Best Cocktail Shaker in 2023 – Cocktail Shaker Reviews and Ratings

Best Cocktail Shaker in 2023 – Cocktail Shaker Reviews and Ratings
If you’ve been making your drinks without a cocktail shaker, you are missing out on the ability to make incredible tasting drinks for yourself, your family and your friends. Cocktail shakers are not just for professional establishments. They are one of the bar tools that really are essential, whether it’s a professional bar or your own home bar. We have reviewed the three top rated cocktail shakers below for you to look over and decide if any one of them is what you want for your home bar.
Best Cocktail Shaker

1. Barvivo

Best Overall Cocktail Shaker

5/5 Product Rating
If you are looking for a cocktail shaker that is easy to use, easy to clean up and that won’t end up sticking or rusting after a short time, take a look at Barvivo Styles Stainless Steel 3 piece Martini and Cocktail Shaker Set.

The 24 oz stainless steel shaker will not rust and you will only taste the cocktail ingredients and not the shaker itself.

It is perfect for professional use or home use and allows users to create perfect cocktails for themselves, family and friends any time they want.

There are no harmful chemicals or toxins and this shaker is FDA approved as well as dishwasher safe.

The Barvivo Styles Classic Stainless Steel cocktail shaker is made from 18/8 grade stainless steel won’t leak or rust so your cocktails are always perfect from the very first day you use the shaker.

If you want to start serving professional style cocktails at home and want to have some great bar tools, this stainless steel shaker needs to be on your list. There is a handy bonus ebook offered that contains cocktail recipes to start you off on the right foot.

Sarah Lytle

2. SilverGrade

Best Overall Cocktail Shaker – Runner Up

4.7/5 Product Rating
If you are ready to spoil your family and friends with delicious, well made cocktails then make sure you get the Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set Bundle.

It comes with a jigger, pourers and 50 recipes for drinks that everyone will love. All pieces of this set are constructed from 304 grade 18/8 stainless steel that is rust proof and leak proof so it keeps its beautiful, sleek look.

This whole set is dishwasher safe which makes it very easy to keep clean. This silver grade cocktail shaker set is perfect for professional use and home use and looks fantastic in any type of décor.

It is also a wonderful gift for the couple in your life that has a home bar and loves to entertain as well.

The Premium SST Cocktail Shaker Set Bundle comes with a 100% satisfaction and lifetime guarantee. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had this set one day or 3 years, they will replace it no questions asked. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginning home bartender or you work in a professional bar and want to have you own set, this Premium SST set will fit the bill perfectly.

Sarah Lytle

3. Innovee

Best Budget Cocktail Shaker

4.5/5 Product Rating
Entertain your friends and family with this premium Bar Set with free Jigger. You’ll be able to create delicious cocktails that they will think you were professionally taught to make.

This shaker is made from rust-proof stainless steel which makes it almost indestructible with proper use.

Aside from looking good, it is functional too. It can even go into the dishwasher safely and be washed and ready for the next batch of cocktails.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a beginner just learning how to make drinks, this stainless steel shaker will have you producing drinks that are just like the professionals make.

Use any variety of alcohols or mixers to create tons of delicious cocktails and be known as the bartender du jour.

The Innovee Cocktail Shaker holds 24 ounces or liquid and is rust proof, leak proof, easy to use and dishwasher safe. It is a great gift as well. These great stainless steel shakers come with a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

Sarah Lytle

Cocktail Shaker Buying Guide

Cocktail Shaker Reviews

What is a Cocktail Shaker?

Cocktail Shaker1There is a huge selection of cocktail shakers in all different shapes and sizes. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. We have outlined the three most popular types of cocktail shakers below and provide you with the pros and cons of each so you can see which style and type fit your needs and preferences the best.

Benefits of Using a Cocktail Shaker

There are several benefits to using a cocktail shaker to make your drinks. We’ve listed the top 6 reasons that you will definitely want to add a cocktail shaker to your bar tools if you don’t already have one.

  • Mixes the Flavors Better – The main reason to have a cocktail shaker is to make sure that all the drink’s ingredients are completely mixed together. This creates a much better taste and gives the drink better flavor than just stirring will.

    If you were to do a comparison between a drink that has been stirred to mix it and one that has been shaken, you will definitely notice a difference in the taste and the one shaken up will be the better one every time. Cocktail shakers can even be used for non-alcoholic drinks like lemonade too.

  • The Right Amount of Dilution – The second benefit to having a cocktail shaker is that your drinks will have the perfect amount of dilution. The length of time that the ice in the shaker mixes with the drink is just the right amount of time to add the proper amount of water. Doing this provides a smoother tasting cocktail that will be delicious.

    This is especially true in warm weather when having ice in the drink can cause the last half of it to be watered down and tasteless. Shake the drink in ice, pour it into the glass and you will have a delicious drink that tastes great from the first sip to the last. If you don’t want any dilution of the drink, use whiskey stones which will provide the chill without diluting your drink at all.

  • Delicious Tasting Martinis – Cocktail shakers are the best way to enjoy a perfectly prepared Martini. While some like it stirred, the majority of people enjoy the shaken Martini. Martini’s can go into any glass you want it to be in, but regardless of the glass, you’re going to love the taste of a Martini made in a cocktail shaker.
  • Enjoy Variety – A cocktail shaker in your bar tools opens you up to a whole world of fantastic tasting cocktails. Trying to make certain drinks without shaking them in a cocktail shaker can cause the drinks to taste different and not as delicious as they will when shaken. Some things that you would experience would be:
    1. Pineapple Juice and Eggs that are added to drinks for texture and foam would not foam due to not having that vigorous shaking action.
    2. Milky drinks are usually too heavy without a good, vigorous shaking
    3. You can’t make a delicious Pina Colada without shaking
    4. Fruit Juices get lightened up just enough when shaken
  • Take the Time to Learn – One of the biggest deterrents to using a cocktail shaker is that many people think it takes a lot more time to make a drink. At first, while you are learning to shake properly, it might take minutes longer but if you keep practicing it becomes second nature.

    The taste is so drastically different between a shaken drink and a stirred drink; you will want to take the time to learn how to use the shaker. They are easier than ever to learn how to use and you will love having that skill as well as being known for the best cocktails around.

  • It’s a Great Skill and is a Great Workout Too – Shaking cocktails is a great skill to know and it impresses people when they see it done. You can even come up with your own shaker style. Mixing cocktails is fun and the shaker makes them even more so. Another unexpected benefit to using a cocktail shaker is the great workout your arms and shoulders will get.

Types of Cocktail Shakers

There are three basic types of cocktail shakers that are the most often used in both professional and casual settings. We have outlined these three types below so you can learn about their differences and decide which one appeals to you the most.

Cobbler Shaker

The Cobbler shaker is probably the most common to start out with. It has a large metal mixing tin, a metal lid with a strainer that is built in and a small cap, also made of metal that covers the strainer. They don’t require any additional tools and are great to learn the art of cocktail shaking with. The strainer that is part of the Cobbler Shaker prevents ice chunks from getting into the drink and everywhere else too while you are shaking the drink.

The pros of the Cobbler Shaker include the fact that they are easy to purchase and are usually available everywhere. They come in a variety of shapes and designs so you can choose one that appeals to your personal style and kitchen or bar décor. They are sleek in design and make the beginner feel like a seasoned pro. Their ease of use is also a plus with consumers.

One of the downsides to the Cobbler Shaker is that when it is cold, the parts can be a little bit of a challenge to separate. With continued practice, separating the parts will become easy and you won’t have to struggle with the shaker.

Another challenge to the Cobbler Shaker is that they are a little bit more difficult to clean. The holes in the strainer that comes with a Cobbler Shaker are smaller so pouring the drink is a bit slower and takes more care.

The Boston Shaker

Cocktail Shaker2The Boston Cocktail Shaker has a simpler design that consists of a thick, tempered mixing glass and metal tumbler that is slightly larger than the glass. The way to use a Boston Shaker is to pour the ingredients into the glass, add the ice and place the metal tumbler on top of the glass. They will seal together with a firm whack on the top which combined with the coldness from the ice keeps the glass and tumbler together while you are shaking it.

Separating the two sides involves a firm grip and a tap in the right place. If the drink you are making requires stirring, the mixing glass part of the Boston Shaker works well for this and can be used with a metal spoon. The Boston Cocktail Shaker is available in many different price categories. It is easy to open and easy to keep clean as well. Because there are several parts, storing takes up a little bit more room, although not much more.

A few of the disadvantages to the Boston Cocktail Shaker is that they require a bit more skill and know-how to control and the glass is breakable. There is also no strainer with this type, although you can purchase a Hawthorne strainer to fit over the glass and keep the ice in.

Once you learn how to use a Boston Cocktail Shaker, they are typically faster and easier to make cocktails in. It is the perfect upgrade for someone who has gotten the hang of the Cobbler shaker.

The French Shaker

The French Shaker or Parisian Shaker as it is sometimes called is similar to the Boston shaker in that it has two parts. There are many who feel the French Shaker is the original cocktail shaker. You will need a Hawthorne shaker with this style as well, since it does not come with one.

It consists of a large, metal mixing tin and a metal lid that fits over the top of the mixing tin. It is a bit difficult to separate but with practice that becomes much easier. French cocktail shakers are probably the most attractive types of shakers on the market even though they are not as popular as the other two.

They are considered more retro and classic in style and are not that easy to find. They look terrific no matter where you have them and they are easy to use as well with the exception of separating the two parts.

Other Types

Weighted Vs Non Weighted

There are usually two different types of shakers when it comes to weights and that is weighted and non weighted. Some people think that weighted tumblers have better spin on them but there isn’t really a correct answer as to which is better. A lot of it depends on the personal preference of the one making the drinks. Some people like the weighted items and others prefer the lighter, non-weighted variety.

Powder Coated

Handle these exactly the way you would if you were going to purchase regular stainless steel. The powder coated varieties have a color, are printed or offer a pattern of some kind. If you are using the shaker in a professional setting or even if you’re not but love the idea of personalization, you can get the name of the bar you work in, or a family name on the side of the shaker. If these shakers are hit against each other often, they can start chipping so consider that when purchasing this type.

Vinyl Coated

Vinyl coated cocktail shakers are covered with a rubbery vinyl coating that comes up to about 1” from the lip of the shaker. These are great to practice difficult but impressive shaking and spinning moves. If you drop it, the vinyl coating absorbs some of the sounds. Do not use super hot drinks or wash these vinyl coated shakers in hot water. It can cause the vinyl to bubble and peel off.


These shakers have metal surfaces that can be colored to a metallic color finish that is sharp and sleek. The finish is durable and long lasting and also smooth.

Different Types of Boston Glasses

Remember that the Boston Cocktail shaker has a mixing glass and a metal tumbler that fit together. There are many different types of glasses that can be used for the mixing glass part of the Boston Shaker. We’ve described several for you below.

  • Glass – In almost all cases, the Boston mixing glass will be made of tough, tempered glass to help it resist breaking or cracking by locking it into the mixing tin. It is very important to inspect the glass before and after mixing a drink to make sure there are no chips of glass missing in cracks in the glass.
  • Plastic – if you can find a sturdy and heavy duty plastic Boston glass with good weight, it is a great alternative to the Boston glass. A major positive to this heavy plastic glass is that there is no danger of glass shards from chips. They are also cheaper than glass and are terrific for practicing your shaking and glass spinning.
  • Cocktail Shaker3

  • Cheater – The cheater cocktail shaker is available in all finishes that the plastic and glass shakers have. The cheater shaker sits inside the 20oz shaker and seals them for vigorous shaking. A lot of times, cheater shakers will be used on top of the bar to hold straws but that is most often because no one knows what to do with them.
  • Oversized – If you get an oversized tin, this will sit on the outside of your 28 ounce shaker and will allow you to shake up larger drink volumes so you can make multiple drinks at a time. This isn’t a size that is used often but if you make a lot of the same type of drink at once, you may prefer the oversized shaker.


Cocktail shakers are a fantastic addition to any home bar and will make a huge difference in the look and taste of the cocktails you make at home. There is a reason professional bartenders use cocktail shakers and that is because the drinks taste a lot better when they are totally mixed together.

These top rated cocktail shakers featured here are beautiful in design, easy to use and will enhance your drink making abilities. Any one of them makes a beautiful gift for the person that wants to improve their cocktail making skills and wants something stylish and sleek, yet functional for their home bar.

The information in this buyer’s guide will help would be home bartenders choose the right cocktail shaker for their needs and will make the process of sorting through all of the choices much easier.

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