Best Cooling Towel in 2023 – Cooling Towel Reviews and Ratings

Best Cooling Towel in 2023 – Cooling Towel Reviews and Ratings
When the temperatures rise, we can all agree that a great cooling towel should be the ideal size, material, and will have the perfect chill time.

That was our top criteria for selecting the best cooling towel.

The RiptGear Cooling Towel scored high above the other cooling towels in all categories and is our top pick.

Cooling Towel reviews

1. RiptGear

Best Overall Cooling Towel

5/5 Product Rating
Keep cool even in extreme heat with the RiptGear Cooling Towel.

The advanced material used to make this handy towel is easy to activate; all you have to do is run it under water for one minute and it’s ready to go.

It cools your body down through evaporation that will keep you comfortable for hours. The benefits of this cooling towel are numerous;

it will help you fight tiredness, reduce the negative effects that heat stress can cause and enable you to be out in the heat much longer than you would without it.

Store this cooling towel in the bag that it comes in originally and whenever you want to use it, just re-wet the towel and it is ready to use all over again. For fast relief use it to wipe your face, chest, arms or legs and for extended relief wear it around your neck.

It is machine washable so it can be used repeatedly. It is perfect for gardening, sports, workouts, power outages in the heat, and numerous jobs where heat is commonplace such as factories and construction work.

Jonathan Maxwell

2. Way 2 Cool

Best Cooling Towel with SPF

4.8/5 Product Rating
Extreme heat can cause headaches, heat stress, fatigue and lowered productivity in whatever task you are participating in.

The Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel is one way to combat the heat and increase your productivity and performance even in extremely hot weather.

This towel not only keeps you cooler, it has a UPF of 50 that will block 98% of the UV radiation providing an alternative to traditional sunscreen.

The absorbent nature of this towel is so powerful that water is retained to keep you as much as 30 degrees cooler, even during the most intense heat.

Activation is simple; just soak it in cool water for at least one minute, wring it out and wrap it around your neck or if you prefer, your head and you are all set.

When it warms up too much for your liking, just rewet it and you’re all set. Aside from retaining the water, it feels dry to the touch so there are not consequences from having wet skin for extended periods of time. It is convenient to clean as well and is machine washable. It’s guaranteed to stay soft even after multiple washes. This wonderful heat busting towel measures 12” x 33” and is available in many beautiful, bright colors.

Jonathan Maxwell

3. Frogg Toggs

Best Large Sized Cooling Towel

4.7/5 Product Rating
The Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Cooling Towel measures 12” x 32” and is the perfect size for neck, head, arms, legs and face. It is perfect for getting relief from super hot heat.

It absorbs up to 8 times its weight in water so it has longer evaporation timed than a regular towel does.

The polyester mesh reinforcement ensures that the towel lasts a good, long time. It will keep you cool for as long as four hours in extreme heat and remains dry to the touch.

This towel is made from polyvinyl alcohol sponge that cools as the water evaporates. This machine washable towel can be used over and over again to help you combat any extreme temperatures.

Activation couldn’t be easier; just wet the towel, wring it out and it’s ready to cool you down for up to 4 hours. It is the perfect companion for gardening, walking, jogging, yard work like mowing or raking, outdoor jobs such as construction sites or road crews, cowboys who work on the ranch all day and even farmers. Anyone who is outside long periods of time in the heat will benefit from this unique and valuable towel.

Jonathan Maxwell

Cooling Towel Buying Guide

Cooling Towel Reviews

Things to Consider

cooling-towel1There are several things that you want to consider before spending money on a cooling towel. We’ve listed these considerations below.

  • Daily Uses – Before choosing a cooling towel you want to be clear on what you will be using it for. Is it for running, walking and working out? Is it for working outside in the garden or yard? Are you on a construction or road crew and work outside in the heat and sun all day long? Will you be using it every day or just once in awhile? The answers to these questions will definitely affect the kind of cooling towel that you purchase.
  • Quality of Product – There isn’t much of a price difference from one cooling towel to another but there is a big difference in quality. If this towel is going to be used often and relied upon to keep you cool, you want to get the highest quality cooling towel you can. You want the towel you choose to stay cool for a long time, to not fall apart after a couple of washes and you want to get the best you can for your money.
  • Good Return Policy – If there is something wrong with the product when it arrives or you just don’t like it, you want there to be a good return policy in place so you can exchange it or get your money back. Most of the cooling towels on the market come with a guarantee of some kind that ensures your satisfaction or they will give you your money back.


There are several different kinds of cooling towels available on the market. They are made from different materials and have different designs as well. We have described each of the different types below.

PVA Cooling Products

One of the most common materials used in cooling towels is PVA or polyvinyl acetate. This material is super absorbent and retains water for a long period of time. This ability allows it to cool for a much longer time period than usual fabrics.

cooling-towel2One of the unusual benefits to PVA is that it is dry to the touch despite retaining water. If you are going to be out in the heat for a long period of time, than a cooling towel made of PVA is a good choice. Once the towel starts to get warm, just re-wet it, wring it out and wave it in the air to start the cooling process all over again.

Some of the benefits to using PVA made cooling towels are that they are machine washable, reusable, users can customize them with logos if they choose and they provide cooling for a long period of time. A few of the less positive problems with PVA cooling towels is the limited color selections and they tend to become rigid when they dry out.

Microfiber Cooling Products

Some cooling towels are made from microfiber material. Microfiber products can be towels, neck bands and even cooling bandanas. Microfiber retains water much better and for a longer time than regular towels made of terry cloth or cotton.

Microfiber is soft to the touch and do not become stiff and hard when they dry like PVA cooling towels do. When the microfiber warms up or dries out, just dip it in water again and restart the cooling properties.

Some of the many benefits of using microfiber cooling towels are that they are super soft, machine washable without losing that signature softness, they are reusable for a long time; you can customize them with logos if you choose, and they stay cool longer than regular fabrics do.

Cooling Gel Bead Products

Some cooling products have cooling gel beads that work to keep your body cool. The gel beads start off small and increase as much as 100 times their size when they are wet. The beads act together to form a gel blanket that cools your neck or head. Cooling gel beads are inexpensive and reusable. They are good solutions for the workplace and for bulk purchases where you need a lot of them. One of the drawbacks to using this type of product is that it will become slimy after a time period of using it regularly.

Hybrids with PVA and Microfiber

Hybrid cooling towels have a combination of PVA and Microfiber. These products take the best of each material and combine them into one. The hybrid cooling towel remains soft to the touch, even when drying and it retains water for a long period of time and provides wearers with long lasting cooling benefits. The hybrid products are reusable and machine washable as well. Unfortunately they don’t come in very many color options but they are still an excellent product.

Ice Bands

cooling-towel3For the most intense cooling option, ice bands top the list. These are cooling products with removable ice inserts. They are most often cotton fabric that is soft to the touch and has an internal pocket that houses the removable ice packs. Ice bands provide superior cooing and are great for working out, for muscle care and for fast cooling if you are on the job site and need quick cooling down. The ice packs will need to be frozen each time so you will need a freezer in between uses. One of the best things about the ice bands is the intense cooling it provides, but once the ice melts they will need to be frozen again before they cool any more.


Being overheated can be very dangerous if it is left untreated. Cooling towels are excellent ways to beat the heat without having to spend a ton of money. Air conditioning feels great but it is expensive and if you are working outside it doesn’t do any good at all until you come in from the heat. Being too warm can be very uncomfortable and it can make you sick if you get too hot.

With all of the cooling towel choices, you never have to get overheated again. These products will help you do what you need to do outside without getting sick. They are reasonably priced, colorful and best of all; they work wonders when it comes to keeping your body cool even in extreme heat.

They are easy to use, work fast and gets rid of the danger that can accompany being overheated. With all of the choices available, you can use the information in this guide to help choose a cooling towel that works for your needs and that is worth the money.

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