Best Electric Foot Files Reviewed In 2023

Best Electric Foot Files Reviewed In 2023
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Best Electric Foot Files In 2016

Having a foot file is not just a fashion statement we make due to how sleek the files look. It is also a way to keep our feet callus -free and in top condition.

If you want to eliminate calluses on your feet in this year and are a bit confused on what to buy and how to go about it, then this review is for you.

We would be looking at some of the best electric foot files on the market. This is an unbiased review that would help you find the perfect foot file that solves your problem and matches your needs.

10. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Power – Callus Remover

The Emoji Micro-Pedi Power – Callus Remover is the top of the line electric callus remover that gently removes dry and calloused skin faster than most files can.
It is very efficient and fast at pulverizing dead skin and it is more comfortable to use than those metal scrappers and pumice stones used at beauty spas.
It comes with a power cord (110/220v) which makes it a must have for frequent travelers.


– Easy to use
– Pulverize dead skin fast
– Great for travelers
– Comes with a power cord

9. Magnifeko Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover

This is the callus remover that makes you fall in love with your feet over again. It uses a rechargeable battery and it is waterproof with a rating of IPX5.
It comes in built with motors that work on your feet every time you switch on the button (on/off)
It also comes with a user manual that takes you through the basics of using a callus remover and how to replace parts of its components.


– Ease of use
– Water resistant
– Comes with a user manual
– Great for first time users

8. Own Harmony Cr900 Electric Callus Remover and Rechargeable Foot File

The CR900 from Own Harmony comes with a long power cord and it features some very interesting specifications that would make even your friends jealous.

It features a powerful motor that would do wonders to your feet packaged in an ergonomic design for great ease of use. It also comes with a safety lock to prevent the incidence of you hurting your feet especially during the early days of using the device.


– Powerful motors and Quartz roller head
– comes with safety lock
– has a long power cable
– delivers faster results

7. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover

This is a powerful callus remover featuring a unique roller technology that spins around the skin in a 360 degrees angle in 30 seconds. The rollers are so powerful that it removes calluses in seconds. Way much faster than other callus remover.
IT is usually advisable for users to limit the use of this foot file at an interval of 2 to 3 seconds each in order not to remove excess skin from the foot.


– Unique roller technology
– Has dual speed functionality
– Suitable for use on dry skin for a maximum of 3 seconds each.

6. Nature Tech Pedi Electronic Foot File Callus Remover

The Nature Tech Pedi Electronic Callus Remover is fast and quite smooth on the feet. It comes with two micro mineral stones to enhance the performance of the rollers. This foot file callus remover is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about using this accessory in the bathroom.


– Two micro mineral stones
– It is waterproof
– Has a refillable roller head

5. Treat My Feet Electric Callus Remover and Foot File

At #5 of our lists is the Treat My Feel Electric Callus Remover with the smooth and gentle action, you would get addicted to using this callus remover.

Using this foot file involves flipping on the switch and voila! You are on. It is waterproof so you can clean and use it in the bathroom. It is also quite compact and would make a great travel companion.
It comes with a power cord and has rechargeable batteries as well.


– Gentle on the feet
– Has buttons by the side for usage
– Water resistant
– Comes with a power cord and rechargeable batteries.

4. Art Natural Rechargeable Electric Callus Remover

The Art Natural Callus Remover is a warrior that removes even the toughest of calluses due to the speed of its motors. It comes with refillable roller heads which can be cleaned and replaced at will. This device is budget friendly and it also comes with rechargeable batteries as well as being waterproof.


– Strong performance
– Refillable roller heads
– Waterproof

3. Care Me Powerful Electric Callus Remover

This is a very impressive callus remover and it runs on superior motors and very powerful rechargeable batteries for improved performance. It is believed to be able to work for up to 40 minutes when it is fully charged.
It is also the favorite tool used in beauty spas and salons due to its extreme action performance.
It features two roller heads – one for soft skin types and the other for dry and hard skin types.

Get this powerful electric callus remover and be free to show off your feet outdoors.

2. Amope Pedi Perfect Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File

The Amope Pedi Wet and Dry Electronic Foot File does just that – handles wet and dry feet. This device features a roller designed for both scenarios. It has dual speed settings which can customize how fast the unit eliminates the calluses on your feet.
It can usually work up to 20minutes once it’s fully charged, giving you optimal performance and value for money.


– Works on both wet and dry feet
– has a dual speed setting
– uses rechargeable batteries

1. Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File

This is the most purchased and the most reviewed callus remover on the market and it features a water resistant feature and it comes with the patented Micralumina head which can be detachable at intervals for thorough removal of hard dry skin.

This callus remover has sold more than 2million units and it is very effective and provides instant results. This is why people keep buying it every day.

The Amope Pedi Perfect Foot File is a must have. Check it out today and surprise your spouse or friend by purchasing this item for them.

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