Best Garage Door Opener in 2023 – Garage Door Opener Reviews and Ratings

Best Garage Door Opener in 2023 – Garage Door Opener Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 50 hours researching and testing 10 different brands of garage door openers and found that performance, ease of installation, and brand reputation were most important. SOMMER Direct Drive Garage Door Opener scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. The durability and quiet operation of this garage door opener makes it a popular choice among homeowners. One of the unique things about this opener is that the motor is attached to the door instead of the ceiling. This means you won’t have to install a bulky ceiling unit. The rail accommodates 7 or 8 foot doors and comes with a complete installation kit.
Garage Door Opener Review


Best Overall Garage Door Opener

5/5 Product Rating
The SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 Garage Door Opener is a top pick because the unit is durable, quiet and efficient. The Sommer unit is built in Germany and is unique in that the computer controlled motor is attached at the door, rather than on the ceiling near the end of the chain. This eliminates the installation of a bulky unit on the ceiling saving you valuable storage space. It only has one moving part and operates with virtually no vibrations, rather than the typical chain drive, enabling the opener to operate silently. The unit utilizes a Secure Rolling Code Technology for an additional layer of security, which changes the code after each use. The motor is a powerful ¾ HP unit that can pull either single or double doors up quickly and efficiently. The rail can accommodate a 7 or 8 foot door and a complete installation kit is included. This unit also features a soft start to save energy and maintain virtually silent operations.

Two transmitter remote controls, a wall panel and two safety sensors are included. The remote controls can be operated from your vehicle allowing you to open and close the door without leaving the comfort of your car. The safety sensors have a beam that goes across the path of the door and will stop the door from closing if anything crosses while in operation. This can prevent damage to your car or injury if a child gets under the door while it is closing.

The SOMMER Direct Drive 1042V001 is compatible with Homelink but requires a bridge unit for remote operations. The unit weighs just over 40 pounds and measures 42 X 10 X 6.5 inches in size. It features two lithium batteries that can last as long as 3000 hours. The product is made in Germany and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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2. Chamberlain

Best Overall Garage Door Opener – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
The Chamberlain WD1000WF garage door opener is a top pick because it offers a quiet motor with the power of 1 ¼ horsepower and built in Wi-Fi for remote access. The motor is ultra quiet due to the reinforced steel belt. The opener features the equivalent of 1 ¼ horsepower due to the use of reduction gears that give the motor more pulling power. A battery back up is included that can operate the unit up to 3 days or 72 hours without power to the house. This allows you to get in and out of the garage even when interruptions in power occur.

The Chamberlain WD1000WF garage door opener includes access to the MyQ app which gives you remote access to your garage door without requiring Homelink. If you forgot to shut the door or need to check it while at work, you can access your account through your smart phone to both check and operate the opener remotely. The unit is also Homelink compatible. Included with the door opener is the motor, 2 three button remote controls, a control panel with an easy to read LCD, wireless keypad, and two safety sensors. The wall control is programmable for added security. For example, you can turn the unit off at night and the remote controls will not operate the door. The unit weighs 36.4 pounds and measures 26.8 X 8 X 13.5 inches.

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Best Budget Garage Door Opener

4.6/5 Product Rating
The LIFTMASTER 3255 ½ HP Garage Door Opener is a top pick because it has the power and durability for smooth operations. The ½ HP motor is powerful enough to operate both single and double doors and is designed to operate 7 foot garage doors. If you are looking for functionality and durability the Liftmaster brand is one of the most widely used garage door openers on the market and are preferred by contractors. The 3255 Liftmaster opener includes one remote control and a wall panel. The light on the unit comes on when the door activates giving you a lighted garage that is easy to see in. Safety sensors are included, which will reverse the door if anything crosses while the door is in operation.

Rolling Code Technology is also used to ensure that no one else is able to use the remote. This technology prevents random remote controls from operating your garage unit and is an additional layer of security. The unit also includes the PosiLock system which is patented technology which locks the doors closed when not in use.

The chain and rail assembly and battery back up power supply are sold separately. If your current chain and rail assembly are in good condition, this unit will attach to the current system potentially saving you money on replacing the entire system. This unit The motor features a four year warranty.

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Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

What is a Garage Door Opener?

If you are looking for a convenient way to enter and exit your garage an automatic garage door opener can help solve the problem. It is easy to use and can often be self installed. Installation kits may be included with the unit and most plug directly into an existing outlet. Choosing which garage door opener will meet your needs will be decided by a number of factors.

Garage Door Opener1How much power do you need? Double door units require more power than single units because of the overall weight of the door. Double doors should be at least ½ HP and single doors can operate with less. The size of the motor will play a big factor in the cost of a unit. A larger motor will tend to open the door faster and will generally last longer.

Does the noise level matter? Drive systems will determine how loud the door is when it starts. A loud door can be an issue if the garage is close to or below a bedroom or other location where the sound of a door opening could disturb you.

Do you need remote access? One of the newest features found in garage doors are those that are operated wirelessly. This will allow you to turn the system on or off and open or close the door from your smartphone or computer, rather than only with the remote control.

What safety features are important? All doors have a system than stops the door from closing on someone or something under the door. The technology used to reverse the door can vary across manufacturers. The highest quality units use a beam that detects an object crossing the beam and stops the door from closing. These units are more sensitive and can prevent accidents or damage.

What security measures matter? Garage doors can be a common place where thieves try to break into your home. Additional security measures can include the ability to lock the door in place and rolling codes on the remote control, that change the access code each time the door is opened. This technology prevents someone from stealing the code and accessing your home at a later time.

Features to Consider

What drive style do you want. Chain drives are the most commonly used. These units use a chain and a lift to open the door. They are typically the least expensive models but also the loudest. The motor is secured to the ceiling and a rail system is installed to operate the lift. A screw drive system uses a steel rod that the lift moves along to reduce the noise of the opener. It has fewer moving parts and less vibration than chain units. Computer drive openers have a motor which sits on the door rather than the ceiling and does not use chains or screws. The motor directly lifts the door rather than pulling a lift to the motor. These units are virtually silent and reduce the headroom needed.

What size motor should you buy. The size of the motor will control the speed in which the door opens. Larger motors do not have to work as hard and will last longer. They will also open the door faster. Closing is about the same because of the safety precautions needed to stop the door if something or someone crosses under the door.

Remote controls. All automatic doors offer remote controls that are typically operated with radio waves. One or two controls are generally offered with each opener purchase. Additional remotes can be purchased separately. Operating the door may also be available through Wi-FI. If this is the case either a Wi-Fi panel must be installed or connection with a company like Homelink, who provides remote access to multiple devices.

Garage Door Opener2Fixed remotes and wall panels offer the ability to open and close the door while in the garage. Panels can offer a basic open and close but may also allow you to control other features such as lighting or turning the unit on or off without unplugging the device.

Lights. Most openers offer a light that comes on when the door is opened and then remains on for a certain time before shutting off automatically. The ability to set the time that is most convenient to you can increase security and save power.

Locks may be available. This feature allows you to lock the garage and disable the remote, preventing the door from being opened while you are away or late at night after everyone in the home is in for the night.

Timers can lock the garage door at a set time every evening. This is an added level of security that can lock the door when you are away at work or home at night.

Soft start feature reduces the noise caused by the door and also saves energy.


Whichever garage door opener you choose you will find they are convenient to have and easy to operate. A good quality unit will be able to provide years of maintenance free service and enable you to gain access to your garage in a fast and convenient manner.



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