart bags would make an excellent choice for the golfer in your life that loves to golf using golf carts. With the large selection of golf cart bags on the market, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Golf cart bags have a lot of features that benefit the golfer. When you are shopping for a good quality golf cart bag, knowing what features are available can help you choose the bag that has all the bells and whistles you are looking for.
Best Golf Cart Bag

1. Callaway

Best Overall Golf Cart Bag

5/5 Product Rating
The Callaway 2016 Org 14-way Golf Cart Bag is the most popular cart bag that Callaway has.

It has an improved strap system along with an E-Trolley base and updated pockets.

It weighs only 5.6 pounds and can be carried easily on the golf cart.

There are 19 pockets in this attractive and functional bag that includes a velour lined pocket that has a key fob and is water resistant as well. This pocket is perfect for your valuables.

The molded and integrated grab handles make lifting it on and off the cart much easier.

It also has two insulated cooler pockets that will keep your drinks nice and cold while playing.

The cart strap keeps your Callaway bag securely attached to the cart. Other features include two apparel pockets that are full length, wet gear pocket, a pocket for the balls, one for the GPS or rangefinder, three pockets for accessories and a rainhood to protect the gear from rain.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. TaylorMade

Best Overall Golf Cart Bag – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
TaylorMade’s Golf Cart Bag helps golfers keep their gear secure and organized when you hit the course. The 15-way top has 4 full-length dividers and the oversized putter holder keeps your golf clubs separate and easy to grab quickly.

There are 10 pockets on this incredible bag, 2 of which have velour-lined pockets for your valuables such as cell phone, watch and other items. There are two garment pockets that allow you to bring whatever essentials you may need. The cart secure straps and the pushcart compatible base provide even more quality for the golfer.

The crush-resistant construction is long lasting and durable. The integrated water resistant umbrella slot is great for bringing a long an umbrella for days when it rains while you are on the course.

You’ll be able to keep your drinks cold throughout the whole round with the large insulated cooler pocket.

Other features that the TaylorMade Golf Cart Bag has include a cart lock strap And cart lock that prevent unwanted movement while you are driving around on the course, a single carry shoulder strap, a removable ball pocket for custom embroidery and a convenient rain hood to keep your valuable clubs out of inclement weather. This bag is super lightweight, weighing in at only 6.75 pounds.

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3. RJ Sports

Best Overall Golf Cart Bag

4.5/5 Product Rating
Accessing your golf gear is super easy with the forward facing pockets and two over sized putter tubes that will fit your putters or wedges.

There are also two towel rings, a hook and loop patch for your golf glove, a bottom trunk handle and a strap loop for the cart.

This golf cart bag from RJ Sports is specially designed for being carried in the riding cart.

All seven of the bag’s pockets are forward facing and can be accessed when it is on the cart.

The nine inch 14-way top has full length dividers, and insulated beverage compartment and rain hood as well. The bag is made from nylon and fabric and weighs only 8 pounds.

If you are looking for a lightweight golf cart bag with tons of pockets and extras, this is the bag for you.

The camo design appeals to many golfers and the material is tear-resistant, easy to clean and long lasting. It comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Golf Cart Bag Buying Guide

Golf Cart Bag Reviews

Features of a Golf Cart Bag

golf-cart-bag1Golf cart bags have a lot of features that benefit the golfer. When you are shopping for a good quality golf cart bag, knowing what features are available can help you choose the bag that has all the capabilities you are looking for.

  • Sturdy, molded base – A golf cart bag is placed on the golf cart in the back. A molded, sturdy base enables it to stand upright while strapped in very easily.
  • Insulated Beverage Holder – Having cold drinks while on the course is a must for an enable time out. Most golf cart bags have a place where you can store drinks so they remain cold throughout the game.
  • Oversized putter wells – Depending on the golf cart bag, it can have one or two putter wells. If these are oversized, you can use them to put your wedge clubs as well. Most bags have at least one putter well but some of the higher quality bags have two.
  • Lots of Pockets – Golfers have a lot of gear from golf balls, golf tees, towels, drinks, your valuables, and much more. Having a lot of pockets handy to keep all of this gear in is very convenient. The more pockets the better. Make sure that the pockets are all forward facing so when your bag is in the golf cart you can still access all of the pockets without having to remove the bag to get to them.
  • Rip-stop Durable Material – You don’t want to have to replace your golf cart bag every year because it tears. Purchasing one that is made from durable, rip resistant fabric will extend its life significantly. This rip-stop nylon is available in many colors so finding one that you like the look of will not be a problem.
  • Cart Strap – When you put the golf bag into the golf cart, not having it flop around is a plus. The cart straps prevent it from moving around while you are driving from one hole to the next.
  • Waterproof Umbrella Slot – Rain on the golf course is a common occurrence so having a place to carry an umbrella in case of inclement weather can be a real plus.
  • Zippered Pockets – Most golf cart bags have a lot of pockets, but when they are zippered it can prevent things from bouncing or falling out.
  • Velour-Lined Pockets- The velour lined pockets are perfect for taking care of your valuables such as cell phones, watches and other breakables.
  • Handles – Most golf cart bags have at least one and sometimes two handles that make lifting the golf cart bag on and off the cart much easier.
  • Shoulder Strap – Most golf cart bags were not designed to be carried by the golfer or a caddy, but some are lightweight enough and have a shoulder strap that allows them to be carried easily enough.
  • Towel rings – Having a towel or two handy is a good thing when you’re on the course. Having a towel ring or two handy for your golf towels make them easy to access and use when you need them.
  • Rain Hood – Since it is not uncommon to be caught out on the golf course in the rain having a rain hood to protect your clubs is a great feature to have. A lot of golf cart bags have rain hoods so this isn’t a feature that is very hard to find offered.
  • golf-cart-bag2

  • Full Dividers – Depending on the design of the bag, it may have individual full dividers for each club or it may have 4 dividers that the golf clubs can be separated into. If you want a compartment for each individual golf club, be sure to look for golf cart bags that have 14-15 full dividers.
  • Color Varieties – You can find a golf cart bag in virtually any color you want. There are more neutral, common colors such as black, dark navy, and tan and more vibrant and bright colors such as red, bright blue and many more. There are even color combinations that have two tone bags or bags with accent colors.
  • Crush Resistant – When you see this term it means that the golf cart bag is constructed in such a way that it cannot be crushed or flattened. This crush resistance protects your belongings and your golf clubs too.
  • Zipperless Ball Pockets – Part of playing golf is carrying extra golf balls. A golfer wants to be able to grab a ball quickly and without having to fight the bag. This is why zipperless ball pockets are so popular. Many styles of golf cart bags have these ball pockets so you can fill them with golf balls and then just quickly and easily grab them when you need them.
  • Tee Holder – Golf tees are another fact of life when it comes to the game of golf. A dedicated tee holder makes grabbing a tee very easy and quick.
  • Garment Pockets – Sometimes golfers want to bring extra clothing with them such as a clean shirt. The garment pockets make carrying extra clothing very simple and organized.

Cleaning Your Golf Cart Bag

Sometimes golf bags will get dirty from being kept in trunks or garages and may need to be cleaned. The cleaning process is not terribly difficult and can keep your golf cart bag looking as good as new.

  • Empty everything out of your bag. Turn it upside down and shake it to ensure that all the little things that end up in pockets are emptied out as well.
  • Get mild soap and water and spray the bag with a hose to get it wet.
  • Take a soft bristled brush and dip it into the soap and water mixture and vigorously scrub the bag. Be careful around the velvet or velour material and anywhere embroidery might b e so you don’t loosen any threads or damage the bag.
  • Rinse the bag with water and check for any lasting stains that didn’t come off the first time.
  • golf-cart-bag3

  • If there are any stubborn stains, use a stain remover such as simple green and spray the area. Let it sit for a few minutes and scrub the area with the brush again. Remember not to rub too hard.
  • Once the bag is clean, let it dry in a shaded area out of the sun to prevent any fading of the material. If the bag has gotten smashed or flattened for any reason gently reshape it by using towels and other things to fill out any pockets. Do this while the bag dries. Don’t overfill the pockets because you need to be able to zip the pockets easily.
  • Dry the bag overnight and then remove the towels and the bag will have regained its shape again.


Golf cart bags can b e very simple and have just the basics or they can be loaded down with all kinds of features. Before you start searching for your perfect golf cart bag, make sure that you know what all the available features are so you can look for the bags that offer the features that are important to you.

The information in this guide and the reviews on the three top golf cart bags can help you narrow down your choices to the styles that have all that you are looking for. Instead of just guessing or choosing blind, now you will be able to make choices based on the information you have learned. You’ll feel confident in the choice you make and you will have a golf cart bag that you will use for a long time.


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