Best Dehumidifier in 2023 – Dehumidifier Reviews and Ratings

Best Dehumidifier in 2023 – Dehumidifier Reviews and Ratings
We spent over 48 hours researching and testing 14 different types of dehumidifiers and found that drain system, capacity, and cost were most important. The Comfort Aire Dehumidifier scored high marks in every category and is our top pick. This unit has many features that make it a great choice for your home when you need to remove excess moisture from the air. It has a 70 pint water tank that allows you to go longer between emptying. The transparent water level indicator makes it easy to see when you need to dump it out so there are no leaks. The large, easy to read buttons make selecting and reading the settings easy and efficient.
Best Dehumidifiers Review

1. Comfort Aire

Best Overall Dehumidifier

5/5 Product Rating
The Comfort Aire Dehumidifier is a top pick because it is efficient in operation, has the capacity to reduce significant amount of humidity from the air, and has the bells and whistles most requested by buyers. This unit can efficiently remove 70 pints of moisture out of the air every 24 hours. It contains a modern style and sleek design that will fit with any décor. This unit features an automatic defrost function that will automatically shut your dehumidifier off should the coil begin to freeze. This function will prevent your device from potential damage giving you peace of mind. The Comfort Aire 70Pt Dehumidifier also has an auto shut off function that will kick into play whenever your dehumidifier’s condensation bucket is full, preventing spills and overflows. This unit also includes an automatic restart feature if power is lost due to an outage or shortage. This feature can be especially useful in vacation homes or during times you are away.

This unit is efficient and uses R-410A refrigerant down to 41 degrees. The caster wheels make the unit easy to move and it only weighs 39 pounds. The compact unit can fit in any room and is only 23X10X15 inches in size. The operations are quiet enough that it could be used in a bedroom.

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2. Friedrich

Best Overall Dehumidifier – Runner Up

4.6/5 Product Rating
The Friedrich D70DP dehumidifier is a top pick because of its unique drain system and high quality performance. This dehumidifier features a 70 pint capacity per day of condensation intake and a continuous drain system. The drain mechanism unique design constantly pumps and drains the unit simultaneously. The pump itself can pump condensation horizontally or vertically up to fifteen feet and as this is happening, the dehumidifier drains the condensation from its rear outlet, so there is no need to empty the water container. This method of dehumidification also eliminates the possibility of spills, overflows, and other hassles that may come with a filling tank. The Friedrich D70BP dehumidifier is still equipped with a condensate bucket that contains around 16 pints for locations where that is the most convenient option.

This dehumidifier also has a clear an easy read display that displays the room temperature and humidity levels. You are able to set the exact humidity levels that you want for maximum efficiency. The unit plugs into a standard outlet and comes with a convenient carrying handle. The wheels make it easy to move from room to room. A 24 hour timer is included giving you the ability to control when the unit is in operation. The filter slides out making it easy to change. The dimensions are 12X15X23 giving you a compact design that can go in any room.

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3. Keystone

Best Budget Dehumidifier

4.5/5 Product Rating
The Keystone Energy Star KSTAD70B 70Pt Dehumidifier is the top pick because of its energy star rating and its efficient design. This dehumidifier is equipped with energy star efficiency and is specifically designed to save you money and trim your electric bill. The unit features large and easy to read buttons so that you may easily select and read the settings you desire. The machine has the ability to remove up to seventy pints of moisture from the air every day giving you optimum results and efficiency. This dehumidifier also has a 1.3 gallon water tank so you won’t be constantly empty it out. The water tank has a transparent water level indicator and is designed to alert you once it has reached its capacity.

The Keystone Energy Star 70Pt Dehumidifier will give you peace of mind and keep you safe from overflows and spills. The unit also includes a removable, easy cleaning dust filter, and rolling casters allowing you to move to from room to room with ease. The unit only weighs 40 pounds and is compact at 11 X 15.5 X 23 inches.

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Dehumidifier Buying Guide

Best Dehumidifier

What is a Dehumidifier?

Although dehumidifiers all have the same job they are not all one in the same. Dehumidifiers come with an array of qualities and features each different from the next to provide each customer with their specific needs and wants. When looking into purchasing the perfect dehumidifier for yourself or your family there are several questions you may want to ask yourself so you can find the dehumidifier that will best accommodate your specific needs.

Dehumidifier1Where will you use your dehumidifier? In the beginning of your dehumidifier search one of the first things you will need to ask yourself is where will your new dehumidifier be used and what are your goals. Are there bigger problem areas than others? Do you want to preserve carpet so it will last longer, make the room feel cooler without increasing the air conditioner usage? One’s first instinct when buying a dehumidifier might be to put it in a central location such as a living room. However, basements and crawl spaces can benefit from a humidifier that will bring additional comfort to the whole home. If allergies are an issue it may be best used in a bedroom. There are no restrictions as to where the benefits of a dehumidifier may be enjoyed. They can be used in your work place, at home, in a second home or rental space. Anywhere moisture builds a dehumidifier will reduce the moisture in the air and provide an increase in comfort. Once you decide where the unit will be placed you can select the right unit for the job.

How large is the space that needs to be serviced? The next step to selecting the best possible dehumidifier is to consider how small or large the space will be that needs dehumidifying. Square footage determines the amount of power and water capacity that will be required. Once you have finally selected the initial home of your dehumidifier choosing a dehumidifier that will efficiently dehumidify a certain amount of space will maximize efficiency. Here you look at the size of the motor and the moisture capacity. If the unit is too small, it may only work for a few hours. If it is too large it may cost more to operate.

What are the current humidity levels of the space? Current humidity in the room will also factor into the size of unit you need to get, in order to operate efficiently.

Which drain system will best suit your lifestyle? Dehumidifiers are constantly collecting water while they are operating, which is how they keep moisture out of the air. Excess water is going to need a place to go, and in most cases collect the water in either a bucket or an automatic drain system. A bucket or container must be changed each time it fills where an auto drain system can run continuously. If you lead a busy life or don’t spend much time in the space, you may be more interested in a self-draining dehumidifier or a dehumidifier with a large condensate tank. This will prevent spills or overflows. However, if you will be in the room or have easy access then it may be more feasible to regularly change these tanks and flow compartments.

Will I be transporting my dehumidifier? As you now know dehumidifiers can provide you with lots of benefits but can be very heavy, especially when the water bucket is full. If you will need to transport the dehumidifier having sturdy wheels can make the job simple to complete. Small dehumidifiers are easy to move without wheels, but medium to large units will.

Features to Consider

It is important to identify which features will best suit you or your family’s needs so that you can select the dehumidifier that will meet all of your expectations and desires.

Automatic Shut off – The automatic shut off is one feature that is very beneficial to have in a dehumidifier. This feature acts as it sounds. The unit is automatically set to turn off after an allotted amount of time, and will prevent your dehumidifier from fires, outlet shortages, and will help your dehumidifiers coil from freeing if left on for too long.

Wheels or no wheels – Wheels improve the ability to transport the dehumidifier to reap its benefits on the go. Dehumidifiers are fairly compact in size which makes them easier to transport however some units can become very heavy when filled with water making wheels a great feature to have.

Dehumidifier2Water Collection – when the condensation is collected in the dehumidifier it will got into a tank to be stored until you empty it. The features of these tanks vary in size and shape. You want to select a tank size that best suits your needs based on the size of the space and the amount of humidity in the room. If you are going to be away from your dehumidifier for longer periods of time it will be important to select a larger sized tank to avoid spills and overflows.

Pints Per day – Each dehumidifier will possess the ability to collect a certain amount of water capacity per day from the air in the space. Larger capacity will require a larger unit but will enable you to go for longer periods of time between changes. Based on your needs you will select a dehumidifier with an appropriate pint per day capacity that will suit your needs. The larger the space and the more humid the room currently is the larger unit will be required. Larger units also allow you to go longer before emptying the water collected.

Easy Clean Filters – As your dehumidifier removes moisture from the air it is also trapping and collecting dirt, dust, debris and other particles that are currently floating in the air. Dehumidifiers will trap and collect this debris as the water is pulled through the machine cleaning the air and removing impurities. Filters are built into the design to capture these particles so they are not redistributed back into the air. Having easy to clean filters will help you keep the air as clean as possible. These filters are quick and easy to remove, clean, and replace.


Dehumidifiers are equipped with many qualities and features that make them a very popular device to have. As the occurrence of allergies increase more and more families turn to dehumidifiers as a solution. They also increase the life of furniture, carpet and even wall paper and paint. SO much in the home is sensitive to moisture making moisture control devices like dehumidifiers cost effective solutions. to make each customers experience unique and the most efficient. Dehumidifiers can bring better health and happiness into your home or space and keep your wallet a little heavier. In a world where the air isn’t so clean we can now breathe a little better.



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