Best Fishing Wader in 2023 – Fishing Wader Reviews and Ratings

Best Fishing Wader in 2023 – Fishing Wader Reviews and Ratings

I’m sure you’ll agree that a fishing waders must have a great fit so that you can move easily with them, and be well constructed to keep you dry. That was our top criteria for selecting the best fishing waders. If you want to cut to the chase, the Caddis Men’s Stocking Foot Wader scored high above the other waders we tested and is our top pick. These waterproof, breathable waders prevent water from getting into the waders and keep your feet dry and comfortable while you are fishing.

1. Caddis Men’s Waders

Best Men’s Fishing Waders

5/5 Product Rating
CaddisDry fabric is one of the great secrets behind the quality of these Caddis breathable waders. The waterproof, breathable layer will not allow any water to pass through and get inside the waders.

But that’s not all…it also continues to allow the vapor molecules to escape which means there is no build up of moisture inside the waders while you have them on. You’ll stay dry and comfortable in these no matter what season it is.

The two tone stocking foot waders have double knees, adjustable deluxe suspenders, a new quad pocket and attached breathable gravel guards too.

These are just a few of the features that users will benefit from. The feet are double taped, glued, and stitched to keep your feet dry and warm. Boots are sold separately.

These Caddis Men’s Waders are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate many different body types. These waders work in all weather conditions and will keep you comfortable whether you are fishing, clamming, or just working in your own pond. They are perfect for cool mornings and long, hot days.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Cadis Women’s Waders

Best Women’s Fishing Waders

5/5 Product Rating
Caddis fishing waders are not just designed for men. These women’s natural ensemble stockingfoot waders have multiple storage pockets, attached gravel guards, high density neoprene feet and CaddisDry breathable technology that ensures you will stay dry and comfortable regardless of the season you are wearing them.

Other features include the adjustable chest draw cord, free wader belt and repair kit. These waders are constructed from heavy duty polyester material with taped, glued and stitched seams that will keep all water from getting inside.

Caddis is known for their quality products and these women’s waders are no exception. Boots are sold separately. These women’s fishing waders are available in a variety of sizes.

You will look stylish and comfortable while you are fishing, clamming, working in your pond or any other water activity that involves standing in the water.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Redington

4.6/5 Product Rating
These Redington Crosswater Waders are equipped with high density neoprene booties. The opposing buckles allow for easy adjusting the waist height for the right comfortable fit that is secure and durable.

The gravel guards and wading belt provide the most security you can have, even in difficult water. The flip-out pockets feature a YKK zipper.

They are made from 100% polyester, 3 layer waterproof and breathable DWR coated fabric that is surprisingly thing and very comfortable in all seasons.

Whether you are just going on the rare fishing trip or you are heading out for a major fishing excursion, these Redington Crosswater waders will keep you comfortable and completely dry the whole time.

Being wet and cold or hot and sweaty can ruin an otherwise terrific fishing trip. Don’t let those things affect you by being prepared with a good pair of high quality fishing waders.

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Fishing Waders Buying Guide

Fishing Wader Reviews

Facts to Consider

There are several factors that you want to consider and look for when you are shopping for the right pair of fishing waders. We have outlined the most common things to look for in a good quality pair. The right pair of fishing waders will protect you from the elements, keep you dry and make your time fishing much more enjoyable.

    Fishing Wader1

  • Breathability – Waders have changed a lot over the years. When fishing, people will normally lose as much as a pint of water every hour. This water loss can result in feeling damp and also cause a drop in body temperature. Modern waders are made with breathable fabric that allows moisture to pass through the material and away from the body, while at the same time preventing water from getting inside the waders. This reduces the effects on the body and keeps the wearer dry and comfortable regardless of the season.
  • Construction – You want to purchase a pair of waders that have been designed for real fishing situations like dealing with fishing hooks, barbed wire fencing and thorn bushes. It is not uncommon for a fishing fly to snag your waders every once in awhile. This shouldn’t ruin your fishing trip though. The right pair of fishing waders is durable and long lasting and can handle instances such as these without getting ruined. Most waders are made with multiple layers in heavy wear areas that will give them plenty of resistance against abrasions. You want to look for 3 ply construction, especially in the lower extremities such as the feet and knees. 5 ply is even better if you can find it. You will be protected from hooks, water and most other typical fishing dangers.
  • Fit – You want to choose a wader that can provide the best fit possible. This will definitely pay off at the end of a long fishing trip. You want to have plenty of range of motion to allow for kneeling to take care of fish, navigating through the bushes and vegetation that is common next to streams, and climbing over any rocks. Flexibility in the knees is much better than a straight leg design and allows for more freedom of movement. In addition, look for waders that have right and left foot specifics. This will eliminate excess fabric in the boot that can result from a generic foot. Women should look for good women’s fishing waders. Men’s waders will not be comfortable. There are plenty of companies that make women specific waders that will feel good and look good too.
  • Features – You want to choose a pair of waders that have extra features such as suspenders, gravel guards, pockets and wader belts as well. All of these features combine to make a great pair of fishing waders that will be comfortable, keep you dry and will also be functional as well.
  • Repairs and Warranties – At some point, a pair of waders that your purchase may develop a leak. The majority of waders on the market come with repair kits that can take care of any leaks that come about. Of course, you don’t want to be fixing leaks frequently so if you find yourself doing this, you may want to consider looking for a higher quality pair. Look for fishing waders that offer good repair and replacement warranties. The best quality products will have companies that want to stand behind their products and they can do that with an excellent warranty.

Fishing Wader Styles

There are three types of waders on the market:

  • Hip Waders – Hip waders are easy to put on and take off. They can be worn easily over regular clothing and offer plenty of coverage to handle your wading tasks. They are the perfect waders for small streams, clamming, big game hunting in boggy terrain, launching and recovering boats and more. Hip waders typically have belt straps to help hold them up.
  • Fishing Wader2

  • Waist High Waders – Waist high waders are just like a pair of pants. They are between hip waders and chest waders. Most have belt loops and a wader belt to hold them up securely. This type of wader offers the angler extra coverage to handle getting where they want to go while fishing. Most waist high waders leave the upper body exposed so you stay comfortable in warm weather. They provide a little more coverage than hip waders and not as much as chest waders provide.
  • Chest Waders – This type of fishing wader is the most versatile of all the types. This is mainly due to the fact that they provide the most coverage. Chest waders are perfect for the wader that will be going into chest deep water to reach a specific spot or if the user will be standing in water higher than waist deep on a regular basis.

    Since water can be unpredictable at times, having chest waders can eliminate problems that can occur from sudden drop offs, strong currents and waves. When wading in chest high water, be certain to use a wading belt for safety. If you’ll be using a float tube or pontoon boat for fishing, chest waders are the perfect gear. They are also great for protection against wind and rain.


Fishing waders are a common part of fly fishing and other types of fishing that involve being in the water. They are also good for working in extremely wet conditions such as ponds, streams and around messy and wet animals. Many farmers even use fishing waders to rinse out dairy barns. They are designed to keep the wearer dry and comfortable in extremely wet conditions and make fishing in streams much more enjoyable.

There are a lot of different styles of fishing waders on the market; so many, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming trying to decide which ones to get. With the right fishing waders, you will be able to enjoy the adventure of fishing in streams and rivers without being uncomfortable, wet, and cold.

The information in this guide provides you with the knowledge you need to sort through all the choices. You will know what features to look for and how to choose a high quality pair of waders over a pair that you will be disappointed in. The right decision can make all the difference in the world when it comes to having a great fishing experience.


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