Best Childproofing Kit in 2023 – Childproofing Kit Reviews and Ratings

Best Childproofing Kit in 2023 – Childproofing Kit Reviews and Ratings

We spent 45 hours researching and testing 10 different types of childproofing kits and found that reliability, quality, and variety of safety items were the most important factors for consumers who were shopping for childproofing kits. Safety 1st Essentials Childproofing Kit scored high marks in all categories and is our overall top pick. We were able to take care of multiple potential safety hazards with this kit that included door knob covers, plug protectors, and latches.  Everything was very easy to install and provided the kind of peace of mind you look for as a parent. Once these items were installed they worked great at keeping the baby out of places we didn’t want them to go.

Childproofing Kit Reviews

1. Safety 1st

Best Overall Childproofing Kit

5/5 Product Rating

Safety 1st is known for quality baby products that keep your baby safe and happy.  This child proofing kit contains key items that will target several areas of your home to provide a secure environment for your child.

Included in this kit are 30 press n pull protectors for your wall plugs, 4 door knob covers that are grip n twist, and twelve latches that are wide grip. 

These childproofing items will take care of protecting your child from messing with your outlets, opening doors they should not open, and keep them out of dangerous cabinets that may contain cleaners, medicines, and other potentially dangerous things babies should not have access to.

These items are easy to install and use and can provide you with the peace of mind that you are doing what you need to do to keep your baby safe.

Linda Krantz


Best Overall Childproofing Kit – Runner Up

4.8/5 Product Rating

ARNIL babyproofing kit contains several different childproofing items so you can make your home a safer place for your little one.  These items include magnetic cabinet locks, outlet plug covers, and corner protectors. 

All of these items help you tackle some of the most common areas that little ones can get into and find things that are unsafe for them to be around.

You will get 44 pieces in the ARNIL babyproofing kit. The magnetic cabinet locks feature a design that ensures your child’s fingers don’t get pinched or stuck in the frames of the cabinets.

Since the baby can’t access the lock that is on the inside of the cabinet they will not usually spend time messing with it. You will get 8 magnetic cabinet locks.

If you have coffee tables or end tables with square corners you’ll love the corner protectors that keep your baby from bumping their heads as they walk around.  They have strong, non-toxic adhesive on the backs and also have metal screws if you need something more long lasting and durable. This kit includes 10 corner protectors.

Little ones are sometimes fascinated with outlets especially if they can stick something into them. The 20 plug covers that this kit has are easy to install and require a key to remove them. This kit comes with a 30 day guarantee.

Linda Krantz

3. Boxiki Kids

4.7/5 Product Rating

Boxiki Kids childproofing kit offers several ways to safeguard your child against potentially harmful situations. These heavy duty childproofing products include 8 Edge Guard Corner Protectors, 6 Sliding Locks and 10 Plug Covers. These child safety items are made of non-toxic white and clear BPA-free plastic and silicone.

One of the popular features of this childproofing kit is the easy accessibility these items offer. Parents will be easily able to open drawers, cabinets and access plugs without struggle. 

This 24 piece kit helps you prevent accidents and keeps your child safe from many common household situations that pose a risk to a curious baby.

Linda Krantz


Childproofing Kit Buying Guide

Childproofing Kit Buying Guide

There are many different things that you should safeguard when it comes to childproofing your home. A mobile baby is a curious baby and left unattended, they can get into a number of things that are very dangerous and can cause injury or even death.

Childproofing your home properly can prevent these dangerous situations and allow your baby to crawl or walk around in a much safer, child-friendly atmosphere. If you are a new parent you may not know what areas are the most important or how to safeguard your child from these dangers.

This guide will help you understand what types of childproofing items there are and will guide you in your search for the best childproofing kits on the market so you can get your home ready for a curious baby or toddler.

Common Types of Childproofing Items

Below we have listed the common items found in childproofing kits and what they can help protect your child from. This information will help you understand what areas of your home are the most important ones to take care of before your baby starts crawling or walking.

Safety Latches & Locks – These items are used in bathrooms and kitchens mostly to prevent your baby from getting a hold of cleaners, medicines, and other dangerous items like knives, cigarette lighters and other things a baby should never play with or touch. Just because a product says it has child-resistant packaging does not mean your child cannot get it open. All of these hazardous items should be locked away with heavy duty cabinet and drawer locks that prevent the baby from being able to open the doors and drawers. You want to choose cabinet and drawer latches that are easy to install and for the parent to use but that will be resistant to the tugs and pulls of children.

Safety Gates – Falling down stairs is one of the most common accidents a child can have. Babies do not have good depth perception and don’t understand that the steps they are at the top of will cause them to fall if they crawl or step off the edge. For this reason it is very important to put safety gates at the top and bottom of all staircases in your home. Look for safety gates that cannot be pushed or pulled loose but that can be easily accessed by the parent. Never purchase used or old safety gates as they may not meet updated safety criteria. Look for gates that are mounted to the wall rather than the spring loaded ones that can be dislodged by a persistent baby or rambunctious pet.

Door knob Covers & Door Locks – Door knob covers prevent a child from being able to turn the knob and access rooms they should not be in or to open the front or back door and go outside when no one is right there watching them. There are many stories of children opening the front door and wandering outdoors alone so this is a very real danger. Make sure the door knob cover is sturdy but that allows an adult to open the door quickly in the event of an emergency.

Anti-Scaled Device – These are important for faucets and showers and restrict your water temperature from going over 120 degrees. These devices can reduce the chances of your baby getting burned by scalding water in the bath or shower.

Window Guards & Safety Netting – These are important items that help prevent your baby or toddler from falling from windows, decks, balconies, or stair landings. You should check these safety items on a regular basis to ensure they are still securely installed and in perfect condition. Window openings should not be any more than 4” from the bottom frame and if window guards are being used the space between the bars should not be any farther apart than 4”. Make sure that at least one window in each room is easily accessible in case of a fire. Keep in mind that window screens do not provide protection from a child falling out of the window since screens can easily be pushed out or torn.

Childproofing Kit Buying Guide

Corner Protectors – Children just learning to walk or that are crawling and pulling up are very susceptible to bumping their heads on the sharp edges of coffee tables, end tables, the dining room table and any other table that has corners. Choose corner bumpers that stay on securely even if a child picks at it.

Outlet Covers – These important items protect children from electrical shocks and potential electrocution. You want to choose outlet plug protectors that cannot be pried out of place by little hands and make sure they are large enough to not be a choking hazard. There are also outlet plates and even receptacles that are tamper resistant.

Cordless Window Coverings – Window blind cords are a huge hazard for little ones. It is not difficult for a little one to get tangled in a window blind cord and there have been many fatal accidents involving babies or children getting window blind cords wrapped around their necks and being strangulated. This is a preventable hazard by never using corded blinds or window coverings where there are little ones.

Furniture Anchors – Furniture tipping over when a child uses it to pull up or for balance is also a common, but preventable hazard. Large furniture can crush a child so this is a very serious area that needs to be taken care of before something bad happens. There are anti-tip devices in many kits that can be used to secure furniture to the floor. Furniture that can be susceptible to tipping includes TVs and TV stands, dressers, bookcases, shelves, some types of tables, and even some appliances. A child that can open a refrigerator and then stand on the lower shelves can easily pull it over onto themselves. Anti-tip items can secure these items so they do not fall on your child.

Pool and Spa Covers and Fences – If you have a pool and or a hot tub or spa, it is imperative that you have your child protected from accidentally falling in or even willingly going in if they are able to get outside unsupervised. (door latches and knobs can prevent this) You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your little one from pool or spa accident. Protection such as pool alarms, gates, hard covers and other types of protection. It is best to use layers of protection, for example, a gate AND hard cover, etc.


You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your little one from potential hazards around your home. Little ones that are newly mobile are very curious about their surroundings and can easily get into very dangerous situations, causing injury and even death to themselves inadvertently. With the right knowledge you can prevent most if not all of these potential accidents and keep your baby safe from harm.

The reviews of the three top-rated products above are examples of quality childproofing kits that you can choose to take care of several potentially dangerous areas of your home. These three kits tackle the most common areas of the home such as furniture corners, cabinet and drawer latches and plug protectors. You will still need to get additional items for FULL home childproofing but these items will definitely get you started.

The buying guide above has provided you with many different potentially dangerous places and situations in the home so you know what to look for and how to completely childproof your home so your baby is as safe as possible. Use this list to go through your home and see where you need to put safeguards in place such as cordless window coverings, door knob covers, anti-tip items and more.

This important information will provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right childproofing kits and items that will make your home a safe one for your baby as they explore their surroundings and grow. Please note that none of these childproofing items take the place of adult supervision. Never leave your baby or toddler unattended in any room of your home.

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