Best Face Paint in 2023 – Face Paint Reviews and Ratings

Best Face Paint in 2023 – Face Paint Reviews and Ratings

We have compiled this professional guide for you based on our experience and expert reviews. We tested a variety of face paint sets over 2 weeks and identified our top 10 picks. Among these best face paints, we will recommend you Snazaroo Face Paint if you are in hurry and looking for a wise option.

1. Snazaroo

Best Overall Face Paint

5/5 Product Rating

Snazaroo Face Paint has gained vital popularity in a short while for their tremendous features and hence we have ranked it on top in our best face paint list. The face paints are crafted in a specialized way to work as a user-friendly option even for the most sensitive skin. They are scent free and are thoroughly reviewed by dermatologists and toxicologists.

The face paints are formulated while keeping safety as a topmost priority. All the ingredients used in their composition fully complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and toy and cosmetic regulations which guarantee you their non-toxic nature. These face paints are water soluble which makes it incredibly convenient to take them off when required. All you need is soap and warm water which keeps you away from the fatigue of scrubbing or using tough removers.

Finally, face painting is all about looking great and having exciting moments. Snazaroo Face Paint comes in multiple vibrant colors. They dry quickly thus letting you complete your ingenious design within 5 minutes.

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2. Create a Face

Best Overall Face Paint – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating

The face paints of Create a Face smoothly stays well for several hours. These 8 base colors blend quickly and give you an opportunity to come up with your own unique color palette. Using this color pallet, you can design more than 50 faces.

The other admirable feature of the face paints is that they dry faster than any other pallet. It dries within 60 seconds and lets you begin your fun which is exceptional. These paints are water soluble and you can use water and soap or baby wipes to take it off. On top of that, every included ingredient is laboratory-tested and in 100% compliance with FDA. They are non-toxic and non-allergic which is a crucial factor for skin protection.

The face paint kit comes with 32 popular stencils and complimentary e-book with exclusive face paint ideas. They will help you paint more faces with neatness and make use of unique ideas. Also, money back is guaranteed in case of any issue. A highly recommended all in one face paint palette.

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3. Blue Squid

4.8/5 Product Rating

We have selected Blue Squid Face Paint in our best face paint category as you don’t need to be an artist or proficient for using this kit. The face paint kit comes with exciting bonuses including online face painting guide with detailed videos to help you create some awesome designs.

These are certified cosmetic grade face paints and are hypoallergenic and non-toxic. You can freely use them to paint your child’s face and sensitive skin as they are FDA compliant. Also, they are water soluble which makes it much easier to take them off with the use of soap and water.

Whether you are organizing an exciting party or simply want to have some creative and pleasurable time in your boring routine, your best companion can be Blue Squid Face Paint. You will never get disappointed as they offer rich consistency and vivacious colors. Each paint included in the kit is approximately 10ml which can be easily used on over 100 faces.

In addition to that, these high-quality paints come with brushes of different dimensions including a thick brush for an ultimate coverage, a thin brush for shaping the design and an ultra-thin brush for adding details. Relish exceptional face designs with using Blue Squid Face Paint.

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4. Go Green

4.6/5 Product Rating

Go Green Face Paints are not only for Halloweens and parties but for everyday inspiration as well. Featuring 15 beautiful colors, they let you paint exclusive designs. The best thing about the face paints is that the pigments never crack like many others which can be quite irritating.

The interlocking face paint jars are compact enough to be stored in a pocket or purse so you can effortlessly take them anywhere. Additionally, each ingredient is certified organic which makes it the safest choice. Vegetable by-products are used in their composition which is fully safe for all ages. You can apply it on your face without the addition of water.

The face painting kit is made in the USA and comes in 15 appealing colors including red, yellow, blue, black and white. Grab this amazing piece of art and make your life more colorful.

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5. Bo Buggles

4.4/5 Product Rating

Bo Buggles offer high-quality face paints which come in appealing gift box. The face paints are water soluble and FDA certified which makes them fully safe on the sensitive skin. The highly popular face paints are recognized by professional painters around the globe.

With Bo Buggles 10g paint pots and 10m glitter pots, you can make several imaginative designs. The paint is protected by screw down lids to keep it fresh every time. Besides, it comes with 50 epoxy resin stencils that are perfect for contours and outlining. These amazing stencils remain adhesive up to 4-5 uses.

Further, the paint box kit offers 2 classic brushes. The thick brush is for overall coverage whereas the thin brush can be used for fine details. Finally, the application is quite simple. Just add a little water to a brush and mix with the paints to make it super creamy and vibrant. For removal, use soap and water or makeup remover.

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Face Paint Buying Guide

Island Princess Face Paint

What is A Face Paint?

Face Paints are used to apply a design on the face that is often loved by kids and a common tradition of festivals and parties. The designs may range from a simple apple made from one or two color paints to complex ones such as leopard marks which require detail shading and multiple colors. Face painting has become a popular profession as well where experts create complex face designs that go well with the costumes for a specific event. However, selecting face paints is not an easy job as you must look at different noteworthy aspects to protect your skin from any harm.

What to Look For in a Face Paint?

Safe Ingredients

The most substantial factor that you must keep in mind while purchasing face paints is safety. Take a look at the composition and avoid face paints that have lead, cobalt, nickel or any other toxic content. These can be damaging and may result in severe allergies and other health threats. Read the product’s information very cautiously. Also, do little research before your purchase to know the materials that can be harmful such as paraben and fragrance. Besides, choose face paints that are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and organic in nature.

Availability of Colors

Small Girl with Cat Face Paint

Face paints are all about stunning colors and designs. If you are looking forward to painting a lot of faces with different designs then probably you need a face paint kit with multiple colors. The face paint palette must have more than five colors to create a design that requires various shades. These colors should be water soluble, soft and vibrant. Also, they should be easy to remove without needing any harsh makeup removers.

Resistance to Cracking and Water

Before making your purchase, make sure that your face paint is fully resistant to cracking. There are many branded face paints that contain fillers which make them thick. When you apply this thick layer on your face, it may result in cracking. The face paint with the thick layer is likely to crack under stress. Althoughthe face paints should be removed with water and soap, still they must resist water drops and sweat which can ruin the design.

Personal Considerations When Choosing Face Paints

We have mentioned general factors that are important while selecting your favorite face paint. Here we have some personal considerations that will help you make a choice which lies in absolute accordance to your desire.

Suitable for Skin

Girl Floral Face Paint

Every individual has different skin sensitivity. Therefore, it is crucial to know which face paint is best suited to your skin as it will remain on your skin for hours. Keep in mind, the face paint should work gently on even the most sensitive type of skin. It is recommended to test it before wearing it on your face. For example, apply it on your arm or elbow to have an idea about the quality of paint.

Brushes and Stencils

Many face paint kits do not come with brushes and stencils and you are required to purchase them separately. This might not be an issue if you have enough budget. However, the best face paint deals offer free brushes for fine detailing. These kits include stencils to give you an additional variety of designs. Another useful aspect of brushes and stencils is that they make face painting easier especially if you are a beginner.


You don’t need to an expert to create some amazing designs. Usually, children may not sit for a minute for the application of professional painting techniques and many are happy with simple whiskers or red nose. You can make use of our top selected face paints to have diverse creativity. Also, they are conveniently washable so there is no need of makeup removers and related stuff. Face painting can enhance overall environment of an event and party. And so, face painting has become very common in events where you can have either free or paid face painting. Colors add happiness in life and a happy man is always a contented man. The selection of face paints predominantly depends on your budget and sensitivity of your skin. However, it will truly help you in making an informed decision once you go through the buyer guide and our top picks.

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