Best Door Lock in 2023 – Door Lock Reviews and Ratings

Best Door Lock in 2023 – Door Lock Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 42 hours researching and testing 20 different types of door locks and found that construction, type of lock, and ease of installation were most important. The Schlage Camelot Door Lock scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. This easy to install door lock provides plenty of security and convenience for you and your home owners all you need to install it is a screwdriver. Each member of the family can have their own door code and codes can be deleted, changed and added as needed. No keys are needed when you use this door lock.

1. Schlage

Best Overall Door Lock

5/5 Product Rating
You won’t have to worry about where to hide the extra keys or if you lose your own with the Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt. It is easy to install; all you need is a screwdriver.

With this product each member of your family can have their own 4-digit code that they can remember. Children should be cautioned that they should NEVER tell anyone outside the family their code, not even friends.

Codes can be deleted, added, or changed in seconds. You can even provide temporary codes for visiting parents or grandparents while they are staying with you.

The keypad deadbolt makes certain activities a little more convenient. You won’t have to worry about having a key with this product. It makes it super simple to have a choice.

This keypad deadbolt is an excellent way to keep your home protected. It is easy to use and you won’t have to worry about any keys. Give your kids a specific code, your spouse, yourself and maybe a house guest a temporary code so they can unlock the door easily without worrying about dragging out the keys. This door lock is good for front doors, garage entry doors, back doors and side doors too.

There is no programming required and it is preset with two user codes so it can be installed and used right out of the box. This door lock is ANSI and BHMA grade 2 certified. It is battery operated with the greater than 3 year battery life. Included is a 9 volt battery, 6 digit programming code and two 4 digit user codes that have been preset. It is compatible with doors that are 1 3/8” to 1 ¾” thick.

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2. Kwikset

Best Overall Door Lock – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating
Kwikset has been a well known and trusted name in security for more than 60 years. They define peace of mind, style and security.

The Belleview handleset has an arched shape that will add elegance to your doors.

The cylinder handleset is locked or unlocked using a key on the outside of the door and by using the turn button on the inside.

The SmartKey Re-key technology allows you to decide and control who is able to access your home.

This Smartkey feature provides the highest level of security for homes. Bumpguard protects against lock bumping.

The Belleview handleset with cove knob is perfect for your exterior doors where security is most important. Other features include a latch than can be adjusted, that fits all regular doors, a Venetian Bronze finish that is hand rubbed, fits right and left hand users. The handleset deadbolt is ANSI and BHMA grade 3 certified.

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3. Signstek

Best Budget Door Lock

4.8/5 Product Rating
The Signstek Keyless Digital Electronic Entry Door Lock is the answer to providing your home with added security and safety in a stylish way.

This keyless entry door lock offers the ability to have 10 passwords: 1 Master and 9 sub passwords. They can be changed whenever you want and as needed with no problem.

Other features include a One-Key opening feature where you press any digital key to open the door, an outer-emergent power supply opening function, an encryption function, resetting function, low battery alarm, and others.

Batteries can be changed without losing any passwords.

The free rotating handle avoids unlocking by violence, and no external wiring is required.

This convenient and secure keyless digital electronic door lock for the front door is exactly what you need for easy entry for you into your house while providing plenty of protection as well.

The backlit keypad is easy to read even at night and it is waterproof as well. It comes with a 30 day free return and money back guarantee, 6 month warranty and 24 hour customer service.

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Door Lock Buying Guide

Door Lock1There are several different kinds of door+locks available on the market. Each one has its advantages. We’ve listed the different types below along with some information about each of them so you can determine which one will fit your specific needs the best.
There are several different types of locks on the market. It will help you in your search to understand the differences between them so you can decide what your preference is. We have listed the different types and characteristics of those types below.

  • Handlesets – Handleset door locks feature a deadbolt and thumb turn and are available in full plate as well as two piece options. They are designed for exterior front entry doors and come in a variety of finishes and styles.
  • Door Knobs – This is the most common of all the door locks due to the fact that they are simple to install and are very affordable. In addition they are available in a variety of styles and finishes.
  • Door Levers – Door levers are easy to use and require less force to rotate even when you’ve got an armful of groceries or other things. Many of these door levers are ADA compliant which is something you want to look for if this is the style you prefer. Door levers also come in a variety of styles and finishes.
  • Deadbolts – This is the option that offers plenty of security and is probably the maximum security choice. Deadbolts are available with single and double cylinder functions. Installation is easy due to the fact that most doors are pre-drilled for deadbolts.
  • Electronic locks – this is a very convenient option that is gaining in popularity. They have keypads and are often keyless or keyless with a key backup if necessary.

Purchase Considerations

Style and function

Style and function are two of the factors that you want to consider when looking at various door locks. Finding something that looks great is the desire of anyone who wants to purchase a door lock, but looks is not where the primary focus should be.

Door Lock2The purpose of a door lock is to keep your family and belongings safe. Making sure that you have a high quality, secure lock with plenty of safety and security for your family, and THEN looking for style is the order of importance you need to keep in mind. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology, it is easy to find both in the door lock you choose.

How much security you want is something you will want to know before you start searching. There are many different styles and types of door locks from door knob styles to high tech electronic keyless entries locks. If you want a high level of security, you will be happiest with a deadbolt or electronic door lock.

The kind of door you have will play a factor in the style of door lock you choose. Choose a style or design that matches the design of the house. You will also need to take measurements of the door where you will be installing the door locks so you can be certain that the hardware fits and works properly.

Different Types of Finishes

Door locks are available in many different styles and finishes. You should have no problem choosing a model that goes with the design of your home and that matches the finishes on other hardware such as your light fixtures. There are many finishes available such as polished finishes, satin finishes, brushed and antique finishes. Just make sure that whatever finish you choose, it comes with a lifetime finish warranty that covers finish changes from being outdoors.

Types of Door Hardware and Locks

There are many different things to choose and consider when it comes to door locks. Below are the main types of door locks and hardware available.

  • Mortise- Mortise locks are designed for front entry doors. This type of hardware has a key-operated lock and also a deadbolt that has a metal, rectangular box.
  • Keyed Entry Sets – Keyed entry locksets are available in knob and lever designs. They have key-operated locks and are meant to be used on exterior doors. They are often used along with a deadbolt for added security.
  • Deadbolts – Deadbolts are available in single and double cylinder styles. Single-cylinder styles with a thumb-turn latch on the inside are the most commonly used. The problem with double cylinder deadbolts is that they require a key to unlock from either side.
  • Keyless Entry Sets – Some home owners love the keyless entry systems that allow them to open the door by just typing in a code. They are very popular with large families and can b e a great option for those that lose their keys often.
  • Door Lock3

  • Privacy Hardware – These are door knob sets that include a locking mechanism of some kind. These sets are used for bedroom and bathroom doors.


The sheer number of choices available when it comes to door locks can be enough to make you just give up and guess but with the right information you won’t have to feel this way. There are many factors that you will have to make decisions about but this buyer’s guide has provided some information about the types of locks there are and what they are most commonly used for.

The type of finish you want, the type of lock you get and the budget you have are all common considerations when you are looking for a new door lock for your home. What kind of finish you want, the style you want, the security measures you want it to have and any special features you’re looking for are all things that are a part of choosing the right door lock.

Now that you know what you need to look for and decide on, you can be confident that the door lock you choose will not only keep your family safer, it’ll look good too.


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