Best Dry Bag in 2023 – Dry Bag Reviews and Ratings

Best Dry Bag in 2023 – Dry Bag Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 25 hours researching and testing 14 different kinds of dry bags and found that performance, construction, and space were most important. The KwikTek Dry bag scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This stylish bag is a great way to protect your belongings from rain and dampness while you are out enjoying nature. The top of the bag rolls down, giving our things even more protection from the elements. The water resistant zippered pocket has a storm flap on either side. The padded straps made carrying the bag comfortable and easy.

1. Kwik Tek

Best Overall Dry Bag

5/5 Product Rating
These roll top Dry Pak Duffel bags take waterproofing to an extreme and prevent any chance of any water getting inside to your important belongings.

The top of the bag rolls down and then the side release buckles are snapped together, further strengthening the water proof properties. Access your items within by unsnapping the side releases and unrolling the top.

Enjoy extra space and protection in the water resistant zippered pocket that has a protective storm flap on either side of the pocket. One of the flaps is clear and the other is opaque. The adjustable shoulder strap can be lengthened or shortened as needed and can be removed as well if you don’t need it at all. It is padded for your comfort while carrying the Dry Bag.

Use this Dry Bag Duffel for camping, scent proof storage for hunting, boating, horseback riding, and nature photography shoots to name a few. They can be used for any activity where you want your personal, important items to be protected from water damage.

Construction consists of heavy duty vinyl and polyester laminate with seams that have been electronically welded. No sewn seams to allow water to seep in. The molded bottom and high end plastic hardware ensures that the user will have plenty of protected contents no matter what they want to carry in it.

Measurements of this item are 30” x 14” x 15”. The capacity of the dry bag duffel by Kwik Tek is 110 Liters. The dark green color of the dry bag is attractive and stylish and looks great no matter what activity you engage in. Whether you are protecting your favorite books or your high end camera equipment, you will find Kwik Tek Dry Bag the perfect complement to outdoor activities that will protect all of your important items and gear.

Sarah Lytle

2. Aqua Quest

Best Overall Dry Bag – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Aqua Quest Stylin has created an excellent dry bag that is not only functional, it looks fantastic too. It is a waterproof pack that will keep your valuables protected whether you are just on a rafting trip or caught in a downpour.

The air mesh back panel provides plenty of breathability. The adjustable shoulder, chest and waist straps are padded for comfort and convenience.

The Aqua Quest is 100% waterproof and will keep your valuables protected and safe from dirt, dust, snow, rain, and anything else that can damage fragile or important things.

You won’t have to lug around a heavy waterproof bag when you purchase the Aqua Quest dry bag. It only weighs 1.9 lbs. It is abrasion resistant and very durable.

Construction consists of 420D RipStop fabric along with TPU lamination and DWR coating that makes up a true waterproof bag. This dry bag by Aqua Quest has been double bar tacked at the stress points of the bag, there are heat taped seams as well that all combined, come together to create a durable and long lasting bag that will stand up to the rigors it was designed for.

There is a splash resistant front pocket, accessible by zipper and a large front sleeve pocket that provides the user access to any small items they want to protect. There is a two year no worries guarantee on this useful and protective bag that provides even more peace of mind for the users that purchase it, that it indeed does work to protect their important items from damage.

Sarah Lytle

3. Sea to Summit

Best Budget Dry Bag

4.5/5 Product Rating
If you participate in rugged sports like rafting or kayaking, you will love this dry bag from Sea to Summit. It is super string and isn’t overly heavy.

Made of nylon, this waterproof, double stitched dry bag is the perfect item to keep all your valuables safe and water free.

This 65 liter capacity bag is made of TAPU laminated fabric with 10,000 mm waterhead.

The seams have been reinforced and sealed with tape, The Hypalon lash loops can be used for securely attaching the bag or stacking them.

When you are engaging in outdoor activities that could result in your items getting water damaged, it’s very important to have somewhere to put them so they don’t get damaged. This dry bag from Sea to Summit will do exactly that.

It’s perfect for keeping an extra set of clothing completely dry, your cell phone or camera protected or anything you deem valuable that you want protected from the water.

Sea to Summit Dry Bags are available in several bright and attractive colors including:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Apple Green
  • Royal Blue

These dry bags make a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast or camper. They will appreciate the protection these bags afford users.

Sarah Lytle

Dry Bag Buying Guide

Dry Bag1When engaging in certain outdoor activities like fishing, rafting or even just inner tubing, you need something that will protect items like GPS units, phones and cameras from getting wet should they accidentally get dropped in the water or splashed. A dry bag is an essential piece of equipment that is used to keep your valuables dry.

Small pouches might be able to work on really short outings but weekend camping trips require larger dry bags in case you want to add things like food or clothing to keep dry. There’s nothing worse than getting your only clothing wet when you have nothing else to change into.

Dry Bag Materials

There are two different materials that are used to make dry bags: nylon and vinyl. These materials are chosen because of their waterproof properties.

Vinyl – For all small dry bags for things like wallets, keys, and other small items, vinyl is the material of choice. You may run across a large dry bag that is made of vinyl but for the most part, the larger dry bags will be made of nylon.

Nylon – The durability of nylon is what makes it so popular as a dry bag material. The nylon used in dry bags is coated with a siliconized compound by the name of Cordura. Condura is a waterproof coating that helps the bag fight abrasion as well. Nylon bags are marked with a number and the letter D. This is a density rating. The higher the number the higher the density of nylon is. That also means a tougher bag that will hold up under heavy use.

Closing Your Dry Bag

There are two basic ways that dry bags close: Hypalon Roll Top and Zipper. The seams of dry bags have been taped with means that even if you bag falls into the water, no water is going to get inside and ruin your belongings.

Hypalon Roll Top – This type of closure works best on the roll top dry bags because it works even better to keep the water out. Rolling the top down and snapping the buckles will keep you dry bag thoroughly dry. Another benefit of the roll top style is the readymade handle rolling the top down creates.

Zipper Seal – Another style is the zipper seal. It works very much like a freezer bag where you press the two sides together and seal it closed via zipper bag. These types of bags need to be lubricated on a regular basis so they stay in good working order.

Dry Bag Sizes

Dry Bag2Dry bags are sized in liters and there are many different sizes available. A small, 5 liter dry bag would be a good size for small personal items like medicines, first-aid kits, a small lunch, etc. If you want to have a change of clothes you want to keep dry, a 10 liter dry bag will be perfect. The larger the liter, the more you will be able to hold in the bag.

Features of Dry Bags

There are many different features that a dry bag can have. When you start shopping for your own dry bag, be sure to look for these features so you ensure that the bag you get is a good quality one.

  • StrapsA lot of dry bags have adjustable straps that are used to carry the dry bag. Straps can be either backpack style or duffel style strap that can be put over the shoulder. The backpack style dry bags typically come with straps. If you are carrying a lot of bags at once, straps will definitely come in handy to make carrying them much easier.
  • Transparent Outer Material on PocketsThis makes it very easy to see the contents of the dry bag so you know where your things are at a glance.
  • Brightly Colored Dry bags come in a variety of colors for you to choose from. The colors are usually very bright and easy to spot in case they get dropped in the water.
  • Sturdy D Rings – Sturdy D Rings on the Dry bag enable them to be attached to a back pack for easy transport or to connect several bags together.
  • Water tight seals – Look for dry bags that list taped seals or reinforced seals of some kind. If this step is skipped you could take water into the bag through the seals if they are not tight.
  • Easy Access to Bag’s Interior – Taking things out of the bag and putting things into it are much easier when the opening to the bag is large and opens easily.
  • High grade, tear-resistant material – You want your dry bags to last a long time so look for the ones that advertise thick, heavy duty material.

Types of Dry bags

There are many different types of dry bags on the market for a multitude of items below. We have listed the common types of dry bags.

  • Cell Phone// Photography – Phones and cameras are very high quality items that need extra protection and consideration. The dry bag you need for these types of items will need to be able to handle it if the bag was under water for a time. You also want to be certain that the electronics equipment is good and sturdy.
  • Dry Bag3

  • Roll Top Lumbar Bag – You’ll be able to carry personal items in your pack while you are hiking or boating or doing other outdoor activities. This type of dry bag can be used as a roll pack or fanny pack or a small back pack. Lumbar dry bags offer a lot of room for padding items like cameras. They are usually 13” x 6’ x 5”.
  • Roll Top Back Pack – Carry your medium sized items with this roll top backpack dry bag. Things like fishing fly containers, extra clothes, books and more are perfect items for a roll top back pack. They usually have adjustable shoulder straps for extra support along with a buckle system that prevents should strain from carrying the bag.
  • Storage Dry Bags – Large storage dry bags are perfect for protecting large things like clothes, blankets, and other things that need to be put away and protected from dampness.


Outdoor activities are fun to do but there is always some worry as to what to do with your important personal items so they don’t get ruined. Dry bags are a great solution for those who kayak, hike, boat, or other things. You can put all of your important belongings in your dry bag and not have to worry about water or other problems getting into the bag and ruining them.

We’ve given you important features to look for that make a dry bag worth buying. Protecting your personal items is very important and can be extremely costly if you don’t do what is necessary to ensure the safety of your things.

The reviews here and the buyer’s guide will you some insight into the qualities and features you want your dry bag to have. They are not overly expensive and are well worth the investment. The three top rated dry bags we have reviewed here are well worth the money. You have many colors to choose from as well. They make a terrific gift for an outdoorsman as well.

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