Best Full Length Mirror in 2023 – Full Length Mirror Reviews and Ratings

Best Full Length Mirror in 2023 – Full Length Mirror Reviews and Ratings
Having a full length mirror in your home is an excellent way to ensure that your appearance is good from head to toe. It is especially important for professionals who want to make a good first impression. We spent over 20 hours researching and testing 10 different types of full length mirrors and found that design, durability, and stability were most important. Roundhill Furniture’s Floor Cheval Mirror scored high marks in all areas and is our top pick. This beautifully designed full length mirror is perfect for the bedroom and gives a Victorian style to the room. The cherry finish goes with a lot of different types of décor. Some assembly is required but the instructions and all the hardware you need comes with the mirror when you purchase it. The oval shape and free-standing style is a popular choice for anyone looking for a mirror for their bedroom or dressing room.


Best Overall Full Length Mirror – Runner Up

Adesso Alice Simple, Modern Full Length Mirror with Satin Steel Folding Frame

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The Adesso Alice floor mirror is sleek and stylish and fits perfectly in a modern or contemporary bed or bathroom.

This functional and convenient mirror measures 59” in height but can conveniently fold flat to a 2” depth, making it very easy to store under a bed or in a closet.

The finish of this simply designed yet elegant full length mirror is a powder coated champagne steel. There are ¼” bevels that trim both sides of the mirror for added style.

This mirror is a standalone mirror and works great in any bedroom or large bathroom so you can check your head to toe appearance before you head out for your day.

– Sarah Lytle

Full Length Mirror Buying Guide

Carpet design for the traditional feels in your living room – Beautiful Homes

There are several things you want to keep in mind when you are deciding on which full length mirror to purchase for your home. You’ll be able to sort through the different styles quickly and find the one that you prefer in no time at all. We have listed the different factors you should take into consideration when you are researching different full length mirrors.

  • Space – How much space you have to work with is a very important to keep in mind when you are researching. If you have no wall space to hang a mirror you will need to only look at floor or over the door models. If you don’t have floor space for a freestanding mirror, you will need to look at the over the door models or full length mirrors that can be attached to a wall.
  • Style – To get the most from your full length mirror, make sure that the style fits in with the décor of the room it is going into. The frame is what you will be looking at in terms of style. You want to choose a frame that works with the décor you have. Black or white framed mirrors are very neutral and go well in any décor. Frameless mirrors are another great option that works with many décor styles, especially modern.
  • Function – Full length mirrors have an important job to do. They are the perfect addition to your home to help you ensure that you are putting your best foot forward every day whether you are getting dressed for work, school, a date or a job interview.

Looking your best, even if the look is casual is something everyone wants. A full length mirror placed where you get dressed each day will help you guarantee that you always look your best from every angle. While you could choose a cheap wall model, why miss out on an opportunity to add some style and elegance to your room when you get the chance?

There are so many different types and styles of full length mirrors on the market, you can find just the perfect one that provides what you need to check your appearance while adding elegance and flair to your home.

Types of Full Length Mirrors

There are three basic types of full length mirrors available that you can choose from. We have listed all three of these types below along with specifics of each type sp you can see which one fits your needs and home’s style the best.

  • Full Length Wall Mirror – A full length mirror that mounts to the wall is a very common style of mirror. Wall full length mirrors have several advantages that make them a popular choice among consumers. Since they attach to the wall, they don’t take up any floor space at all while still providing you with a reflection of your entire body.This is a very appealing feature if you live in a small apartment or have very little floor space to work with. Full length wall mirrors are typically less expensive than the other types but this will depend on the type of frame it has and the quality of the mirror. Choosing a full length wall mirror can add visual appeal to a wall in your room even if it is a simple, black-framed model.When hanging your full length wall mirror keep the bottom edge of the mirror off the floor. The best height is just above the baseboard. You want to make sure that you can see your shoes when standing in front of the mirror and looking at your reflection. Adjust the height accordingly until you can see everything you need to.
  • Full Length Over-the-Door Mirror – If you are lacking in floor space and wall space, opt for an over-the-door full length mirror. These are most commonly mounted on the back of bedroom, bathroom or closet doors. If you are a student in a dorm room or rent your home, this is also a great alternative since it does not have to be attached to the wall.Over the door full length mirrors are usually inexpensive and have a variety of simple and attractive frames. They are also good choices for a child’s room. The over the door hardware is easy to install and doesn’t involve putting any holes in the door itself. Some models come with over the door hooks and mounting hardware so you have a choice of which type of mounting you want to use.
  • Free Standing Full Length Mirror – If you have floor space and want to purchase something that can add tons of charm to your bedroom or bathroom, go with a free standing full length mirror. All free standing mirrors are full length. There are three main types that are most often purchased:
    1. Floor Standing Mirror – These tall and most often rectangular mirrors have a frame that rests on the floor or that is supported by two front legs. They usually have a stand in the back of the mirror that is foldable. This folding feature makes them a good choice for corners and places where you prefer the floor models but need the floor space when you don’t need the mirror.They can be folded up and stored in a closet or even under the bed easily. Most floor standing mirrors have frames that are made of wood. Sometimes you may find metal ones that are great choices for modern style homes. Some models have ornate designs as well. A floor standing full length mirror can range in height from 48” to as tall as 80”.
    2. Cheval Full Length Mirror – These mirrors were originally created in France in the 1700s. They are gorgeous pieces of furniture that have 4 legs, much like a horse. In fact this is how they got their name as cheval is French for horse. The design of the Cheval Mirror is unique and very charming. The mirror can be tiled to whatever angle you need.You can look at your entire body or tilt it to focus on a portion. Cheval full length mirrors are almost always oval or rectangular. If you love the vintage look, go for an oval mirror which can be very ornate and Victorian looking. The rectangular models are made of wood in most cases but there are metal varieties as well which make them a great choice for modern/contemporary homes.
    3. Full Length Mirror Jewelry Armoire – Sometimes these full length mirrors are called mirror jewelry boxes. They are similar to a rectangular shaped cheval but they are able to house a ton of accessories and jewelry making them dual purpose. Just from looking at the mirror you won’t be able to tell that it opens up to a variety of compartments, pockets and hooks.This is a great choice for someone who does a lot of accessorizing and dressing up since everything is all in one place and very convenient. Mirror Jewelry boxes are almost always rectangular in shape and are made of wood. They can come in a variety of finishes. There are models of mirror jewelry boxes that can be wall mounted or hung over the door as well.


Full length mirrors are very useful items that can help you ensure that you look your best every day as well as adding visual appeal to whatever room you put them in. They come in a large variety of frame styles and materials, shapes and types. If you care about your appearance from head to toe, you need to make sure that your home has at least one full length mirror in a convenient place.

The three top choices we have featured in this guide are great examples of all three types of full length mirror. They are all high quality and provide the user with the full length reflection that they desire.

If you are looking for something a little different than what pour top rated choices have, use the information that you have learned in this buyer’s guide to sort through all the choices. This knowledge will enable you to make an informed decision that you will be very happy with.


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