Best Fondue Set in 2023 – Fondue Set Reviews and Ratings

Best Fondue Set in 2023 – Fondue Set Reviews and Ratings
The Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. The brushed stainless steel bowl holds 3 quarts and has a nonstick interior that prevented food from sticking to the sides. This makes cleaning up very simple. The removable temperature control can be adjusted for a wide range of recipes and ingredients. This pot works for oil, cheese, broth, and chocolate fondues and heats up in just about 10 minutes.

1. Cuisinart

Best Overall Fondue Set

5/5 Product Rating
Cuisinart is a highly respected and well known name in the kitchen supply and appliance industry. This electric fondue set is functional and elegant with a brushed stainless steel bowl that holds 3 quarts and features a non-stick interior that makes clean up a breeze.

This set includes a base, fondue bowl, temperature probe, fork rack and 8 fondue forks. You will have everything you need to serve fondue at your next gathering.

The temperature control is removable and adjusts for a wide range of fondue recipes. You can serve chocolate, broth, oil or cheese fondue, all of which tastes terrific and will add a new kind of entertaining that is interactive and fun.

Heating up of oil or other ingredients is efficient; just 10 minutes or so to heat oil up to 375 degrees. Children should never be around the fondue set unsupervised.

Sarah Lytle

2. Nostalgia

Best Overall Fondue Set – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
This stylish stainless steel fondue pot is perfect for cheese, broth or chocolate fondue recipes. It has a 2 liter capacity and adjustable temperature control with a blue lit dial.

The handles on the fondue pot are cool touch handles so you won’t have to worry about getting burned by touching them when the fondue pot is on.

You can do a lot with this attractive and fun fondue set. It comes with a support ring and 6 fondue forks that are color-coded which make it easy for guests to not confuse the fork they are using with other forks. Clean up is very easy, making fondue something to enjoy on a regular basis.

Sarah Lytle

3. VonShef

Best Budget Fondue Set

4.6/5 Product Rating
VonShef Fondue Set is the perfect centerpiece to a dinner party or casual get together. It is made from porcelain enamel cast iron that is heat resistant.

The adjustable flame burner has a convenient snuffer. It is the perfect size for storing or taking with you when you travel or just go over to someone else’s house for the evening.

Included in the VonShef Fondue Set is the enameled pot made of durable cast iron, a base, a splash protector ring and 6 long stemmed forks.

The beautiful red color makes a stylish splash of color that is perfect for any gathering. Your family and guests will love the fondue whether it is cheese, chocolate, broth or oil.

Sarah Lytle

Fondue Set Buying Guide

Best Fondue Set

Types of Fondue

There are three main types of fondue that you can cook with a fondue set: meat, chocolate and cheese. Each type of ingredient has a different need or requirement when it comes to the pot, fuel and heat. You will need to understand the requirements to ensure that you choose a fondue set that encompasses these features. We have listed this helpful information below.

  • Meat – Meat fondue is something that not all people realize can be done. Meat fondues involve everyone cooking their own meat in the fondue pot that is in the center of the table. You can cook vegetables the same way you cook the meat. These foods will be cooked in either broth or oil that has been heated to the proper temperature.
  • Cheese – Cheese fondue is a favorite with most people. Who doesn’t like different foods dipped in melted cheese? It can be used as an appetizer before the main course or in some cases it can be the main course. If you are using the fondue set for a party, it can be a great tasting part of the party food. Popular items that are placed in bowls to dip into the cheese include crusty breads, cooked chunks of meat, and certain vegetables. Fondue is excellent for a supervised children’s party or a more elegant occasion such as a wine and cheese party.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate fondue is a huge favorite among a lot of people, especially if you already love chocolate. You can set out all kinds of fruit such as strawberries, pineapple pieces, and apples as well as tiny Rice Krispie treats, brownie bites, marshmallows and more. Dipping these in the warm melted chocolate makes a fantastic tasting dessert you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Fondue Pot Heating Sources

There are several different types of heating sources that a fondue pot can use: electricity, candles or fuel. These heating sources are responsible for melting the contents or keeping the contents at the required cooking temperature. Each ingredient needs to be kept at a proper temperature to ensure proper taste and cooking, especially for meat fondue.

  • Electric – Electric power provides stable temperature control for the ingredients you are melting and/or cooking. This is the biggest advantage that electric fondue pots have over the other types of fuel. Most electric fondue pots have adjustable temperature controls and are suitable for all types of fondue ingredients. By maintaining steady temperature, cheese and chocolate don’t solidify or burn and it prevents oil and broth from reaching temperatures that are too low to cook the meat properly or too high to be safe.
  • Fuel – Fondue sets that use fuel provide portability that electric fondue sets don’t have. You can transport electric fondue sets but you must ensure that there is access to a power source before you can use them. Fondue sets that use a fuel source can be set up anywhere, even outside for a cookout and the fuel ensures that they are at the proper temperatures. There are a few different types of fuel that are used with fondue sets. Although it may not be as precise as electric fondue pots are, you can still adjust the temperature of the fuel to low, medium or high.

    1. Butane – Butane fuel offers the greatest temperature control of all the fuel types. It is the newest type of fuel source available. You can refill butane burners with regular butane cartridges. Butane’s flexibility makes butane suitable for all types of fondue.
    2. Alcohol – When alcohol is used in a burner that is adjustable, denatured alcohol is almost equal to the versatility that butane offers. This type of fuel works very well for meat and cheese fondue but it is not always a good choice for chocolate due to the tendency for the chocolate to burn even when the heat is minimized. You should only use denatured or isopropyl alcohol in these fuel burners.
    3. Gel Fuel – Steno is a form of gel fuel that can be used for fondue pots. This type of fuel does not burn as hot as liquid alcohol does. For this reason, it is a good fuel choice for chocolate and cheese but not meat. This is because of the high heat that is needed for the oil or broth to cook the meat.

    Although these fuel sources eliminate the need for cords, some feel that the risk of spilling the fuel is much more dangerous than the inconvenience of using a cord. Whenever using any type of fuel source follow all safety precautions and do not have the fondue pot or the fuel source where children and pets can topple it. Keep a fire extinguisher handy in the event of an emergency.

  • Candle – The low heat that a candle provides makes it perfect for using with chocolate fondue. As the chocolate melts in another pot before it is placed in the fondue pot, you will only need to provide enough heat to keep it from hardening back up. Tealights provide plenty of heat and won’t burn hot enough to burn or scorch the chocolate. It is not hot enough for melting the cheese or cooking meat.

Fondue Equipment

There are several pieces that make up a fondue set. We have listed each piece of the set and the characteristics of each. This will help you understand what features to look for when it comes to the different aspects of your fondue set.

  • Fondue Pots – When it comes to choosing the right fondue pot, take into consideration what type of fondue you want to offer. There is a difference between a cooking pot and a dipping pot. It is important to match the right type of pot with the task unless you find a fondue set that offers a pot that can be used for all types of fondue.

    1. Meat – the best materials for cooking meat are cast iron, steel and copper. These pots retain the heat that is needed to keep the oil or broth at the right temperature that will cook the meat thoroughly. The pots can handle the high temperatures without worry of them breaking or cracking. The pots that are designed for cooking meat curve in at the top and feature a splashguard. The purpose of the splashguard is to prevent hot oil or liquid from splattering. Most pots for meat can hold 4 to 6 skewers. Plan on using one fondue pot per 6 people. Using it for more than 6 people lowers the cooking temperature too much to properly cook the meat.
    2. Chocolate and Cheese – Fondue pots that are designed for chocolate and cheese can be made from ceramic or earthenware. They have flat bottoms and the sides of the pots are straight. They also have low heat retention. The top of pot is either flared outward slightly or straight up and down providing plenty of room for dipping and swirling the food morsels in the cheese or chocolate. Pots that are designed for cooking meat fondue are not good for cheese or chocolate because the higher heat retention can cause the contents to burn.
  • Fondue Forks – A good rule of thumb is to provide two fondue forks per person, one for cooking or dipping the food and the other for eating. This will prevent people from placing the fork they eat with into the pot that everyone is using. It will also prevent anyone getting burned from eating with the forks that have been in the hot liquid. For dipping most fondue sets contain fondue forks which are long handled, skewer type forks that have a heatproof tip. You can use regular forks for eating. Many fondue sets have color-coded fondue forks that make it much easier to tell on person’s fondue fork from another.
  • Burners – Make sure that you use the right burner for the appropriate fuel type. This information will be listed on the guide that the manufacturer provides with the burner.
  • Temperature Probe – Temperature plays an important part in meat fondues. It is important to make sure that the oil or broth maintains the proper temperature of 375 to cook the meat properly. If you don’t have a temperature probe handy, drop a cube of bread into the oil. If it cooks to a golden brown in 30 seconds, the oil or broth is the right temperature.


Fondue sets provide you with the opportunity to enjoy a unique and enjoyable method of dining. The food that is cooked with a fondue set is delicious and the interactive nature of cooking or dipping the food is one that facilitates great conversation.

Purchasing a quality fondue set or two is an investment in quality time with family and friends that they will remember for years to come. Don’t forget to include the children; fondue meals will be something they talk about and enjoy for years and will likely do with their own families.


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