Best Foot Massager in 2023 – Foot Massager Reviews and Ratings

Best Foot Massager in 2023 – Foot Massager Reviews and Ratings
Tired, aching feet can be a real problem that can affect a person’s quality of life. Foot massagers can be a real help for relieving the aches and problems that hurting feet can cause. We looked at the 15 most popular foot massagers on the market including the three different types that are available: manual, electric and spa. We looked at many categories including ease of use, size, type of massager, speed choices, features and other options and cost. These three choices below topped the list in all the categories we looked at. Any one of them would be an excellent choice for taking care of your achy, tired feet.
Best Foot Massager

1. Beurer

Best Overall Foot Massager

5/5 Product Rating
This foot massager by Beurer gives users a super deep foot reflex massage that really makes a difference.

There are 18 massage heads as well as a heating function that soothes aching, tired, painful feet.

You can use this convenient and beneficial foot massager at home, when you’re traveling or even at the office to relax during a long day.

This foot massager features 2 speeds so users can choose their massage strength. The surface is made from mesh material that is very breathable.

If you need a good massager that can help improve the health and feel of your tired feet, this one is definitely one to look at.

Linda Krantz


Best Overall Foot Massager – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
Get the ultimate foot massaging experience with the Shiatsu foot massager that features switchable heat that applies heat to your tired muscles.

There are 2 individual foot chambers that delivers an excellent, thorough massage to the sides and bottom of your feet.

The vibrating motion and deep kneading design improves blood flow and rejuvenates your feet.

There is a central control panel that has soft touch buttons where you can dial the massage settings you want to use.

This freestanding design is easy to use and has a cloth cover that is washable so it stays clean.

This foot massager uses a standard plug in for power. This foot massager rivals the professional salon experiences but you can do it right in the comfort of your own home while you watch TV or browse the internet. Using the foot massager will relieve stress; regulate blood flow as well as improves it.

Linda Krantz


Best Budget Foot Massager

4.6/5 Product Rating
This ergonomic rolling and kneading foot massager not only massages the soles of the feet and sides but it massages the sensitive points of the calves as well.

There are 4 different modes to choose from with this automatic massage program.

The 4 modes include a combination of massaging, kneading and rolling. There are also 3 custom modes that will target the tips of the toes, the arches and the soles.

If interested, users can choose the manual mode that can be set to target where you need the most massaging with adjustable speeds and two different directions.

There are convenient pressure nodes that are under the soles of your feet.

These nodes improve blood circulation and stimulate the proper pressure points for the best results. The foot massager operates with a remote control or you can operate it manually. Users can now get this foot massager in a micro-suede velour fabric that detaches so it can be cleaned easily. Clean it easily with a dry cloth made of cotton.

Linda Krantz


Foot Massager Buying Guide

Foot Massager Reviews

Factors to Consider

foot-massager3As with many different products on the market today, when you decide you want a foot massager, you will have to decide between several different options and features.

To make the process easier, it helps to know what the different massagers offer and what features handle what tasks. That is what we will provide for you. This guide is designed to give you as much information as possible for you to use to make a decision on the right foot massager that will make your feet feel as good as new.

Below we have listed some of the basics you will need to know. We’ll start with the three types of foot massagers that are available on the market.

  • Manual Foot Massagers – Manual foot massagers are made of natural materials. This economical and easy to use choice is manually operated by the user, usually with their feet. They are typically very inexpensive but may not provide the type of deep, penetrating massage that you are looking for.
  • Electric Foot Massagers – Electric foot massagers use power to operate rollers or balls that will massage the feet in many different ways. Depending on the massager, it can massage the soles of the feet, the sides and even up to the calf.
  • Foot Spas – This is the Cadillac of foot massagers and contains many features including water and/or heat to relax the joints and muscles of the feet. It is the most expensive option but it is by far the best in terms of truly relaxing and massaging the feet and relieving stress.

Foot massager prices can range from less than $10-$15 dollars to more than a couple hundred. Many doctors recommend the more feature full expensive foot massagers for therapeutic use. If it is doctor recommended foot massager for a medical issue of the feet, it is very possible that the massager would be covered under your insurance.

foot-massager2For this reason, be sure to check with your insurance company before purchasing a foot massager out of pocket. They will tell you the restrictions and qualifications that must be in place for the massager to be covered.

Features of Foot Massagers

Think about the different features that you may find helpful and useful when it comes to the foot massager you choose. Once you know what features you must have, it makes it a lot easier to make a decision on the right one for your needs. If you have some features that are must haves for you, it is very important to ensure that the foot massagers you are considering have those features.

  • Cushioned surface – Both manual and electric foot massagers can have a cushioned surface where users place their feet. The cushioning increases comfort exponentially since it allows the massager to mold to the shape of the user’s feet. Some foot massagers have non-slip surfaces. This cushioned surface can be made from soft foam or plastic pads that have been filled with gel.
  • Multiple Speeds – If the model that you are looking at is electric, is most likely will have multiple speeds that is can be set for so the user csn really customize their massage for exactly what they need. Make sure that the foot massager is solid and not slippery on the bottom when you are using a multiple speed massager. You don’t want the massager to move around while you are trying to use it.
  • Control Panel Options – Most control options will be located on the body of the foot massager. The new brands have started including remote controls which makes it much more convenient for the user to turn them on and off and operate the massaging speed and other options.
  • Heaters – Heat is one of the best things that you can put on tired, aching, painful feet. Many foot massagers offer heat in addition to the massage to increase the medical benefits. It will depend on the model of massager whether the heat is focused just on the bottom of the foot or if it can be set and adjusted to meet your needs.
  • Water – Another special feature that some models have include water jets that are perfect for increasing the circulation and relaxing your muscles. If you want some selections in this area, be sure to see how many jets it offers, if it has adjustable speeds, and what other options are available.
  • foot-massager1

  • Washable cushion cover – This is important seeing as your feet are the ones that will be resting on this cushion. Feet can be dirty so it is important that the cushion on the foot massager is washable. Some may just be spot washable with a rag and others might be detachable so you can remove them completely and toss the whole cover into the washing machine. Be sure to read the cleaning instructions for the model you purchase so you know exactly how to keep it clean. If you are looking for a model with a detachable cushion cover, make sure ahead of time that it has that feature.


Your feet can be the two most abused parts of your body in terms of stress, wear and tear. Day to day life can be so tough on your feet. These stresses can include such problems as joint pain, stiffness, edema, and much more. The right foot massager can do wonders on how tired your feet remain after a long hard day.

There are so many things that using a foot massager can help with. Once you understand the benefits that they can provide you will understand just how important it is to get the one that will provide all of the features you want as well as the benefits and results.

With all of the choices available, there is no reason for you to ever get one that is substandard when it comes to the features it offers and what it advertises it can do for your tired, achy feet. The biggest challenge becomes figuring out which model will work the best while having the features you want.

This is why we have created this guide for you. We have not only featured the top three foot massagers based on multiple criteria, but we have provided additional information as well that includes the features that are common to foot massagers and how to determine what features are important to you.

Taking all this information and using it to sort through all those choices can make the final selection process much easier. You will find that the right model makes itself known and will do wonders for the ailments and aches and pains your feet deal with on a regular basis. Your feet will feel brand new and the aches will be a thing of the past.


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