Best Facial Hair Removal Products in 2023 – Facial Hair Removal Products Reviews and Ratings

Best Facial Hair Removal Products in 2023 – Facial Hair Removal Products Reviews and Ratings

Most people have some type of hair on their face. While it is natural, it isn’t always a desirable look, especially if that hair is unsightly or unwanted. While there isn’t much you can do about having unwanted facial hair—there are plenty of products you can use to remove this unwanted facial hair.

We have reviewed countless facial hair removal products of all types and styles and found that the Finishing Touch Facial Exfoliating Device is the best beauty product out there for anyone looking to remove unwanted facial hair.

Best Facial Hair Removal Product Reviews

1. Finishing Touch

Best Overall Facial Hair Removal Product

Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo Lighted Facial Exfoliator - Non-Vibrating and Includes 6 Replacement Heads, White/Rose Gold

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Dermaplaning is one of the newest types of at home facial hair removal approaches and it is one that not only removes that light, peach-fuzz hair from the face that is so difficult to get rid of—but it can actually exfoliate the skin as well—making it a real two-for-one.

Our top choice for at home dermaplaning wins for our best overall product, because it actually works. There are many products (such as tweezers) that can help you get rid of long, dark noticeable hairs, but very few that can target those light fuzzy hairs that seem to be the most noticeable. This product does both. It is painless, easy-to-use and won’t cause inflammation or harm the skin. This particular product also comes with a cleanser to prep the skin beforehand and a moisturizer to nourish and calm the skin when you are done so you not only have a hair-free face, but a glowing, healthy looking face as well.

– Linda Krantz

2. Remington

Best Laser Facial Hair Remover Product

Remington IPL6500QFB iLight Ultra Face & Body At-Home IPL Hair Removal System, Permanent Results with Powerful 24 Js per Flash- FDA Cleared for Women & Men

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Laser hair removal used to only be available at specialty spas and treatment centers—but now you can use this technology at home with products like the Remington iLight Ultra Face and Body Hair Removal System. We love this product because it is FDA-cleared and gentle enough to use on the face, yet powerful enough to handle stubborn body hair. This system isn’t just effective, but it will deliver long-lasting results, meaning regular hair removal can finally be a thing of the past.

– Linda Krantz

3. Olay

Best Depilating Hair Removal Product

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo Medium to Coarse Hair 1 Kit

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as of May 7, 2023 10:46 pm

Depilating products (like the popular Nair creams) are popular for hair facial hair removal. They are creams that will remove hair from delicate areas of the body without any waxing, pulling or burning.

Our top pick for depilating hair creams is the Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo. This hair removal product also comes with a skin guarding balm that will protect the skin—which is why we love this removal cream. Start with the balm to protect the skin, then put a thick layer of the depilating cream on top of the area for around 8 minutes, then wipe it away. It is that simple.

– Linda Krantz

Summary of Our Top Picks

Facial hair removal products are a great way to keep yourself looking and feeling your best. Unwanted facial hair can really take a toll on your look and your self-confidence, which is why we took so much time researching the best hair removal products out there. Whether you prefer a gentle cream, a powerful laser or an advancer dermaplaning tool—all of our top picks are great options when it comes to quickly and easily removing unwanted hair. In addition to our top three picks in these different categories, we also have a detailed list of some of our other top picks for removing facial hair.

4. Schick

5. Panasonic


7. Leuxe

8. R.E.M

9. Nad’s

10. Veary


Facial Hair Removal Product Buying Guide

Best Facial Hair Removal Buying Guide

When it comes to key considerations for buying a facial hair removal product—the features to look for are pretty obvious. You want a product that will actually work and actually get rid of the hair on your face—without hurting. Nearly all hair removal devices can do this. What is most important is that you know what type of hair removal device you are really buying. There are so many types of hair removers out there. This detailed guide will help you decide which one has the benefits that best fit your needs.

Dermaplaning Devices

Dermaplaning is one of the latest and greatest techniques used to remove delicate facial hair. For years, dermaplaning was only available in spas and esthetician’s offices, but now there are at-home devices that make utilizing this technology much easier and much more affordable. Basically, this device is a super-sharp razor that is powered by small sonic vibrations to remove hair, especially that difficult peach fuzz.

One of the reasons that dermaplaning is so popular is because while it removes this hair, it also exfoliates the skin as it removes dead skin cells from the face. Every time you use this device you are not only getting rid of unwanted hair, but you are giving yourself a mini at-home facial as well. It is basically like getting a full facial wax and microdermabrasion at once—in half the time.

When looking for one of these devices, consider a kit that has products for pre and post use and that will walk you through the process, so you can get the best results possible.


Tweezing has been a popular facial hair removal product for years and years. It is not the most advance solution as it simply requires you meticulously pulling out one unwanted hair at a time—and it can take a while and be slightly uncomfortable. However, tweezers can serve a purpose. They are great for specific, small areas like the eyebrows, or when you only have a single stray hair or two to get rid of. They can also help you go in and remove really stubborn hairs that get left behind from other removal processes.

Best Facial Hair Removal Buying Guide

When shopping for tweezers, make sure to find a product that is slanted, this allows for more precision and can help you grab multiple hairs at once, if needed.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are popular for facial hair removal because they are gentle yet effective. Plus, they are easy to use. Simply apply the cream, leave it on and wipe away the cream to remove the hair. The process only takes a few minutes and these depilating treatments can get rid of that difficult peach fuzz. They also typically deliver much longer-lasting results than shaving. The reason that depilatory creams are so popular for facial products is that they are gentle and delicate and won’t irritate the skin. However, while it is more gentle, it may not remove hair as long as waxing, since it doesn’t pull the hair out at the root.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for depilatory creams is that you need to make sure that you are buying a cream removal product specifically designed for the face. This is the best way to make sure that the product won’t irritate the delicate skin on your face.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal treatments are most popular in specialty spas and treatment centers and now they can be applied at home. Laser treatments work by “zapping” away hair follicles with heat and light. While it sounds relatively painful, it is actually relatively comfortable. When the laser zaps away the hair follicles, it will actually damage them to the point where the hair can no longer grow. These portable laser treatment products are not as powerful as the spa versions so you won’t be able to get results in a single treatment. However, you can typically remove the hairs once every few weeks to see lasting, permanent results over time.


While men have been using razors to remove unwanted facial hair for decades, there are actually new types of razors that are designed with more delicate female skin as well. These razors are sharper than your average razors you find in the drug store. These are ultra-sharp exfoliating razors that are designed for the entire face and created to get rid of everything from stubborn hairs or light peach fuzz.

Best Facial Hair Removal Buying Guide

Coil Epilators

Coil epilators are designed to mimic the threading process that is extremely popular in many spas and salons—only the coils are meant to be less painful. Simply press the coil against your skin and twist the handles and the hair painlessly comes out. It’s really that simple.


Waxing is another hair removal process that has been used for many years and is still one of the most common forms of hair removal used today. This is because waxing actually removes the hair at the root—which is why waxing results last so long. When it comes to at-home facial hair removal waxes, there are a few options. There are traditional forms of hot wax that you can heat in your microwave, but one of our favorite facial hair remover products are actually wax strips. These strips are warmed by rubbing them in between your hands. You pull them apart, place the sticky side on your face and then pull them off. They tend to be quite gentle and they are very convenient and mess-free—making them great for home bathroom use.


Nose hair is facial hair too. If this is your major area of concern when it comes to facial hair removal, then there is no better option than a trimer. These handheld, battery-powered devices are great for getting rid of unwanted hairs in sensitive areas such as this. While they don’t fully remove the hair, they will trim it back safely—which is why they are worth considering.


Removing unwanted facial hair doesn’t have to be difficult, or painful. In fact, with products such as this you can quickly and easily remove this hair and get real results. No pain, no expensive trips to the spa and no need to repeat the process every day. Make sure to read our buying guide to get further insight on the different types of facial hair removal products to determine which type of product is best for you and your hair removal goals. With this insight, and our list of top products—you can find the tools and items you need to finally get rid of that hair for good.

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