Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids in 2023 – Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Reviews and Ratings

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids in 2023 – Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Reviews and Ratings
If your child has developed an interest in electric dirt bikes, there can be some worry over safety and concern over how to choose the best dirt bike for their needs. The best electric dirt bike for kids will have durable construction and features that ensure their continued safety, even if your child is a beginning rider. Our pick, Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike, features a chain-driven motor electric dirt bike that can reach speeds of up to 17 miles an hour.

1. Razor MX500

Best Overall Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

5/5 Product Rating
This high performance, electric dirt bike by Razor features authentic dirt bike frame geometry and styling that is inspired by Supercross. Features include large, knobby tires, speeds of up to 15 mph, a motor with high torque ability and dual suspension.

This suspension on this dirt bike is dual suspension which means less effect from bumpy terrain and the riser style handlebars provide a comfortable, smooth ride.

This bike has a 16” front tire and a 14” pneumatic rear tires that produce the maximum amount of power transfer for rides.

The motor is chain-driven and variable speed that is very quiet when running. It produces more power for improved off-road and uphill riding. The convenient metal foot pegs are folding so getting on and off the bike is easy.

Other features include a twist-grip throttle and dual disc brakes for exceptional stopping power. Its size and power make it a great electric dirt bike for ages 14 and older with a weight limit of 175 pounds. It comes with a 90 day warranty.

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2. Apollo

Best Overall Electric Dirt Bike for Kids – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Apollo Electric Dirt Bike will allow your child to enjoy all kinds of off-road riding. The heavy duty steel frame is durable and makes a great first dirt bike.

The puncture proof front tire is knobby and the air filled rear tire is made of rubber and absorbs bumps from riding over rougher terrain.

This bike can achieve speeds of up to 14 miles per hour and has a 250-watt chain driven motor. Your child will have exceptional control over this dirt bike due to the Moto-inspired ITR (Instant Throttle Response), twist throttle and the caliper hand brakes as well. It is perfect for children 8 and up with a weight limit of 200 pounds.

The rechargeable battery provides 40 minutes of continuous riding and a 24v battery comes with your purchase. There is an LED indicator light that lets you know when the bike is on or off. A charger comes with this dirt bike as well. The riding position is upright and gives the child the most stability possible; important while they are first learning.

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3. Razor MX350

Best Budget Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

4.5/5 Product Rating
Razor’s Dirt Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike is perfect for kids who are ready to get started or that have already gotten into the sport. This scaled-down dirt bike features an electric motor and is perfect for teens and pre-teens.

The chain driven motor is single speed and very quiet and has a twist grip throttle control. It can achieve speeds as high as 14 miles per hour.

The large, knobby tires make riding over rough terrain easy and the rear brakes are hand operated and easy to learn how to use.

The handlebars are adjustable riser style and it features a double crown fork as well. Other features include 30 minutes of continuous use, all steel construction, retractable kickstand, dual suspension and much more.

The foot pegs fold up and out of the way and provide a place to rest your feet when riding. There is a battery charger included with your purchase as well as two 12v lead acid batteries that are sealed. There is light assembly required but it is not complicated or difficult to do.

Once the battery is fully charged, your child will be able tom ride up to 10 miles on one single charge. It is a great first dirt bike for your child that they will as they get started in their dirt bike adventure. It is great for ages 13 and up and comes with a 90 day warranty as well.

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Electric Dirt Bike for Kids Buying Guide

Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kid

There are several things for you to consider when you are researching different electric dirt bikes for a child that is interested in getting into the sport. There are also a lot of benefits that you will have by purchasing an electric dirt bike. We have listed these considerations and benefits below.

  • Is your child old enough to completely understand safety concerns when riding? – Safety is one of the most important considerations when it comes to purchasing a dirt bike. You want to be sure to choose a bike that is the perfect size for your child. This will allow a little room to grow without being too tall for them to learn on safely. This first electric dirt bike will not be the only dirt bike they have in their lives, so focus more on the right bike for a beginning rider than worrying about it lasting for years and years.
  • A smaller dirt bike is easier to control – This doesn’t mean that you should purchase a bike that is clearly too small, but if your child is young and they are just starting out, a smaller bike will be much easier to learn on than one that is more advanced and taller. You also want to look for a bike that is relatively lightweight as well. This helps the child keep the bike upright more easily and if they do happen to tip over, they can lift it by themselves.
  • Moderate speeds are good for safe riding – Speed is something all kids love, but you don’t want to purchase a bike that has too little or too much power. Moderate speeds are perfect for riding safely. This can be anywhere from 10 mph to 17 mph. Their speed ability will increase as the child gains experience and skill.
  • Thick, knobby tires provide smoother rides – Most electric dirt bikes feature knobby tires that provide the rider with a smoother ride that is easier to handle. Depending on the model, some may feature an air filled rear tire which reduces the jolt from bumps.
  • A good quality electric motor bike is great for getting kids active – One of the benefits of purchasing a dirt bike for your child is the time they will NOT be spending in front of the video game console, TV and computer. With a large increase in children that are overweight, this increased physical activity is very important to their health.
  • Newer bikes are quieter than dirt bikes from years ago – Quieter electric dirt bikes are much better for your child’s ears not to mention the neighbors’ moods. Electric dirt bikes are a lot quieter than gas powered models and won’t require ear protection.

What to Look For in an Electric Dirt Bike

A child’s excitement can quickly turn to disappointment if you purchase the wrong electric dirt bike. There are several features you will want to look for when you are shopping around and researching the different types of electric dirt bikes that are available. We have listed these features that you should look for and consider, below.

  • Speed – Look for a dirt bike that has the perfect, moderate speed. Too much speed and the child will have a difficult time controlling the bike. This can lead to injury.
  • Safety – Thick tires, excellent, tight brakes and sturdy construction all combine to provide your child with a safer dirt bike. This doesn’t replace experience and learning, but it does help a lot when it comes to getting started safely.
  • Quality – Look for an electric dirt bike that is made from quality materials. All steel construction is a start and look for bikes that are from reputable companies that are known for their quality bikes.
  • Handling – Lightweight, easy to handle electric dirt bikes are the best for a child who is brand new to riding or those who have not been riding a long time. Look for adjustable, riser handlebars that are sturdy and firm as well.
  • Cost – Budget is an important consideration as well. You never want to look for the most expensive dirt bike on the market nor the cheapest. The idea is to purchase the best quality bike you can get that is within your budget. You should look at all the other factors that go into a good quality dirt bike in addition to cost.
  • Power – The power of the motor is an important thing to look at as well as the strength of the battery. The power that an electric dirt bike has versus a gas powered bike is going to be a little different but if you are purchasing a dirt bike for a beginner, they will love an electric dirt bike and it will not be too much power for them to handle.
  • Suspension – There are many options available when it comes to electric dirt bikes for kids. Some bikes have suspension systems and some don’t. The dirt bikes without suspension systems are less costly than those that have them and work better for very young children. The more advanced models that contain suspension systems are great for riding over rough terrain and work well for older children. Some models, such as the Razor line of electric dirt bikes, come with dual suspensions which are terrific on bumpy, rough terrain.
  • Age/Weight appropriate – If a manufacturer states an age/weight recommendation on their bike, it would be a good idea to follow those recommendations. These companies have the experience needed to determine what bikes are good for certain age groups and weight groups.


Purchasing the best electric dirt bike for your child requires that you do the right research and look for the right features. As long as you consider the right things that we have listed in this guide, you will be able to find the right electric dirt bike for your child’s needs. Some of the most important factors to look at will be your child’s age, weight and experience level.

You also may want to consider signing your child up for dirt bike lessons if they are serious about getting started with this fun and exciting sport. Lessons will help them learn all kinds of important skills from safety considerations to how to handle a fall.

The three top rated electric dirt bike choices we have listed above are a great place to start when you start looking for the right bike. Each one has features and durability that will last while your child learns what to do and how to ride.

Don’t forget to read customer comments about the different models that you are considering. Other consumers that have purchased the same type of dirt bike you are looking at will be able to give you inside information on the bike’s power, performance, weight, handling and many other things that you won’t get from the regular sales description. These comments will help you decide if it is a bike that you want to pursue further.

Electric dirt bikes are fun, exciting vehicles that will provide your child with exercise, fun, confidence, and joy. Finding the perfect bike for their needs will ensure that they have an excellent experience with riding a dirt bike even if they decide later on not to pursue it.


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