Best Dog Collar in 2023 – Dog Collar Reviews and Ratings

Best Dog Collar in 2023 – Dog Collar Reviews and Ratings
We spent 21 hours researching and testing 20 different types of dog collars and found that material, variety of sizes, and style were most important. The LED Dog Collar by Illumiseen scored high points in every category and is our top pick. The fully adjustable collar was easy to put on our dogs and fit them comfortably. It is a lightweight but durable and long lasting collar that provided us with peace of mind, especially at night, thanks to the LED lights. It is USB rechargeable and provides 5 hours of light for every one hour it is charged. We also liked the variety of colors and sizes that are available.

1. Illumiseen

Best Overall Dog Collar

5/5 Product Rating
Make sure that your dog is safe and seen at night with this unique user-friendly and fully adjustable dog collar.

Vehicles can see you dog way before they are in the danger zone thanks to the LED illumiseen technology. This collar has a USB rechargeable battery and is lightweight, sturdy and durable.

Dog owners can change the light between steady, rapid flashing and slow flashing with just one convenient click. The dog collar is easy to put on with the easy to use clips.

The USB rechargeable battery with cable provides 5 hours of illumination for every one hour of charge. This charge will last through multiple walks. This design will last years with proper care.

There are multiple sizes available and multiple colors to choose from. XX-small 8.6” to 11.4”, X-small 9” to 13.7”, Small – 13” to 17”, Medium 16” to 20”, Large 19” to 24” and X-Large 21.6” to 27.5”.

Colors available include ruby red, neon green, royal blue, bright orange, cotton candy pink, and sunburst yellow. Collar widths are xx-small and x-small: .79” and small, medium, large and X-large: .99”.

Jennifer Abel

2. Perri’s

Best Overall Dog Collar – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating
This comfortable and stylish padded leather dog collar will provide a secure collar for your dog that looks great and feels comfortable to them as well.

The black collar has stainless steel hardware and the brown collar features solid brass hardware.

There are m any different colors to choose from and the soft lambskin padding is super comfortable against the dog’s neck.

This top quality, Amish made collar is made in the USA and has superior craftsmanship. The collar measures 1.25” wide x 25” long and will work well for dogs with 16” to 20” necks. The colors available to choose from include:

  • Black/turquoise
  • Havana/Brown
  • Black/black
  • Havana/Blue
  • Black/Red
  • Black/Pink
  • Havana/Hunter Green
  • Havana/Pink
  • Havana/Pumpkin
  • Havana/Purple
  • Black/White
  • Havana/Lime Green
  • Havana/Snakeskin
  • Black/Snakeskin

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3. Hide & Drink

Best Budget Dog Collar

4.7/5 Product Rating
This beautifully designed unique dog collar that has been made from Mayan tipico textiles and rustic full grain leather.

The double-stitched, double-layered design is super durable and long lasting. It has rustic metal hardware that accents the collar’s design well. It is a beautiful gift for dog lovers for their dogs.

This colorful, gorgeous collar fits medium and large dogs with 14” to 19” necks.

This collar is made for the leader of the pack and has been hand cut and sewn by the local artisans in Pastores, Guatemala. Your dog will look fantastic as you take them on their walk.

Jennifer Abel

Dog Collar Buying Guide

Dog Collar Reviews


Dog Collar1There are several types of collars on the market for dog owners to choose from. We have outlined the different types of dog collars below.

  • Simple Leather Collar – The classic leather collar is a good look for most dogs. They come in different lengths, widths and colors. Leather collars can be plain with no design or they can be studded with rivets, rhinestones or other decorations. You may want to wait to get a leather collar until your dog is done growing since they are more expensive. If you have to keep buying larger sizes for your growing dog, you could end up spending a lot of money unnecessarily.
  • Simple Nylon – Nylon collars are similar to the leather collar. They are available in several choices of width and length. Nylon collars are also available in a multitude of colors and designs. The closure on the collar is a durable plastic that clips together or sometimes they are buckle enclosures which are stronger and longer lasting. Nylon collars are more adjustable than the leather collars so they can grow along with your dog.
  • Martingale Collar – This type of collar has an excess loop of chain or material that is connected to the solid band that goes around the dog’s neck. This type of collar makes a good correction collar as it prevents the dog from slipping out of the collar. There is not enough extra material that the dog would be in danger of choking but care still needs to be taken when a dog is wearing this type of collar.
  • Choke Collar – A traditional choke collar is made of a simple chain in different thicknesses that has two rings, one at either end. Choke collars are very inexpensive and popular because dogs can’t get out of them when they have been fitted properly. You must be careful when using a choke collar because they can be put on incorrectly and get stuck in the “choke” position and cause injury or even death to the dog. It would be better to use this type of dog collar when you are actively taking your dog on walks.
  • Lighted Safety Collar – This type of collar lights up with LEDs or some other source so the dog can be seen easily. Some collars will light up with LEDs others will have reflective strips on them. If you do a lot of walking at night, you will want to have something that will help make your dog visible in low light and dark conditions.
  • Training CollarsTraining collars are special collars that have electronic signals that teach the dog not to exhibit undesirable behavior. There is training involved with these collars so you must learn how to use them properly and not just put them on the dog and expect the, to know. Training collars, with the exception of bark collars that are working to teach an excessive barker to NOT bark all the time, should not be worn all the time.

What Information to Include on Dog Tags

Dog Collar2If you want to put dog tags on your dog’s collar, there are some specific pieces of information that need to be on that tag. Having these dog tags on your dog can ensure a fast return if your dog ever runs away or gets lost. Dog tags can be purchased at a pet store or you can possibly get them through your vet’s office. Once you have the tag, make sure that the following information is on the tag:

  • The dog’s name – This is helpful for when someone finds the dog and will be able to speak the dog’s name which can help in calming the dog down from being lost and in a strange place.
  • Dog Owner’s Phone Number – This is very important so anyone who finds the dog can call the owner and arrange pickup immediately. Make sure the number you put on the collar is a number you are likely to have for a very, very long time.
  • Medical Conditions of Dog, if Any – If your dog has any medical conditions, please list them as this is important information to have if your dog gets lost and someone else finds them.
  • Vet’s phone Number – if you regularly take your dog to the vet and they know your pet and you, this is a great piece of information to have on your dog’s tags.


Non-slip collars – There should be enough room to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck and should not choke him.

Slip Collar/Choke Chain – To get the right size slip or choke collar, measure the distance around your dog’s neck and add 2.5” to 3”. Make sure that you put the choke collar on properly so it doesn’t get stuck in choking mode which can be really dangerous.

Safety Tips

There are many safety tips that dog owners should be mindful of when it comes to dog collars. We have listed some tips for you to pay attention to below so your dog stays safe.

  • Never use a choke chain or prong collar on a puppy. It can cause damage to the puppy’s throat and spine.
  • Never leave a choke collar or slip collar on any dog. They can get it caught on something or get it stuck in the choking mode and cause severe injury or even death to your dog or puppy.
  • Make sure that the collar you choose for your dog is sized properly. You don’t want it too big that they can slip out of it easily, but you don’t want it so tight that it chokes them or rubs their skin raw.
  • Don’t carry your dog or puppy by their collar. This can damage their necks and choke them.
  • Dog Collar3

  • Make sure the collar you choose fits your dog’s lifestyle If your dog is in the water a lot, getting a leather collar that should not be exposed to water would not be a good idea. Get the type of collar that works best with your dog’s personality such as nylon for a dog that plays in the water often and so on.
  • Keep the dog’s collar clean and check for damage to the buckle, or cuts or tears in the collar itself.
  • It you use a training collar or invisible fence collar; these should not be left on 24/7. The exception to this is when you are working to teach your dog to not be an excessive barker.


There could very well be hundreds of different styles, colors and types of dog collars on the market. With that many choices, choosing ONE can feel like a real challenge. The information we have provided in this buyer’s guide will help you decide which the best dog collar for your dog is. The right information makes narrowing down your choices much easier.

Making a good decision based on your dog’s needs and personality, you will be confident that you have chosen the collar that will work the best for them and be around their neck for a long time to come. With all of the choices available, you can still find great quality in a colorful or attractive design, so don’t feel like you’re limited to just a plain collar. The sky is the limit.


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  2. Perri’s –
  3. Hide and Drink –
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