Best Garment Bag in 2023 – Garment Bag Reviews and Ratings

Best Garment Bag in 2023 – Garment Bag Reviews and Ratings

ZEGUR Suit Carry on Garment Bag scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. With several zipper pockets on the interior of the garment bag and an exterior pocket you have plenty of space to hold your important clothing as well as other items such as business documents, electronics and more. Using this garment bag while traveling will keep your dress clothing wrinkle-free, clean, and neat so you look your best when you reach your destination.

Garment Bag Reviews

1. Zegur

Best Overall Garment Bag

5/5 Product Rating

Zegur’s suit carry on garment bag is a quality bag that makes traveling much less stressful. You won’t have to worry about finding an iron or showing up for that important business meeting, interview, or encounter with clothing that looks like you slept in it when you use this quality garment bag.

The Zegur bag is made with quality 1800D polyester that is resistant to fraying, waterproof on the outside, and that features high quality zippers that won’t stick or break. 

The bag has several interior pockets with zipper closures, an exterior pocket for important items, and an interior buckle that will hold your clothing in place during your travels.

Not only does the Zegur garment bag keep your clothing looking neat and ready to go, the bag itself is stylish and professional looking as well.  The removable and adjustable shoulder strap makes the bag easy to carry and it is sized to fit in large overhead bins easily. The company offers consumers a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not happy.

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2. Travel Select

Best Overall Garment Bag – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

If you are looking for a rolling garment bag, you may not have to look any further than the Travel Select rolling garment bag.  Made from 1200D polyester in two-tone color, this bag features a front panel that is EVA reinforced. 

The inline wheels, removable and adjustable shoulder strap, and internal handle system are just a few of the reasons professionals love this bag for keeping their clothing neat and wrinkle-free.

The main compartment has plenty of room and there are mesh pockets with zippers inside as well as several pockets on the exterior that have gusseted tops that make packing for your business or pleasure trip much easier.  The tie straps secure your clothing so it doesn’t shift around during travel and get wrinkled.

The top handle of this professional looking bag makes lifting and carrying super easy.  There is an inside hook for hanging your suits, dresses, slacks, and other items of clothing you want to keep in great shape. Since the hook is in the center, you can hang many things from it. The easy to use fold-out design helps keep your clothes ready to wear.

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3. Wallybags

4.6/5 Product Rating

Wallybags garment bag measures 40” and allows users to use their own hangers.  The hanger clamp can hold up to 67 garments and will keep the hanger at the top secure so your clothing stays wrinkle-free.  

The measurements of this bag meet TSA standards and fit into the plane’s overhead bin and are allowed to be counted as a carry on.

WallyBags garment bag is made from long lasting polyester that is durable and water repellant.  The premium materials used in the construction of this garment bag will keep the bag lasting a long time even with frequent travels and has strong hardware as well for durability.

The Wallybags garment bag is easy to carry and can be folded in half and fastened so it does not come undone during your trip. It comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty and is available in 6 bright colors.

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Garment Bag Buying Guide

Garment Bag Buying Guide

Types of Garment Bags

There are several different kinds of garment bags available to choose from. You should consider your travel habits and needs to determine which kind will work for you the best. We have listed the different types below along with some information about each type.

Economic Garment Bag – The economic garment bag is thinner than other types and can be used to keep dust, light debris, and liquids off of your dress or business clothing. These are not designed for professionals that engage in heavy travel. You CAN use the economic garment bag if you do your traveling in a vehicle or if you just want to protect your clothing while it hangs in the closet. Most of these garment bags can handle one or two suits or outfits inside (up to 4 dresses). They are not meant to hold a lot of suits or dress clothing. This is the perfect type to purchase when you are on a strict budget. They are not very good at preventing wrinkles so if you are traveling with this type of bag you should bring an iron as well.

Foldable Garment Bag – The foldable garment bag is a good mid-range choice because they are budget-friendly and still provide a good amount of protection from wrinkles. A foldable garment bag looks a lot like a laptop bag although they are a little larger than a laptop bag and feature materials that are better in quality than the economic versions. . There are tri-fold and bi-fold foldable designs that have a large zipper down the front. They also typically have handles for easier carrying.

Rolling Garment Bag – The premium style of garment bag will more often than not be the rolling garment bag. They offer the most protection of all three designs and make traveling with dress or business clothing much easier. Rolling garment bags usually offer a lot of features that make them very popular with professionals. The materials used to make rolling garment bags are durable and contain coatings that are resistant to stains, water, and dirt or dust. There are many different sizes of rolling garment bags so you should choose one that will be the best for your specific needs. Rolling garment bags are going to be a lot more expensive than the other styles but they also offer a lot more protection and are worth the money if you spend a lot of time on the road or in airports.

Garment Bag Features to Look For

There are several features and considerations to think about when choosing a garment bag. We have listed these below so you can go over them and be prepared with the right information so you can sort through the different styles and brands and make the best decision for you.

Size – There are two basic sizes of garment bags for you to choose from. One is meant to be a carry-on and the other is for checked luggage. The carry-on sizes will be 21” or less and the bags designed to be checked will measure 40” or larger. The measurement is taken from the longest side. A larger garment bag will hold more outfits than the smaller one will and is a better choice for those who travel longer than 5 days at a time.

Garment Bag Buying Guide

Wheels – If you want a high quality garment bag that will hold multiple business or dress clothing a rolling garment bag is the way to go. Make sure that the wheels are also good quality because having one break while on a trip can be a real pain. Two-wheeled models are typically better because the wheels are built-in to the design of the bag and are easier to maneuver than 4 wheeled styles. Garment bags can be really heavy, especially when they are filled with clothing so keep this in mind when choosing. Wheeled garment bags with spinner wheels will make walking and turning much easier. If you can spend more to ensure you get a quality bag it is in your best interest to do so, especially if you travel a lot.

Extendable Handle – It is important for your garment bag to have a handle of some kind to make it easier to transport. A skimpy, cheap handle can break after even one use so look for models that have tough, durable hardware including handles. Ideally you will want to find a bag that has an extendable handle. This makes it much easier on your back when hauling the bags through the airport.

Zippers – Zippers are also an important feature to look for. Ensure they are of good quality and durable because cheap zippers can break, rip, or open up at the bottom causing all kinds of irritation. A large, heavy duty zipper will perform better and not have the problems that smaller ones often have.

Hanger Area – How are the hangers secured in your garment bag? Some bags have clasps that will lock the clothing into place. These clasps are great for long trips and will prevent your clothing from shifting and falling off the hangers.

Capacity – How much room do you need? If you are a heavy business traveler that spends more time in airports than your own home, you want to get a garment bag that offers a large capacity. If you want to carry shoes look for garment bags that have an extra-long length that will allow room for the shoes in the bottom. The best quality garment bags will have hooks that you can use along with your own hangers. This will make it very easy to transfer the clothing from the bag to the hotel closet.

Compartments and Pockets – If you carry other things on your trips you will want to find a garment bag that offers compartments for other items as well such as shoes, belts, ties, and other items. In some cases a garment bag will have enough extra room to bring things that will enable you to only bring the carry-on bag and nothing else. Most quality garment bags have interior and exterior pockets. The interior pockets are convenient but the exterior pocket can be a real benefit when it comes to carrying tickets, passports, tablets, cell phones and even in some cases, a laptop.

Waterproof Material – Make sure that your garment bag is made from durable, waterproof or water-resistant fabric that is strong. This will prevent any spills from penetrating the garment bag and ruining your clothing. It is a plus if the interior pockets are water-resistant but at the very least, make sure the outside is.

Expandable – If you travel a lot or just like to carry a lot of extra business or dress clothing, look for garment bags that will expand to allow a few more items to be added. Pockets can be expandable also.

Garment Bag Buying Guide

Tie down straps – The tie down straps inside the garment bag are really good for securing the clothing so it does not shift while you are traveling. Make sure your garment bag has these important straps so your clothing stays safe and sound and wrinkle-free!


Like most purchases, the old adage you get what you pay for is very true and this includes garment bags. The purpose of a garment bag is to protect your business clothing, dresses, and delicate clothing so you want to be sure that you purchase a quality garment bag that is from a reputable company that focuses on quality, performance, and durability.

Remember that the most important aspects of your garment bag are the wheels and the handles. If those are cheap, they will more than likely break and then you will have a garment bag that will annoy you more than it helps.

All three of the top-rated garment bags featured above are high quality bags that will do a great job protecting your clothing and providing a convenient way to keep wrinkles from wrecking those first impressions.

The information you have learned in this buying guide will make it much simpler and less confusing to sort through the different styles of garment bags so you can match up the ones you like with your needs to see if there is a fit. Having the right knowledge can make a big difference in the outcome and will allow you to confidently make a decision that you will be happy with.

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