Best Christmas Tree Stand in 2023 – Christmas Tree Stand Reviews and Ratings

Best Christmas Tree Stand in 2023 – Christmas Tree Stand Reviews and Ratings

We spent over 25 hours researching and testing out 10 different types of Christmas tree stands and found that stability, durability, and cost were most important. Krinner’s Christmas Tree Stand scored high marks in all categories and is our top pick. There was no assembly required with this convenient and sturdy Christmas tree stand. The single cable operation made set up super easy. The automatic watering level indicator allowed us to see when the tree needed watering so it didn’t dry out.

1. Krinner

Best Overall Christmas Tree Stand

5/5 Product Rating

This handy Christmas tree stand from Krinners can be set up in less than a minute. You won’t have to worry about assembling anything and there are no screws that have to be tightened either.

The 20” diameter tree stand has a base weight of 18 pounds and can handle any Christmas tree securely up to 12 feet tall that have trunks of 1.7” in diameter.

The stand can hold 2 ½ gallons of water and the automatic water indicator lets users know when it is time to add water to the tree so it doesn’t dry out. Setting up your tree couldn’t be easier.

All you need to do is place the tree on the center spike that is located in the center of the 4” deep opening. Pump the foot pedal while holding the tree straight. The claw will close as the foot pedal is pumped until the stand securely holds the trunk of the tree. 

This easy to use, secure tree stand is the perfect Christmas tree stand for your holiday tree needs. There is no drainage hole but emptying the stand once the tree has been removed is simple and easy and it’s easy to store as well.

Sarah Lytle

2. Cinco

Best Overall Christmas Tree Stand – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

Cinco Express tree Stand is a medium sized stand that will fit trees up to 8 feet tall that have a trunk diameter of 5 1/2”. The convenient reservoir holds up to 2 gallons of water.

 The mechanism is a push-pull ratchet that makes setting up the tree and taking it down super simple and easy.

The galvanized steel pins in the center of the base hold center and stabilize the tree before you make the final adjustment and help ensure that the tree is straight. The leather cloth finish of the stand looks great and complements the tree well.

 Another feature of this stand is the deep spill guard that protects against water spilling on the floor from the reservoir which is a good added feature that protects your floors from water damage as well. 

This live Christmas tree stand is easy to use, convenient, and easy to store as well. It can also accommodate trees with low branches that are about 6” from the bottom of the tree. 

Sarah Lytle

3. Jack Post

Best Budget Christmas Tree Stand

4.5/5 Product Rating

This common and often purchased Christmas tree stand is easy to use and stores well too. The 27” base with 4 legs provides a sturdy base for your live Christmas tree. It can be used for trees that are up to 8 feet tall and that have a 5 ½” diameter trunk.

This style of Christmas tree stand is very durable due to the steel frame construction. The stand is powder coated in red and green for maximum holiday appeal. There are 4 screws that help stabilize and secure the tree and the 14” pan holds 1 1/4 gallons of water at a time to keep the tree from drying out. 

Once the tree is taken down, this stand is easy to dump out, clean up, dry and store and doesn’t take up a lot of space. This stand is designed for a live tree and is not made to hold artificial trees. With indoor use, this tree stand can last decades. The reservoir on this stand is not particularly deep so you will need to check it more often to ensure that your tree doesn’t dry out quickly and turn brown during the holiday season.

Sarah Lytle


Christmas Tree Stand Buying Guide

Eazy Treezy Christmas Tree Stand

As we mentioned above, there are many different types of Christmas tree stands on the market. Some are exclusively designed for real trees and others are for artificial trees.  Most stands will be for either one type of tree or the other and are not usually able to be used for both.  Some consumers may choose to purchase more than one stand if they have multiple trees or if they like to alternate between live and artificial trees. Below we have listed the different things you need to consider and ask yourself before you purchase a stand along with the types of Christmas tree stands that you may encounter during your shopping experience.

Things to Consider Before Shopping

Before listing the different types of stands, we will provide you with some considerations that you should think about before choosing a Christmas tree stand. Knowing what your needs are before you start shopping will prevent you from wasting money on the wrong stand.  Even though most companies will allow you to return the wrong stand, the time and hassle that causes is a real nuisance and can be avoided altogether with the right preparation.

  • What type of tree do you have? – Are you looking for a stand for a real tree or an artificial one?  There are stands for each type of tree but they are different in design and how they work so you will need to know this information before you make your choice. 
  • What size is your Christmas tree? – Some stands have a height limit that is safe with the style and design of the Christmas tree stand.  If you are not sure what size tree you will get, look for stands that will handle a tree a little taller than you expect to buy.  Some stands are only suited for small trees while others may have a broader range.  It is important that your Christmas tree stand is sturdy and strong enough to hold your tree securely.  Look in the description of the stand to determine which sizes the manufacturer recommends and don’t go over that height.  If you want a larger tree than the stand can safely hold, you are better purchasing a larger, heavier duty stand than taking a chance on it breaking or falling over. 
  • How easy is it to set up? – No one wants to struggle with a tree stand.  Look for simply design stands that don’t involve a lot of intricate steps to get the tree upright.  A lot of tree stands are designed with the same basic design where the tree is secured with a spike in the center or 4 bolts that can be screwed into the trunk of the tree.  The main thing is to get a stand that is durable and easy to use so the tree is securely set up. 
  • How easy is it to fill? – If you choose a tree stand that is designed for live trees, you want to be sure it has a place to pour water and that it is not difficult to fill once the tree has been put up.  A drain hole is not a must-have but once the tree is taken down, having a drain hole if the stand is on the larger side is a definite plus. 
  • How much space do you have to work with? – Some Christmas tree stands take up a larger amount of space than others.   Pay attention to where you want to set up your tree so you purchase a tree stand that will fit in the space you have available. 
  • What type of decorating do you do? – Do you like to go all out decorating for the holidays? Or are you lighter with your decorations?  This piece of information can help you choose a more decorative style of Christmas tree stand to go along with your decorating style. 
  • Are you on a budget? – If money is not a factor, you have the freedom to choose a Christmas tree stand that fits your needs exactly and can choose any style, model, or design you like. If you are looking to stay on a stricter budget, this will reduce your selection a bit but there are still many styles available that can work for those trying to adhere to a specific budget.


Types of Christmas Tree Stands

Below we have listed the different types of Christmas tree stands along with some information about each type. This will be very helpful when you are determining which types of stands will work the best for your needs.

    EZ Up Adjustable Christmas Tree Stand

  • Plastic Stands – Plastic tree stands are best suited to artificial trees or live trees that are not over 3 or 4 feet tall. The plastic is usually not heavy enough to secure the tree safely and they can tip over easily. The exception to this is the heavy duty plastic bucket style stands.  Many singles or couples starting out will purchase a plastic stand because they are typically the least expensive variety of tree stand. 
  • Iron stands – This is one of the most expensive types of Christmas tree stand but it is also the fanciest and most long lasting. Cast iron and wrought iron tree stands can look more like a work of art than a functional stand but they are strong and durable and can handle larger, tall trees easily without fear of tipping over.  Most iron Christmas tree stands have three or four legs and if they have been designed for live trees, they will have a reservoir to add water.  In many cases these iron stands are painted bright red which is very festive.  They can weigh a lot which can make set up and take down a little more physically demanding, but these pretty stands will last many decades without wearing out or breaking. 
  • Stands with Water Holders – This type of tree stand is for live trees that need water to keep from drying out.  They are available in many different types of materials from metal to thick, hard plastic.   Stands that have water reservoirs are usually easy to set up and take down and most of the time accessing the reservoir once the tree is up is not too difficult. 
  • Musical Stands – Some Christmas tree stands play holiday music and can be either electrically powered or battery operated.  Musical stands can come in many different designs and materials.  Some of the more common materials are hard plastic and metal.  Some may even have lights of some kind that are in time to the music.  If you are the type that loves to go all out at Christmas time, a musical tree stand may be just what you’re looking for. 
  • Bucket Style Stands – Bucket style Christmas tree stands are very popular and are available in hard plastic, wood, and even iron. The wooden bucket style typically has a metal band that runs around the top and bottom which provides extra stability.  If this style interests you, you will want to ensure that you find one that is large and heavy enough to not tip over but not so cumbersome that set up, take down, and storage is a problem. The wooden variety of this type of tree stand costs more than the plastic varieties, but for those who are looking for something a little fancier, it is a good choice.  The plastic style is usually green or brown.  Some people like to decorate the plastic buckets with wrapping paper or ribbon. 
  • Revolving Stands – These battery or electrically operated stands add a unique and festive air to your holidays. These stands revolve at an extremely slow pace.  Revolving stands are available for real trees or artificial trees.  Revolving tree stands are very popular in commercial establishments and homes where a lot of decorations are used.  Some revolving stands also have lights and music. This type of Christmas tree stand can be expensive. 
  • Vintage Stands – These popular Christmas tree stands are often found in wealthier homes that put a lot of money into holiday decorating. This style of tree stand can even be found as far back as the early 1900s.  They are harder to find but there are many out there that provide the user with an attractive tree stand option that will last over time.  Surprisingly, they are relatively inexpensive which makes them even more popular.



No one wants to come home and find that their Christmas tree has tipped over while they were at work or gone.  This can cause broken ornaments and decorations, broken household items and even damaged to flooring or people and pets.  This accident can easily happen if the wrong type of Christmas tree stand is used.  It is very important to match the type of stand with the kind of tree you have or will be purchasing so you can avoid these problems.

This guide was written to give you the information you need to sort through all of the choices and choose the right Christmas tree stand for the type, size, and style of tree you have as well as the kind of decorating you like to do.  You have learned about the different types of Christmas tree stands that are available and the types of trees that they are normally used with.  You have also learned about the importance of knowing what your needs are before you spend your money on a tree stand.

By arming yourself with the right information beforehand, not only will you find the perfect tree stand that will fit your individual needs but you will reduce the chances of an accident and avoid wasting money on the wrong type of stand.  Preparation and knowledge is the best way to ensure that you find exactly what you are looking for.

Whether it is an iron stand, heavy plastic, musical, revolving, or the most basic stand on the market, choosing the right stand will make setting up and taking down your tree much more efficient and enjoyable.  Another benefit that you will realize by taking the time to sort through choices and follow the advice in this guide is that you will have a stand that you will be able to easily use for years to come. 


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