Best Garden Hoe in 2023 – Garden Hoe Reviews and Ratings

Best Garden Hoe in 2023 – Garden Hoe Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 56 hours researching and testing 10 different brands and types of garden hoes and found that sturdiness, head size, and length of the handle were most important. The Truper Garden Hoe scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. We could easily turn sod and clear trees as much as 1″ in diameter with the 7″ wide blade. The sharp edges will last a long time and are very heavy duty and able to handle even the most difficult jobs. The ferrule of the hoe is welded to the head making it even sturdier and easier to use.

1. Truper

Best Overall Garden Hoe

5/5 Product Rating
This 54’ GARDEN HOE BY Truper is a professional grade tool that features a premium handle made from North American white ash.

This handles provides just the right amount of flexibility and resistance. The head of the hoe measures 7”, providing plenty of digging and cutting power.

This hoe is the number one choice by contractors for professional use as well. It is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. This garden hoe is the perfect tool for professional farm or ranch work as well as your own private garden.

This hoe is constructed and designed to stand up to the rigors of garden work, ranch work and farm work and will last a lifetime.

Sarah Lytle

2. Joseph Bentley

Best Overall Garden Hoe – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Joseph Bentley creates this traditional stainless steel hoe is designed to cut weeds and chop up soil efficiently.

The wooden handle has been FSC certified and is extra long allowing you to work in a more upright position which is much easier on the back. The head of the hoe is made from polished stainless steel.

Joseph Bentley provides functional, well made tools that have a classic look that people love. The hoe has a laser etched Brass Oval Badge with the Joseph Bentley logo on it for even more added style.

This is the perfect garden hoe for your gardening needs that will last a lifetime with proper care. Joseph Bentley has a whole line of high quality, stainless steel tools if you want to start a whole collection.

Sarah Lytle

3. Prohoe

Best Budget Garden Hoe

4.5/5 Product Rating
The wide blade on this garden hoe takes care of sod as well as clearing trees up to 1” in diameter. It is extremely durable and has Sharp edges that are long lasting. The heavy duty design of this garden hoe makes quick work of cultivating and clearing.

The blade measures 7” across providing a large clearing area to work with. The ferrule of the garden hoe is welded directly to the head. The head is attached to the handle securely with adhesive and a rivet in addition to being pressure fit which provides the maximum in security and stability.

Using a hoe in the garden can be back breaking work. This garden hoe by Prohoe Field Hoes reduces this backbreaking tendency by creating a hoe that is easy and efficient to use.

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Garden Hoe Buying Guide

Garden Hoe Reviews
If you are starting a garden or planting flowerbeds a good quality garden how is a must have tool. It is good for leveling the soil and digging up weeds. It is also good for breaking up large clumps of sod that a tiller can leave behind. There are many different kinds of hoes on the market to choose from. We have listed some information below on the different type of garden hoe heads that are available along with some characteristics of each type.

Types of Garden Hoe Heads

  • Traditional – The traditional shape of a garden hoe head is typically square or rectangular. It is best for chopping up weeds and breaking up clumps of dirt.
  • Action – The action head garden hoe makes fast work of removing weeds by getting to the root system and slicing through it. The action hoe moves forward and backwards, cutting the roots and weeds as you push or pull the tool. This type of hoe head works best in looser soil.
  • Warren – The V-shaped blade of the Warren head garden how is perfect for making furrows in the garden. The V-shaped part of the garden hoe digs the furrows and the upper section of the tool covers the planted seeds up.
  • Mortar – If you are doing some landscaping, like creating pathways and borders a garden hoe with the mortar head is just what you need. There are several holes in the mortar head hoe the help the gardener with mixing the mortar. There is a flat part of this hoe head that makes it a good choice for smoothing and spreading the cement.
  • Weeding – Weeding garden hoes have a flat blade that is perfect for chopping up soil and weeds. There are pointed spikes on the opposite side that work well in digging up and removing weeds and plant sections you don’t want.

Different Styles of Hoes

There are many different types of garden hoes. You don’t have to purchase all of them but knowing the difference between them is beneficial when you are shopping. We have listed the common types of hoes below so you can see which one or ones will work the best for your yard and garden.

Half-Moon Hoe – the sharp edges of the half moon design will help you turn the soil in your garden while getting rid of weeds from your gardens and flower beds.

Cultivator Mattock – This garden hoe variation removes weeds and softens the dirt in your beds and gardens. The 3 tine head aerates and breaks up hard soil. The mattock on the other side is just right for making furrows and digging. This lightweight hoe is simple to use and makes the loosening and aerating tasks much more efficient.

Raised Bed Hoe – This type of garden hoe is well suited for working on raised beds where a long handled, traditional hoe will be too clumsy and awkward. The handle on the raised bed garden hoe is about 31 ½” with a 2” high hoe head.

Dutch Hoe – This garden hoe features a head that has a rectangle and triangle shape that has a sharp bottom edge. You use the Dutch hoe by pushing it down into the ground. It is the perfect tool for edging and getting rid of weeds in the early stages that have just started growing.

Garden Hand Hoe – If there is rocky soil where you are working, a garden hand hoe us the perfect tool. Look for garden hand hoes that have durable and secure heads that have been attached with welds, riveted and other non-loosening methods so it stays on even during tough hoeing work.

Diamond Scuffle Hoe – This type of garden hoe is suited for softening the soil. The best way to use this garden hoe is to push it back and forth as it is digging into the ground. It features a blade that has two metal triangle sections.

Circle Hoe – This newer type of garden hoe has a blade that is rounded. The front side of the circle hoe is sharp and the back part is dulled. These two different sides can remove the weeds that are close to plants without damaging them. It can cut weeds quickly when pulled through the dirt. It can also cut into hard soil and clay just as easily.

Heart Hoe – The heart-shaped hoe was created by a gardener that didn’t like the traditional shape of the hoe. The flat blade of the heart hoe forms a sharpened point on one end of the blade. If you are going to be hacking into some soil, this is the tool to get. There is a V shape at the blade’s top part that pulls large weeds from your garden and flower beds.

Collinear Hoe – Some regions have a lot of rocks in the soil which can be a problem for certain tools. That is not the case with the Collinear Hoe. It features a narrow blade with a sharp point that easily pulls rocks from the ground. It is also good for eliminating weeds at the root.

Stirrup Hoe – A stirrup hoe is good for removing weeds in new flower beds without damaging the new flowers. The shape of this garden hoe resembles a saddle stirrup and has an open box blade with sharp edges. Using the push and pull action will remove weeds. It can also be beneficial to spreading mulch. Stirrup hoes have a long handle that reduces back pain and allows the gardener to remove weeds for longer durations.

Proper Garden Hoe Care

Taking care of your tools properly will ensure that they last a long time. If you take the time to choose a tool that is durable and well built, you can have your tools for decades and longer. Make sure that you follow the tips that are below to keep your garden hoes in great shape.

  • Keep it Sharp – After using the garden hoe for a few months it will probably need to be sharpened. You can do this by getting a file and sharpening the hoe yourself or you can have it professionally done. Look for garden hoes that have rustproof blades so it remains easy to sharpen.
  • Store it Properly – Store garden hoes inside a bucket filled with sand. Add some motor oil to the sand bucket. This will extend the duration between sharpening.


Garden hoes have a lot of uses when it comes to preparing soil for planting, cultivating a garden spot for a new garden or creating flower beds and other landscaping elements.

If you do a lot of outdoor work and have many different spaces such as flower beds, planters, and gardens, you may want to think about getting several types of garden hoes to take care of different tasks.

Once you have used a garden hoe you will see how beneficial they are and how much easier it becomes to keep gardens and flower beds under control and weed free.


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