Best Deep Freezer in 2023 – Deep Freezer Reviews and Ratings

Best Deep Freezer in 2023 – Deep Freezer Reviews and Ratings
When it comes to keeping frozen goods in your home, if you’re someone that shops frequently at Costco, then you know that the freezer attached to your fridge just doesn’t offer enough space for what it is that you need to store. Buying a portable deep freezer is going to give you that extra storage space that you need, and then you can choose to place it anywhere in your home and conveniently store your meat, produce, and so much more.
Best Deep Freezer

1. Danby

Best Overall Deep Freezer

5/5 Product Rating
This deep freezer by Danby features 3.8 cubic feet of interior capacity, and it’s environmentally friendly with R600a refrigerant. The energy efficient foam insulated cabinet comes with a handy lid, and there’s one adjustable white wire basket and front mount mechanical thermostat.

Customers love this deep freezer because it provides an easy and efficient way to have extra freezer storage space in the home, and it can be placed discreetly anywhere that you need it to go. Freezers that are a part of your refrigerator only have so much space, and this can be a burden when you have a lot of things that you need to keep frozen.

That’s why it’s so helpful to have a freezer of this quality and size so that you can freeze extra meat, vegetables, fruits, and so much more. If you’re someone that likes to go to the farmer’s market and get a lot of fresh food that you can enjoy later, then owning a deep freezer of this quality is going to be a big help to you. This is a top pick because it provides convenience, all at a price that you can afford.

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2. SPT

Best Overall Deep Freezer – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
This deep freezer from SPT has an Energy Star rating, and it is made from stainless steel, so that it gives your home kitchen that modern look. But the truth is that you don’t have to place this freezer in your kitchen; it can really go anywhere. And because of its 3 foot size, it’s small enough to place in the garage, entertainment room, or even in your pantry.

There is a manual defrost feature, and two top baskets of various sizes with three pull-out baskets. There’s also a stainless steel door with black cabinet. With the mechanical adjustable thermostat, you’re able to set this freezer to just the right temperature to freeze whatever you choose. Lastly, the flush back design helps you to save space, allowing you to place this freezer flush against any wall in your home.

You’re going to see that owning a freezer of this quality is really going to help you to not only save room, but also to store more food and beverages to be enjoyed at a later time. It’s also possible to keep extra ice in this freezer, if you’re someone that likes to throw a party or entertain guests in your home.

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3. Igloo

Best Budget Deep Freezer

4.5/5 Product Rating
This deep freezer from Igloo features 3.5 cubic feet of top loading freezer space. It’s a chest freezer, not unlike the plastic Igloos that you’re used to seeing, but this one is built solid with an adjustable thermostat and defrost compartment for easy cleaning. There’s also a shelf inside so that it’s easy to organize all your goods.

The power supply is strong but still energy efficient, so that you get all the deep freezing power that you need, but at a price that you can afford. Igloo is the name that everyone trusts when it coms to freezing, and this deep freezer proves why that is so. The white color makes it ideal for any home decor, and the size and style make it great for freezing so many items at the same time.

We all know that commercial refrigerators just don’t offer enough in terms of freezer space, and that’s why this unit is so handy for any household. You can finally freeze that extra meat, produce, or dairy that you’ve been meaning to use at a later time, and you’re going to be amazed at how this freezer doesn’t place too much of a burden on your energy bill either.

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Deep Freezer Buying Guide

Deep Freezer Reviews

What is a Deep Freezer

Deep Freezer1Stand-alone freezers were once all about utility, and they had no-frills designs with an open-box interior that made it hard to keep things organized when you put them inside. You can still get these kinds of bare-bones freezers, and many of them are high in quality, but there’s now a trend towards new improvements in design and functionality. This is important when you want your freezer to hold a number of items, whether it be trays of lasagna or 5 pound bags of fruit from Costco. You can even keep these stylish freezers in your living area, as opposed to having to hide them in your garage.

When you’re looking for the right deep freezer for you, you need to start by deciding if you want a chest freezer or an upright freezer. You’re then going to need to select the right model in terms of capacity, size, features, and energy efficiency. Lets take a look at some key points that you want to keep in mind when you’re making a decision.

Where are you going to place it?

If you’re going to keep the freezer in the living area, as opposed to a garage, then you definitely want to pay attention to how noisy it is. The majority of manufacturers are going to say that their freezers can operate in rooms that are very hot, but you always want to read the instructions before you place the freezer in your home, so that you know for sure that it’s compatible with the climate of various rooms and spaces.

Sizing your model

There are basically four different sizes of freezer, and this applies to both the chest and upright models. There is the compact small freezer, which is 6-9 cubic feet, the medium freezer, which is 12-18 feet, then the large freezer which is 18 feet or more. The one that you choose should depend upon how much you’ll be storing in the freezer, and where you’d like to place it in your home.

Weigh blackout performance

Many manufacturers claim that their freezers can keep food frozen for 24 hours after the power is off, just as long as you don’t open it. But tests have shown that the results are quite different from the claims. You certainly want to find a freezer that is going to keep goods cold for a prolonged time after the power is turned off, but just note that the time that is claimed might not really be what you get.

Manual vs. self-defrosting

Most freezers are designed to maintain a consistent temperature, but the only exception might be manual-defrost uprights. When the freezer doesn’t have a fan to circulate cold air, then temperatures of on-door shelves are going to be between 9 and 19 degrees higher than in the rest of the freezer. Self-defrosting uprights are going to excel at temperature performance. The shelves and bins of these freezers make it easier to organize fine food, but they’re also going to reduce the usable space in the freezer. With manual-defrost freezers, you’re getting something that is more energy efficient and quieter than self-defrosting models. Just keep in mind that defrosting can take hours.

Keeping food from spoiling

Deep Freezer2Self-defrosting uprights and chests are going to give you superior temperature performance, maintaining 0° F evenly throughout the interior. But many of the manual defrost uprights have trouble keeping the door shelves cool like the rest of the interior space. If a frozen food has reached temperatures above 40° F for more than a few hours then it should definitely be discarded. Be sure to check up on the frozen-food safety guidelines per the Department of Agriculture to use your freezer properly.

Energy use

Every freezer is going to come with a yellow EnergyGuide, but you should take this with a grain of salt. On average, freezers are going to use about 17 percent more energy than they claim, and that makes a huge difference. Under real world conditions, you’re going to see that the results are different from what is specified by the U.S. Department of Energy. When the freezer is filled to capacity, as opposed to 75 percent full in the DOE testing, the results are going to be quite different. If it’s not an Energy Star product, then just note that the information on the labels relies on the manufacturer’s test data.


There are many types of deep freezers, and there’s really no clear winner when it comes to design. You want to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and budget, and you need to weigh the pros and cons of each type of freezer before you buy. The two most popular types of freezer are the industry standards, and no doubt one of these is going to fulfill your needs. Lets take a look at these two designs so that you can make a proper decision.

Chest freezers

These kinds of freezers are wide open, except that they have a removable hanging basket, so that they offer useable space that is superior to that which you get with an upright. These kinds of freezers also are slightly more energy efficient and they’re less likely to cause freezer burn. This is also the better kind of freezer if you live in an area where you get a lot of brownouts and power failures, because they keep food frozen for longer periods of time after there is a loss in power. The only downside here is that it’s hard to retrieve foods that are buried in the bottom of the chest. Even with the hanging baskets, it’s harder to organize than an upright model.

Upright freezers

You’re going to see that an upright freezer takes up less floor space than a chest freezer. With all those drawers and shelves, it’s easier to organize things in this kind of freezer, but the downside is that you’re going to have less storage space. Also, this kind of freezer costs more money, and it takes more energy to operate.

Other Considerations

Deep Freezer3In terms of cost, there are a lot of different price tags out there, and what you choose is going to depend upon your budget. Deep freezers can be quite expensive, but that’s because you’re buying an appliance that is just as hefty and complicated as your fridge, so don’t be surprised if you have to spend a lot to get a good deep freezer. If you want something that is going to go in your living space, then be sure to find a product that looks good on the outside, so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. There are so many different styles out there to choose from, so it should be possible to find something that works with your home decor.


The top rated deep freezers are the ones that customers love the most because they offer the most space, versatility, and performance, and they still come at a price that customers can appreciate. When you’re ready to own a freezer to add more convenience to your life, then you can purchase any one of these models with confidence. In our buyer’s guide, we also discussed the various features and design aspects that you want to look out for when it comes time to find the right freezer for you. Narrowing down your search is going to be about asking yourself key questions that will lead you to finding the right freezer for your lifestyle.



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