Best Desk Lamp in 2023 – Desk Lamp Reviews and Ratings

Best Desk Lamp in 2023 – Desk Lamp Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 18 hours researching and testing 20 different desk lamps and found that style, amount of light produced, and energy efficiency were most important. The LE LED Desk Lamp scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. The compact base of this lamp prevents it from taking up tons of room on your desk. The light it produces is plenty for studying or anything else you need good lighting to do. The design of the lamp makes it easy to position. There are 7 dimming levels and they are touch sensitive.
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1. LE

Best Overall Desk Lamp

5/5 Product Rating
The Le Dimmable LED desk lamp is a top pick because it is both attractive and functional. The modern design takes up minimal space on the desk while providing great light. The base is compact and the lamp arm can hover above the desk to bring light to wherever you need it. This allows you to adjust the light, reduce shadows and eye strain and bring optimum lighting to every experience. This desk lamp can easily be positioned over books, writing project, a laptop, text books and any other work project. The Le Dimmable LED desk lamp features seven different dimming levels that can all be controlled by a touch sensitive panel. When the lamp is turned off, when it is turned on again it will return to the most recent setting.

This desk lamp has a sturdy base and the ability to adjust and rotate its head up to 270 degrees. The arm can bend up to 150 degrees and it features a 340 degree removable base. With this flexibility and design there is no place the light won’t be able to reach. The LED lights do not flicker when they are turned on and will last for many years under normal use. You will be provided with hours of long lasting and bright visibility with no flashes, flickering, or distractions. The LED lights produce minimum levels of heat which will reduce wear on your furniture as well as the heat in your work area. The light will not have a glare or cast shadows which increase eye strain. This desk lamp is specifically designed to be easy and comfortable on your eyes during long periods of use. The LE dimmable LED lamp is crafted with safety in mind. The lamp head as well as the lamp army are both created from high quality aluminum which will withstand heavy and frequent use.

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2. Tao Tronics

Best Overall Desk Lamp – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating
The Tao Tronics desk lamp is a top pick because it takes a nontraditional approach in its design and function. This lamp is intended not just to sit at the corner of your desk, but to hover above your work and bring light to the work area or items beneath it. This desk lamp is jam packed with features including energy efficient LED lights which reduce energy use up to 75% from standard bulbs. The small LED lights are able to spread the light over a larger space and reduce glare and eye strain. It will provide better light for your work or project and also save you money. The Tao Tronics desk lamp features a dimmable light setting that provides seven different brightness settings to customize each use for the maximum visual experience.

This desk lamp has a flicker free LED so every experience will be calm and comfortable without any distractions from the light itself. The light remains cool even if it is on all day. The Tao Tronics desk lamp offers a mood setting in which you can select the color of light you prefer. Options include natural light, cool white, white, yellow, and warm yellow. This makes the lamp perfect on a night stand or in an area where you want different colors of light for different occasions. You can adjust the light color and the brightness for each option. You are able to choose the color that best highlights or lowlights your work.

The Tao Tronics lamp features a USB port where you can connect other devices to use along with your new desk lamp. The lamp also features the option of angling the lamp arm up or down to shine light in different directions. Adjustments can be made to bend the arm 90 degrees left and right (side to side) as well as 135 degrees up or down to optimize your light wherever you need it.

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Best Budget Desk Lamp

4.5/5 Product Rating
The LAMPAT dimmable LED desk lamp is our top pick because it is packed full of features that could brighten anyone’s day. This lamp does not simply sit at the corner of your desk and bring light to the area, it is designed with a compact base and an arm that is intended to hover above your work for better lighting. It provides a detailed and extremely well lit area to reduce glare and reflections so you can see your work better. The LAMPAT desk lamp can be easily positioned over a key board, book, paper, or wherever your needs may be. The arm sits high enough that it will never block your line of sight and can be adjusted to meet your needs.

There are four lighting modes and five different brightness settings on the LAMPAT dimmable LED desk lamp, so you can personalize each experience. In addition to providing great light the LAMPAT desk lamp features a USB port that can charge your phone or attach to any device with a USB port. The light source is an LED light which can last up to 25 years under normal use. It uses very little electricity and burns much cooler than traditional lighting. Now you can light up your space without the heat. Even after the light has been on for hours you can touch the light with your hand and it never gets hot.

Other useful features include a one hour auto off function to ensure that you won’t waste electricity or energy should you forget to turn it off. The arm is able to at an angle up to 180 degrees for easy storage. It can extend outward to 140 degree angle for a variety of lighting options. This desk lamp can easily transform your desk or space into a more visible stylish, and efficient space.

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Desk Lamp Buying Guide

Desk Lamp Reviews

What is a Desk Lamp?

Desk lamps offer a variety of qualities and functions that can personalize your experience under these high functioning lights allowing you to have the exact brightness and color for the application. There are a number of different features to consider before choosing the best lamp for your personal needs.

Desk Lamp1Where will the desk lamp be used? This is an important question when identifying the best desk lamp to suit your needs. Desk lamps can be used on tables, desks, night stands and other lighting environments. If the lamp is used where you will be writing, using a computer, sewing, reading or other activities the color of the light, amount of light, and reach of the lamp will be factored into the decision. A desk lamp used on a side table in a bedroom for example, requires a softer light than one used in an office. Flexibility in terms of dimming, light color and rotation options will impact its usefulness. Identify your needs up front will ensure you are able to light up your particular space most efficiently.

What kind of lighting will you require? If you work in a low light area, or a space where others may also be working you may need to have a concentrated stream of dim light. For reading you want a brighter light to reduce glare and eye strain, for sleeping you want a softer dimmer light. The desk lamps may offer different brightness settings allowing you to customize the brightness for your needs.

Does the area you intent to light have a power source? Unfortunately, in some cases the areas that need the most light are also the ones with limited access to a power source. Desk lamps can offer the choice of being electric or battery power. Some lamps can be lit with a USB adapter which can then be powered through an outlet with an adapter or a computer.

Features to Consider

Valuable features that can be included in a desk lamp include the following.

Dimming function will offer several different levels of lighting ranging from very bright to dim. Dimmable lamps are much more versatile and can adjust the light for your specific needs. Some lamps dim by having fewer or more lights lit, while others actually adjust the brightness of all available lights. LEDs are very small lights but a reduction in the number of lights can impact the spread of the light as well as the brightness.

Rotating head, arms, and base give you the ability to adjust light levels in very specific areas. For example, you can place the light directly over your work or have it cash the light to a particular side without moving the lamp base. This feature allows you to easily maneuver, and shine light where needed most without having to reposition and move the desk lamp and will help you better dim or highlight your work based on the angle you position it.

Lighting color can impact the mood and feel of the light. This feature will make your eyes more comfortable or better showcase the items requiring light. Some colors available might include natural light, white, or yellow, also referred to as cool white or warm white.

USB port options is a new feature being added to modern lamps. This can be beneficial to those who enjoy connecting other devices to either charge or use alongside the desk lamp.

Desk Lamp2Chorded or non USB or battery operated lamps can increase the flexibility and does not require a nearby outlet, but still require extra lighting. These units are very portable and can be used anywhere.

Non Flickering LEDS reduce eye irritation, save electricity and provide a consistent and uninterrupted stream of light.

Auto off function is a timed feature that will shut itself off after the given period of time, saving energy.

Energy Saving LED lights only burn a few watts yet offer a lot of light for the power usage. They also burn less heat and operate for much longer periods of time before needing to be changed. LED lights can last for many years without every changing a bulb. Energy savings can reduce electric usage up to 75%.


Desk lamps can be an essential part of most people’s lives. They are so useful and can be placed on nearly any desk or table. Extra light can reduce eye strain, save energy, and provide a clean and clear line of site to your work, projects or hobbies. Not only can desk lamps be a crucial accessory to your work place, it brings a high functioning and high quality light to any room or space, making them very popular among consumers.


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