Best Fetal Doppler in 2023 – Fetal Doppler Reviews and Ratings

Best Fetal Doppler in 2023 – Fetal Doppler Reviews and Ratings

I’m sure you’ll agree that a fetal doppler should be effortless to listen with, unobstrustive, and easy to use. That was our top criteria for selecting the best fetal doppler. If you want start to hear your baby right away, the Infantly Bright Heartbeat Baby Monitor, is a combination of all these features and was selected the “Best Overall” pick from our editorial team.

Best Fetal Doppler

1. Infantly Bright

Best Overall Fetal Doppler

5/5 Product Rating
This fetal doppler from Infantly Bright features womb music while also acting as a baby monitor. It allows you to hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat, kicks, hiccups, and so much more, to help you bond with your baby before they make their big arrival in the world. What you get free with your purchase is a personalized lullaby album that sings your baby’s name in the songs, so that they know who they are from the start.

This fetal doppler is safe and non-invasive, and it’s also compact and so easy to take on the go. Customers love this fetal doppler because it’s so easy to use, and makes a great gift for any pregnant couple. The purchase comes with two sets of ear buds for both mom and dad, so they can listen at the same time.

It’s easy to turn the volume on and off, and you also get volume control with power-on LED indicator with ultra-clear audio sound. This is a top pick among customers because it’s not only easy to use, but you’re going to be amazed by all the sounds that it picks up.

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2. Womb Music

Best Overall Fetal Doppler – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
Womb Music is a brand name that all new parents can trust, and this fetal doppler is a good example of why. The Heart to Heart Prenatal Listening system is a monitoring unit that allows you to hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat, kicks, and hiccups, and this helps you to bond with your baby before they’re even born.

With your purchase you get two sets of ear buds, so that mom can share the sounds with another loved one. The heartbeat sensor comes with adjustable belt so that mom can conveniently wear the doppler around the house, or even on the go. It’s easy to turn the doppler on and off, and there’s also volume control so that mom can find just the right level.

This device is both safe and non-invasive, so the baby could never possibly be bothered by it. You’re gong to absolutely love the performance of this doppler, and adding to your enjoyment will be how lightweight it is, and portable. This is a top rated baby doppler for good reason, and you’re going to be delighted with what you get to hear.

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3. Jumper Angel

Best Budget Fetal Doppler

4.6/5 Product Rating
As far as baby dopplers go, this is one of the best, and it’s produced by Jumper Angel, a high quality brand that is known for its superior baby products. This baby doppler counts your unborn baby’s kicks and movements, and it may even help the prevention of stillbirth. Included with your purchase you get a carrying strap that makes it easy to take the doppler on the go.

There’s also 12 months limited manufacturer warranty, so that if anything goes wrong it is easy to return your purchase. There’s really no chance that you’re going to need to return this doppler because it’s made from the highest quality materials, and it’s sure to give you the performance that you need and want. With a system like this in place, you can hear all of your baby’s precious movements, creating an early bond that will only grow after the baby has arrived.

It’s also fun to share with family and friends when you hear the baby kicking or making hiccup sounds. No matter what reason for your purchase, you’re going to see that this doppler gives you excellent sound quality and clarity, and you can always adjust the volume to suit your needs.

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Fetal Doppler Buying Guide

Fetal Doppler Reviews

What is a Fetal Doppler

Fetal Doppler1We all know what a stethoscope is, because it’s one of the most recognizable medical tools. This device helps medical professionals to hear objects and sounds within the human body. A doppler stethoscope combines the traditional device with the doppler effect, which makes the piece of equipment even more useful with ultrasound frequency for moving body parts.

About the Doppler Stethoscope

Like traditional stethoscopes, the doppler is placed on the body so that you can listen for sounds. But, it differs in that it produces its own ultrasound frequency waves that bounce and echo off the organs inside the body, allowing you to hear even more sounds. These ultrasound frequencies are then converted into sound signals that can be heard by medical professionals and those who use the doppler.

These kinds of listening devices are useful for hearing the heart, lungs, bowels, and other organs that are inside the human body. Since the ultrasound frequencies must bounce off moving parts, it makes this device perfect for listening to a baby that is still in the womb. It’s also able to quickly inform someone if there is something wrong with the baby, and movement has ceased.

Buying a Baby Doppler

When it comes to buying a fetal doppler, there are so many kinds out there to choose from, and they come with a lot of features that make some dopplers stand out from the rest. It can be confusing at first when you’re looking for the right doppler for you, but take heart. Once you know what kinds of features you’re interested in, it’s going to be much easier to make a purchase. Owning and operating a baby doppler is a wonderful way for a mom to get in touch with the baby inside of her, by hearing the child’s heartbeat and kicking, and some devices also allow the mother to create a soundtrack of music to soothe their baby inside them. It’s fun to share these sounds with other loved ones, and it’s particularly handy to get a doppler that you can wear on the go.

Focus on Quality

As with anything, quality is key when you’re looking for the right fetal doppler for you. When you’re purchasing a doppler, you want to make sure that your main focus is the quality of the materials and construction. Just because the doppler looks great and has a lot of fun features doesn’t mean that it is going to perform at a high level of quality, necessarily. The highest quality doppler is going to be the most beneficial in the long run, so look out for these factors:

  • Digital Blood Flow Doppler Attachment
  • Tubing Created with Thick Material for Good Sound Transmission
  • Fetal Doppler2

  • Angled and Soft Ear Pieces for a Snug Fit

It’s not enough to just examine the baby doppler to see if it looks like it’s of good quality. You need to read some reviews and consumer reports to see which fetal dopplers really outperform the rest. Speaking to a pediatrician is another great way to find a high quality fetal doppler that customers can really stand by.

Choose a Particular Maker

There are so many brands that produce baby dopplers, but you can be sure that when you go with a highly praised company that you’re probably going to get a product that will work well for you, as opposed to going with an unknown brand that merely has a low price tag. That’s why it’s again emphasized that you read reviews online to see which brands are really trusted. The brands that produced the top rated fetal dopplers mentioned above are definitely some of the best that you’re going to find on the market so you know you can purchase from these manufacturers with confidence.

Make Aesthetics a Secondary Concern

Some fetal dopplers feature fun and cute designs that make them appealing to the customer, but remember that quality should trump aesthetics in this case. Just because it’s cute and it plays fun music doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a high quality product, so do your homework. Only on a secondary basis should you consider color, shape, style, and size. Keep in mind also that when it comes to tubing, a shorter length tube is going to make it easier to move around, and they’re going to be less cumbersome. It’s also smart to purchase a doppler that comes with a belt so that the device is out of your way at all times.

Consider the Cost

The highest quality dopplers are going to cost more than the low quality ones, for obvious reasons. They’re made from better materials, and often they have more features that make them more expensive to produce. Keep in mind that you want to consider the doppler as an investment, but you’re only going to get 9 months of use out of it, so there’s no sense in spending a fortune. You want to consider the overall cost before making a purchase, and stick to your budget. If you’re someone that doesn’t have a lot of money to spend, then consider going with a mid-quality doppler that still allows you to hear your baby, but doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the more expensive models.

Finding a Fetal Doppler In Stores and Online

You can find fetal dopplers both in stores and online, and they’re not too difficult to locate. When you want to do a search online, you have the added benefit of being able to read customer reviews and enter into chat forums. There are plenty of forums for new moms where you can engage in discussions about various baby products, and fetal dopplers are just some of the items that you’ll find are being discussed.

Fetal Doppler3Sometimes it’s good to go into a baby store, because that way you can talk to a professional and hear their opinion about which fetal dopplers are the best. You can easily find one of the top rated fetal dopplers either in a retail store or online. These are the most popular, and you can find them at various different price points, so be sure to shop around to get a price that works for you. Lastly, always be sure to hold onto your receipt after purchase, and don’t throw it away until you’ve tried the doppler on and know that it is functioning optimally. Do be sure to consult the user’s manual to make sure that you’re using it properly, and that you know how to properly stow and maintain the doppler. Once you’ve got it all set, you’re going to be ready to start listening to your baby’s most precious first sounds.


Owning a baby doppler is a fun and remarkable way to hear your baby inside of you; all of their kicks and hiccups and movements. You can also share these sounds with your husband and loved ones, so that everyone can listen to the precious gift within you. When you’re ready to purchase a baby doppler, then it’s smart to go with one of the top rated dopplers that are mentioned above, but if you’re still unsure, then our buyer’s guide is going to assist you with the decision process. No matter what doppler you choose, you’re going to love how it helps you to bond with your baby, and at such an early stage in their development.



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