Best Cordless Grass Shear in 2023 – Cordless Grass Shear Reviews and Ratings

Best Cordless Grass Shear in 2023 – Cordless Grass Shear Reviews and Ratings
Anyone with a lawn can agree, the perfect cordless grass shears must be light enough, have a long life battery, and are durable.

That was our top criteria for selecting the best cordless grass shears.

If you’re ready to get cutting, Gardena Lithium Ion Grass Shears scored high above the competition in all categories and is our top pick. We found that these garden shears were one of the most lightweight models we researched. The lighter weight made it easy to use and handle, even for extended periods of gardening. The battery lasted 45 minutes on a full job, giving us more than enough time to get the cutting job done.


1. Gardena

Best Overall Cordless Grass Shear

5/5 Product Rating
This set of garden shears is easily one of the most lightweight models currently available on the market. In fact, clocking in at just slightly over one pound in weight, you’ll likely not feel as if you’re operating a power tool in the first place. Despite being a lightweight unit, its operation more closely resembles that of a heavy-duty model, being that it seems capable of tackling any job you might throw at it with a seemingly miniscule amount of effort. This gives you the ease of a lightweight model without any of the hassle. You’ll notice rather quickly after picking up and using this unit that a light touch of its blade is all it takes to bring a blade of grass down for good. If you go over a certain area of your lawn, there won’t be a single blade left standing. Second passes are never required with this unit.

As such, its forty-five-minute charge, which may not sound all that exciting at first, is more than enough to get the job done without having you go back for a second charge. Although this forty-five minutes of operation time requires an entire six hours of charging before hand, you’ll once again not find this to be an issue, being that forty-five minutes is all you’ll need to get the job done. When all that matters is getting the job over with quickly and efficiently, this Gardena model is sure to be an excellent choice.

Darius Spieth

2. Makita

Best Overall Cordless Grass Shear – Runner Up

4.9/5 Product Rating
Ask any seasoned homeowner or professional landscaper about the Makita brand as a whole and it’s sure to ring a few bells. Makita has long been in the business of offering high-end lawn care products to homeowners worldwide. They may be most known for their grass trimmers. This particular model by the brand tends to be a lot more lightweight than most (though not as lightweight as the above unit). Even after attaching the battery, the unit weighs under four pounds in total. This is in contrast to many grass shears which can work their way up to an entire ten pounds. This is especially beneficial if you have a large lawn or find yourself engaging in professional lawn care activities, being that you’ll be able to go long periods of time without your arm getting tired.

What’s interesting about this particular model is that, despite its lightweight status, it has a powerful motor at 1, 250 SPM. If you’re unfamiliar with this unit of measurement, I’ll keep it short and say that, despite how light the unit is, it performs quite efficiently. It also comes with a toboggan head which allows you to more precisely choose just how long your grass will be by the time you’re done cutting it. However, it tends to be heavier than the above unit, which could be considered as being one of the lightest products of its type.

Darius Spieth


Best Budget Cordless Grass Shear

4.7/5 Product Rating
While the WORX performs exceptionally well as a standalone set of cordless grass shears, it comes in a more versatile package than most which will go on to make your life much easier if you know you’ll be spending a great deal of time in the yard tending to more than just your grass. Because it comes with an optional head which acts as a hedge trimmer, you’ll find it’s able to tackle more jobs than most cordless grass shears.

Because the hedge trimmer in question is rather small in size, it can actually be effectively used on a wide variety of bushes outside of just hedges. The unit also comes in a rather lightweight package as well, allowing you to trim hedges which reach up high without having your arm get too tired in the process. Its included hedge trimmer aside, it also performs exceptionally well on grass. Much like the other two on this list, second passes are no longer required with this unit in your possession.

Darius Spieth

Cordless Grass Shear Buying Guide

Cordless Grass Shears Reviews

What is a Cordless Grass Shear?

Cordless Grass Shear1Don’t feel as if the above products are your only viable options. While they could easily be considered as being the best of their type, it’s no little known fact that everyone has their own personal needs and preferences when it comes to buying cordless grass shears. If you’d like to go off and do some shopping for yourself, keep the following considerations in mind.

What do you need to trim?

If you have more in your yard than just grass, it can be tempting to get a shed full of outdoor power tools. While this may be required in some situations, you may be able to cut back on the amount of tools you find yourself buying through selecting those with multi-purpose capabilities. Some cordless grass shears, such as the WORX we covered above, will come with extra capabilities that allow you to take on more jobs than simply shearing grass. Whether you have bushes that need tending to or hedges that need trimming, you may just be able to find the tool that does it all. To easily figure out whether or not a set of shears can take on all of your jobs, take a look at the heads which come with them. Each head typically serves its own purpose outside of shearing grass.

Will your shears be used at home or at work?

Unless you have an extraordinarily large yard, you can find yourself saving a bit of extra cash through using shears which come with a short battery life. Typically, even the shortest of battery lives can handle an entire residential yard in on go. On the other hand, you’ll only be losing money if your clients are expected to wait for hours while you recharge your sheers. Know which jobs you plan on tackling before deciding on a pair of sheers.

Who will be using the sheers?

When it comes to the difference between a grown adult and a child, the type of sheers you need to get will vary. If it’s about time the kids got out on the front lawn and cut the grass (with your supervision, of course) your best bet is to get the lightest possible shears you can. Cordless Grass Shear2While they may not come with a whole lot of fancy features, this will be irrelevant when the shears are placed in the hands of your kids. Getting the most lightweight model possible can save you a few headaches when it comes time for the kids to start earning their allowance.

How much customization do you need?

Much like the Makita model we recently covered, some cordless grass shears come with what is known as a toboggan head. The head in question, which looks more like a miniature snow plow than anything, serves to allow you to choose just how tall your grass will be after you’re done cutting it. Of course, such a head will typically cause a unit to weigh more overall. Whether or not this is worth a supreme level of customization is up to you to decide.

Types of Heads

There are several different heads which can be attached to your shears, each with its own purpose.

  • A Hedge Trimmer – The hedge trimmer head more or less just looks like a tiny chain saw. These heads are a great attachment if you have hedges or bushes which need trimming.
  • A Toboggan Head – These heads allow you to seamlessly choose just how tall your grass will be after you’re finished cutting it.
  • Dual-Bladed Head – These use twice as much power, though get the job done many times more efficiently. These heads should be considered essential.


Only you can answer any of the above questions, being that you and you alone know just where your needs and preferences lie. However, there are a few features which you should always look out for in cordless grass shears, no matter your specific needs.

  • A Battery – This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’ll come to realize pretty quickly that you have no guarantee of getting a battery with your purchase. Although batteries can always be bought separately and for a fairly cheap price, it’s important to take this into account if you’re the type to opt for the most frugal option at your disposal.
  • Dual Blades – While some lawn mowers may be able to get away with only one blade, we’re talking about a technology which works on a much smaller scale. You always want your cordless grass shears to come with two blades which move opposite to each other while in operation. The difference that second blade makes is Without it, you’ll find yourself often going back for a second or third pass on your grass. Although it may be a little pricier, getting a unit with two blades is a must.
  • Cordless Grass Shear3

  • A Battery Charge Indicator – The indicator I speak of comes in the form of a little light placed somewhere on your unit. The light will let you know when your shears are done charging and, perhaps more importantly, when they need to be charged in the first place. It’s no use getting all dressed up to polish off the lawn only to be forced to stop two minutes later. A battery charge indicator will save you tons of time and hassle later on down the road.


Outside of choosing a model with a high degree of power relative to its size, which cordless grass shears are right for you will all come down to just what it is you plan on doing with them. Getting a unit of the perfect weight and with the included heads that you need is a breeze, so long as you go into shopping with the right mindset. By keep all of the above considerations in mind, you can be sure you’ll have a healthy looking lawn for years to come. Getting the right cordless grass shears can save you time, money, headaches and overgrown patches of grass without taking up too much time at all.



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