Best Double Din Head Unit in 2023 – Double Din Head Unit Reviews and Ratings

Best Double Din Head Unit in 2023 – Double Din Head Unit Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 35 hours researching and testing 14 different types of double din head units and found that display size, resolution, and supported music and video formats were most important. The EinCar 7 Double Din Head Unit scored high above the others we researched and is our top pick. Installation is super easy and provides plenty of high quality performance. The construction is top rate and provides customers with a durable unit that will stand the test of time. We liked the reliable Wi-Fi connectivity and ease of use. We liked the handy back up camera and appreciated all the music and video formats available.

1. EinCar 7

Best Overall Double Din Head Unit

5/5 Product Rating
This double din features a host of wonderful applications that will allow you to experience driving in a whole new way. Customers love this din because it’s easy to use, and allows you to do so much more than the competition. Take for example the touch screen that is intuitively designed and easy to read.

There is also GPS navigation and wireless rear camera that keeps you safe when you’re backing up. Not all cars are equipped to house a unit of this size, so be sure that you have the proper configuration in place before you purchase. The tablet fashion design of this unit makes it super sporty and sophisticated, and it’s going to take your driving experience to a whole new level, allowing you to do things that you never imagined possible.

Purchasing this din is a huge investment for your driving experience, but it does come at a cost. Installation is simple, and once you have the din up and running you’re going to see that it’s very easy to use and operate, and it doesn’t suck up too much energy from your car. All in all, customers love this din because it offers more features than the competition.

Jonathan Maxwell


Best Overall Double Din Head Unit – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This double din from JOYING is the ideal choice when you’re looking to have all the features that are hot right now, as well as innovations that you won’t find on other dins. It allows you to play the radio with stunning clarity, as well as listen to music on a whole host of other formats.

You get Bluetooth connection, as well video, and a multi touch screen that is incredibly easy to use and read, even at low light. This is almost like a tablet for your car, and it comes with a navigation system and multiple buttons that allow you to perform a whole host of tasks. You get clarity without distraction with this unit, so that you know that you’ll be safe at all times. Customers love how easy this unit is to install, but do keep in mind that you’re going to want a professional to do it.

With Wifi connectivity, you’re going to be able to check emails, search the web, and so much more, all in the comfort of your own vehicle. All in all, this is the top rated double din for good reason, and customers love how easy it is to use. When you’re ready to take your stereo to a whole other level, then you can be sure that buying this double din is the right choice.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. EinCar 6.2

Best Budget Double Din Head Unit

4.5/5 Product Rating
This double din head unit is an Android 4.2, and it’s one of the top rated units for good reason. Customers love how easy the installation is on this unit, and the high quality of performance. It’s built tough, and is made from the highest quality materials so that you can be guaranteed that it is going to stand the test of time.

When it comes to owning a high quality radio in your car, there’s nothing better than a double din, and if your car has enough space for it, then adding this unit is certainly going to be a huge bonus for your overall driving experience. It gives you exceptional LED night vision and Wifi connectivity, as well as 3G bluetooth and so much more. This din basically has it all, allowing you to play your favorite music in a number of different formats. There’s also a handy backup camera, so that you can make sure that you’re totally safe when backing up your car.

There’s navigation and so much more. It’s amazing what din units can do these days, and this one is leading the pack with all the amazing features that it offers. When you’re ready to take your car stereo to the next level, then owning this unit is going give you everything that you need.

Jonathan Maxwell

Double Din Head Unit Buying Guide

Double Din Head Reviews

What is a Double Din Head Unit?

Double Din Head Unit1It can be overwhelming when you’re looking for a new head unit for your car. There is so much out there to choose from, and with all the modern innovations, it can seem like you have an endless bevy of choices. You need to begin by understanding what kinds of features are out there, so that you can prioritize and find something that gives you all the options that you value most. Each double din is quite different, and that’s why it’s important to understand these differences before you make a purchase. No matter what you choose, you want to make sure that the quality is high, because just purchasing any double din doesn’t ensure that you’re getting something that is going to stand the test of time. Purchasing one of the top rated dins is a smart choice, but in this buyer’s guide we’re going to highlight some other things that you want to look out for, so that you can make a purchase that you can count on.

What Design Fits Your Car?

This is the most important question to ask yourself before you purchase a double din. If the stereo doesn’t fit in your car, then you have wasted your money, of course. So you need to begin by understand what your vehicle is equipped to handle. You’re going to find that aftermarket head units come in either single din or double din configurations. How your dash is set up is going to determine which of these you need to purchase. You need to know how much room is available on your dash before you install a head unit. If you only have space for a single din, then a double din is simply not going to fit, no matter what you do. If you have enough room for a double din then you’re going to have more flexibility when it comes to making a purchase, as you can install either a single din or a double din.

A single din unit is designed for vehicles with less dash space and they require a physical opening of 2” high by 7” wide. If you install a single din in a double din opening there will be a pocket underneath the head unit which you can use for storage. When you are restricted to a single din that doesn’t mean that you have to give up the functionality of your stereo system, because you an still get a touch screen display.

You can install a double din unit in vehicles that have ample dash space, and they require a physical opening that is 4” by 7”. These stereos have a more OEM feel, and they do not come with a pocket that you get with most single din installations. The overall larger size of these dins makes the display easier to read, and you get more features than you otherwise would have. There are certain navigation controls that can also be quite useful as well.

Double Din Head Unit2If you want to avoid an aftermarket unit, because you require a more seamless look, then you can get vehicle-specific head units that are going to fit into the overall interior of your car. These specific head units are designed for a direct fit with a particular make and model of vehicle. These do not require a dash kit or wiring harness and they give you plug-n-play operation with the OEM look that you desire.

What Kind of Unit Do You Want?

This is an important question to ask yourself. Once you know the size of unit that you’re able to install in your car, then you need to know how you want to use the head unit. If you’re looking to use the stereo to enjoy music while you drive, then you can go with a simpler CD/MP3 player head unit. But, if you want more options that allow for DVDs and a fully loaded GPS system, then you’re going to need something that is a bit more complex in its design.

Digital Media Car Stereos

This kind of head unit comes with a CD drive and they use MP3 or digital audio for playback. These kinds of units include SD card slots, as well as USB ports for playing your iPod, or connecting to your smartphone.

Other Options and Features

Aside from the size of your head unit, you also need to decide the range of additional features that you’re looking for. There are many aftermarket head units that come with Bluetooth capabilities, and these allow for smartphone integration so that you can play your music from your phone or enjoy hands-free conversation. This is a great feature to have, and taking it a step further, you can get MirrorLink technology that allows you to control your phone from the head unit’s display. There is also a standard AM/FM receiver that can work in conjunction with an HD radio or SiriusXM configuration.

When you purchase an aftermarket stereo you can boost the quality of your vehicle’s sound system, as well. There are various adjustable graphics and parametric equalizer bands which allow you to customize your music settings so that you can enjoy whatever your musical taste or style may be. Keep in mind that a double din will typically give you better sound quality than a single din will allow you. That’s why spending the extra money just makes sense if you’re something that loves to listen to music while you drive, and you can decipher the difference in sound quality.

Double Din Head Unit3Also keep in mind that you’re going to have to decide the display type that you’re interested in. The screen size is going to vary depending upon what type of din that you purchase. If you purchase a double din, then you’re obviously going to get a larger screen than with a single din, but there are even various different sizes of double din to choose from.


Owning a double din is a wonderful way to make your driving experience even more pleasurable. With a double din, you’re going to have so many more features than if you have just a single din, but do make sure that your car is capable of carrying a double unit before you purchase. You’re going to be amazed by all that a double din can do, by providing you with Wifi connectivity, GPS, sirius radio, and so much more. You can even connect your phone to the unit so that you can play all our favorite music, and even talk on the phone with hands-free operation. No matter what double din you purchase, you’re going to love all that it lets you do.



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