Best Down Pillow in 2023 – Down Pillow Reviews and Ratings

Best Down Pillow in 2023 – Down Pillow Reviews and Ratings
Sleeping on down pillows is an incredibly comfortable and luxurious way to sleep. With the many styles of pillows on the market, finding a pillow that is soft and comfortable can help you sleep better. Down pillows are filled with goose down which is the fluffy layer that is found under the feathers of geese. Down keeps the geese warm and is super soft. Some people have allergic reactions to down so unless you know for sure that you are not allergic; you might want to try out using a down pillow and see if you have any reactions from it before purchasing one. All three of the choices that were selected here are excellent examples of top of the line goose down pillows. These are the best of the best. With features like 100% cotton covers and 100% down filling, your pillow, and your sleep is about to get a whole lot better.
Best Down Pillow

1. Premium

Best Overall Down Pillow

5/5 Product Rating
You will feel completely pampered with this 100% premium soft goose down pillow on your bed. They are made with a 550-fill power goose down and have a soft, 100% cotton cover.

The quality of this pillow will definitely help you get the kind of sleep that you have been wanting. You get 1 Queen Size pillow for this excellent price.

A good pillow is responsible for whether you get a good night’s sleep or you toss and turn all night. The softness and support that this goose down pillow offers will help you sleep comfortably and will help you wake up refreshed.

This queen sized goose down pillow measures 20” x 30” and is made in the USA. It will fit a variety of colorful and decorative pillow covers that will protect the cover of the pillow. If you want to change the way you sleep, you have to try this goose down pillow.

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2. Puredown

Best Overall Down Pillow – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
Puredown goose feather and down pillow may be just the pillow you have been wanting that can get you on the way to having better sleep and better days too.

This pillow is filled with goose feather and down and is covered with 100% 233 thread count cover. You get two standard good down pillows for the price of one, saving you time and giving you great value and a luxurious feel.

Standard measurements are 20” x 26” with a filling weight of 15% goose down and 85% goose feathers. This pillow is machine washable and dryable so you will be able to keep it c lean and sanitary your feather/down pillow will packaged tightly upon transit so when it arrives you will need to fluff it up gently and allow it to “breathe” for 9-10 days.

It is packed on plastic to keep it clean, and if there is an odor upon opening the package, you will be able to get rid of it by simply letting the pillow air out. A few hours is all it usually takes.

Sarah Lytle

3. NP Luxury

Best Budget Down Pillow

4.5/5 Product Rating
NP Luxury has worked hard to create a White Goose down pillow that is at the top of the list for quality, luxury and comfort. The White Goose down used in this pillow is hygienically treated, making it hypoallergenic.

It is then covered in a 100% down proof cotton case and then it is finished off with piping. The double stitching used in construction ensures that the White Goose down stays where it belongs, inside the pillow.

The filling on this down pillow has plenty of bounce back so it doesn’t turn into a flat pancake that can’t even be used.

It is supportive of the neck and spine which means it will help you sleep better and without pain. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready for another day.

This soft medium style pillow is perfect for you if you prefer not to be propped up too high. And if you sleep on your stomach, this is just the pillow you want. This NP Luxury down pillow with 100% White Goose down filling is available in many sizes from toddler to king size. If you have been looking for a luxurious pillow that can change the way you sleep, this is the one to get.

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Down Pillow Buying Guide

Down Pillow Reviews

Goose Down Pillows Characteristics

Down Pillow1There are many characteristics of a down pillow that you will want to make note of. We have listed these below so you will understand as well.

  • Down pillows hold their shape better and do not become pancake flat.
  • They are warm and soft and are considered the better of the two types between down and feathers.
  • Goose down pillows are more expensive than other types of pillows
  • There are hypoallergenic versions of down pillows that will work for those allergic to feathers and goose down. The down pillows are covered with special covers that don’t allow particles to escape from the pillow

Understanding “Loft”

Loft is the number that refers to the amount of cubic inches that can be filled up with an ounce of down. The range for loft is 300 to 900. More expensive pillows have a higher loft. A super high quality down pillow could have a loft of 800 or higher.

Other Considerations

The manufacturer of the down pillows you are considering is important. You want to stick to the well known companies that are known for quality, customer service and integrity. A high quality company will create high quality down pillows. Watch out for the counterfeiters that will use low quality product and not care that it doesn’t live up to standards.

How firm your down pillow is should also be considered when shopping for goose down pillows. Firmness is typically described somewhere in the product description and you can also find additional information in customer reviews, as this is a factor that many customers will more than likely mention.

Your sleep position will also determine the best down pillow for your needs. Stomach sleepers need fluffier pillows and those that sleep on their backs need something less squishy. Down pillows, especially good quality ones, will be the perfect addition to your home.

What Size Pillow is the Right One?

The ideal pillow size will be different for different people. It depends on the size of the bed, the size of the person and the sleep position they prefer. If you have a twin bed, a single pillow will suffice. Most of the time, double, queen and king size beds have two pillows. There are people who love a lot of pillows and may want 2, 3 or even 4 to sleep with. The number of pillows one chooses to sleep with is personal preference.

Down Pillow2Another point of importance for choosing the right pillow is thickness. Again this is a matter of personal preference and sleep position. Stomach sleepers don’t want to have a thick pillow because of the unnatural head position this will cause. The same is true for back or side sleepers. A pillow that is too flat will not be comfortable for someone that sleeps on their backs or sides.

Down Pillow Care

Follow these tips and suggestions below to keep your down pillows in great shape and lasting as long as possible.

  • Don’t use down pillows for pillow fights. This can affect their longevity and shape.
  • Don’t fold down pillows
  • Do not wash feather pillows. They are designed to repel water and washing them can cause a huge mess inside the pillow case that won’t be able to be fixed. If you want to “wash” your down or feather pillow, take it to a professional dry cleaners and make sure they have experience with down bedding.
  • You can wash a down pillow but the key to getting it back to excellent shape is in the drying process. Any moisture that remains on the down clusters will mildew and mold which can be very dangerous and will ruin your pillow. It can take as long as 4 hours on medium heat to dry a down pillow properly. Drying it for 45 minutes to an hour will not be enough and you will end up having to throw it away.
  • Don’t go to bed with wet hair
  • Don’t put moisturizing creams on at night
  • Always use a pillow protector
  • Use a pillow case and wash it once a week along with your sheets
  • Oils can ruin a pillow over time. The more you do to minimize the oils that get into the down, the longer your pillow will last and hold its original shape.
  • Moisture will destroy your down pillow in days. You need to be very careful to avoid the down from getting damp or moist. The dryer you keep the down pillow the better condition it will be in and the longer it will last.
  • If your climate is humid, hanging the pillow on the clothesline can cause moisture to get into the down. Dry climates can be fine for laying the pillow outside to dry and tossing it regularly to fluff up the down but it will need to be in the sun for HOURS before it is considered properly and safely dried.
  • Down Pillow3

  • If you can smell your pillow, it has already passed the point of you needing to get a new one. You should smell any odor from your pillow. If you do, more than likely it is mildew or mold growing and you don’t want to be sleeping on that and breathing in dangerous spores.


The popularity of goose down pillows is very understandable considering the quality of sleep that one gets from using a high quality down pillow. Down pillows are available in all sizes from standard to King. There are many different grades of down, measured by loft, with the higher loft numbers indicating the higher quality.

Much of what goes into choosing the right down pillow is personal preference but as long as you pay attention to the factors that are not just preference, such as loft, manufacturer’s reputation, and whether the pillow is filled with 100% down or not, then you can add your personal preferences to the mix and come up with a pillow that you will love sleeping on.

The information that you have obtained in this buyer’s guide was designed to help you understand some of the basics of choosing a pure down pillow. With this information you will be able to make an informed decision that will help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Researching all of the different down pillows that are available and reading the customer reviews will help you narrow down all the choices and feel confident about making an informed decision about the pillow that you want to use every night.

Some people think that pillows are not that big a deal and just buying any kind is fine. Anyone who has slept on a high quality down pillow will know how false this belief is.


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